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Elvis Is Back Box

August 14, 2019 | Music

During his talk at Elvis Week in Memphis, Ernst Jorgensen announced that the next FTD box will be targeting the Elvis Is Back album.

Gladyslove wrote on August 14, 2019
Great. Did I say it ??? It´s great. Realy ??? Yes, it´s great. I love it.
Bob Finkel wrote on August 14, 2019
Sounds really interesting. Great session. Looking forward to this release.
Milky White Way wrote on August 14, 2019
Thanks Ernst, this is gonna be a belter. Can we have every take please?
JerryNodak wrote on August 14, 2019
Great LP. But I already own the FTD 2 disc release in great sound and I'm not a gotta own every take person. I'll have to give this some thought.
Gladyslove wrote on August 14, 2019
Give it to me straight I need it bad. Someone said this I don´t know when. So for me.
Cruiser621 wrote on August 15, 2019
Interesting, but I really can't imagine much being added other than what's already been issued on the "Elvis Is Back!" FTD 2-CD issue, which I obviously have, other than "I Will Be Home Again" or "Dirty, Dirty Feeling". Not missing much on these 2 tunes, to be blunt, especially "Dirty" which was originally destined for the "King Creole" soundtrack, but missed the cut. No big loss!
Gorse wrote on August 15, 2019
I agree that I can't see what more can be offered to lure one to buy this release, unless of course you don't have the FTD beauty.. Personally I thought 'I Will Be Home Again' added greatly to the variety of the album and 'Dirty Dirty Feeling' was a belter of a rock song..
wildfishie wrote on August 16, 2019
After FTD said (about the "American Sound 1969 upcoming set): "The digital set was never intended to be the ‘complete’ sessions. Therefore it does not include sub-standard, inconsequential and fragmented material that has surfaced illegally on bootleg over the years. It features all the recordings deemed essential by the producers." I don't expect anything other than one more incomplete set. Looks like the Sony Legacy guys are the ones who really understand what dedicated fans want. FTD boxes are a big let down. I'd rather wait for MRS to release their own complete versions of the several Elvis sessions. I hope they go on, now covering the 60's and eventually the 70's. And, hey Sony Legacy, thanks for the 1960 Live box set! Any way for a complete "Memphis 1974" one in the near future?
Boxcar wrote on August 16, 2019
90% released on "Elvis Is Back" FTD and the "Golden Records" FTD. Some takes already used twiced on the label. Now for the 3rd time.
Gladyslove wrote on August 16, 2019
If Ernst won´ t release any matrial you will moan. And if he release material in the future you will moan. It´s always the same procedere with some of you out there.
Bob Finkel wrote on August 16, 2019
You are so right Gladyslove. I am with you. Some here always have something to complain about. No matter what FTD published. I think the two boxes VLV and FIA really good. Complete sessions and a great sound quality. Therefore I am looking forward to the EIB Box.
Seventies wrote on August 16, 2019
Why the Classic series is not continuing? A volume 2 or, if there is not enough material, a summary of obvious sessions would be conceivable, such as Nashville 60/61. I've had so much duplication that I'm tired of it and now barely buy a FTD release. The benefit and the price is no longer appropriate. I see in this policy only one concept: making money. The label should keep in mind that it's not about itself, it's about the music of our hero.
Milky White Way wrote on August 16, 2019
RCA and the Colonel’s policy was to release three albums a year and this has continued now with FTD. How many other fans of other artists get three albums a year and now the vault is virtually empty, people are still complaining. Elvis fans have become so use to this amount of releasing that maybe we’ve bleed the well dry when if we had one release a year we’d still have material in the tank. We’ve been blessed for so long. I’m grateful for what we’ve had and if I don’t like, I won’t buy. But thank you Ernst for doing what you do.