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Promo Video

August 01, 2019 | Music

Sony released a promo video, including the usual mistake, for the upcoming August releases.

Source:Elvis Information Network

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Gorse wrote on August 02, 2019
I guess the 11 years faux pas ignored the benefit shows of 1961. As an aside what I also find puzzling (probably only to me), is that the 1968 Comeback Special is often not considered a concert or live performance, when segments seem to be that very thing.
Milky White Way wrote on August 03, 2019
11 years and September 1969! Who created this promo? Obviously somebody that has no clue and proofread by? I hope these products aren’t riddled with such massive errors, especially the live set as I’ve purchased it.
Dazman wrote on August 04, 2019
I wonder if there will be a cut-down version of either set ? A 2xCD set featuring the best of both the live and studio projects, maybe of those already slated for vinyl. Sony have done so with past releases like TTWII, At Stax, The Searcher and the '68 Comeback. It wouldn't be fair if the buyer had a choice of all or nothing. Especially with combined projects of over 16 CD's !