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Elvis Unleashed

August 13, 2019 | Book

In 2018 director and producer, Steve Binder partnered with Spencer and Meteor 17 and published the definitive table top book on Binder’s making of the “’68 Comeback Special” and all activities that led up to, were part of and happened, as a result of the landmark television event. As a follow up to the book and successful theatrical screening of the special, a spoken wordt version of the book is due in the last quarter of 2019 and a new documentary “Elvis Unleashed” is due 2020. 

Synopsis documentary:
Spencer and Steve will bring the book to life in a documentary, to be directed by Meteor 17’s John Coltrane Chasing Trane helmer, John Scheinfeld, in 2020. It will center on the making of the Special and Binder’s role as director/producer, teaming up with Elvis in a true buddy story that helped inform the course of pop music history. The film will highlight Steve's interface with Elvis on the production process, blessed by NBC, to accomplish an evergreen and lauded result. It will also highlight many new filming innovations such as capturing an artist performing music unplugged as well as the first use of handheld cameras to film music performance, all pioneered by Binder.

Steve has the most unique and informed perspective on how this landmark show was made and the events which transpired during production.  Elvis bravely stood up and supported Binder in order to have the Special completed and broadcast.  The success of this Comeback show propelled the course of Elvis' life and career to the next level.

This never before told perspective will be at the heart of the Proffer produced documentary.  The film will enlighten and inform Elvis fans throughout the world with a behind the scenes look at this seminal moment of pop music media history.

Solid outtakes and a few rehearsal moments from the original Elivs ‘68 special with never before seen footage on the big screen of a charming side of Elvis for 70 minutes intertwined with some what promises to be some amazing newly created footage for 30-40 minutes of added value featuring Randy Lewis, Dennis Quaid and others.

Synopsis audiobook:
A spoken word version of the book via Amazon’s Audible division, will follow in the 4th quarter of 2019. The audio book will will contain actual excerpts from the Special, woven in with a actor, musician Dennis Quaid, reading Binder’s words plus unique interviews with Elvis himself speaking about his career, all of which will tie into Binder's forthcoming feature documentary.

Milky White Way wrote on August 13, 2019
Can’t wait, this sounds really exciting!