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Graceland Auction Results

August 15, 2019 | Other

The highly promoted August 13th Graceland-Authenticated Auction that featured some cool artifacts from Elvis' personal and professional life had somewhat of a disappointing outcome this year - with many of the high ticketed items not selling and being passed in. Whether this was due to the price being set too high or lack of collector interest it was hard to tell.

The noted highlight of Elvis' 14k diamond ring gifted to JD Sumner in 1974 with a minimum bid of $20,000 was passed in after only 5 bids, although the signed agreement giving Col Parker a portion of Elvis' publishing rights was sold at $9,375 a little under the estimated $10,000

The Auction included over 400 artifacts from Elvis' career and was held on Tuesday, August 13 at the Guest House at Graceland.
All the items in the auction were offered from third-party collectors and none of the items come from the treasured Graceland Archives which continue to be owned by Lisa Marie Presley and are not for sale.

Auction highlights results are as below 

  • 1970s Elvis Presley's 14k Large Diamond Stage Ring Gifted to JD Sumner in 1974 - Former Mike Moon Collection Estimate $40-50,000 - No Sale 
  • Incredible Elvis Presley Pictorial Poster for September 2, 1957, Concert at Portland Stadium $30-50,000- No Sale
  • Elvis Owned Custom Black Three-Piece Tuxedo Made for His 1969 Film The Trouble with Girls - Former Mike Moon Collection $25-30,000 - 2 bids No Sale
  • 1967 Elvis Presley's Saddle Made by Mike McGregor $20-30,000 No Sale
  • Elvis Presley, Vernon Presley and Gladys Presley Signed November 21, 1955, Agreement Giving Colonel Tom Parker a Portion of Elvis' Publishing Rights $10-20,000 - $9,375
  • Impressive 22.18 ct Opal and Diamond Ring that Elvis Presley Gifted to Linda Thompson $10-15,000 - 18 bids - $23,750
  • 1970 Elvis U.S. FDA Drug Abuse Control Badge Gifted to Sonny West - Former Mike Moon Collection $10-15,000 - No Sale
  • Elvis Signed Guitar - Signed in Concert $8-12,000 - 4 bids $8,125
  • Elvis Wardrobe Shirt from 1969 Film Charro $8-10,000 - 2 bids $6,250
  • 1970s Elvis IC Costume Brown Patterned Shirt Gifted to Ed Hill - Former Mike Moon Collection $8-10,000 - 4 bids  $8,750
  • Immaculate 1954 Sun Records 209 Unplayed 45 RPM 7-Inch Single of "That's All Right" / "Blue Moon of Kentucky" - $8-10,000 - 8 bids $3,250
  • 1973 Elvis Presley's Stage Worn Scarf from "Aloha from Hawaii" Afternoon Concert Rehearsal Scarf with Heavy Makeup and Original Concert Ticket Stub $6-8,000 - 8 Bids $6,250
  • Elvis Presley Double Signed and Inscribed Loving You Soundtrack Album with Photo of Fan with Elvis - $3-5,000 - 10 Bids $2,875
Source:Elvis Information Network
Cruiser621 wrote on August 15, 2019
No big surprise here especially based upon what's being "shelled out" money wise. The man has been dead since 1977, and other than the music, let by-gones be by-gones. Strictly for those with an over abundance of cash on hand to spend.
Bob Finkel wrote on August 15, 2019
I'm not surprised. Some prices were in my opinion far too high. Compared with auctions of the last 3 or 4 years, the ratio did not fit anymore. Let's see how it will continue in the next few years.