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American Sound 1969 Clarification

July 29, 2019 | Music

FTD explained to the dealers why the set is like it is:

"Although originally intended as a Sony download release only, FTD agreed to release a limited physical edition after requests from many of you.

As this was put together somewhat hastily, clarification is needed regarding the content. 

The digital set was never intended to be the ‘complete’ sessions. Therefore it does not include sub-standard, inconsequential and fragmented material that has surfaced illegally on bootleg over the years. It features all the recordings deemed essential by the producers."

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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EJF wrote on July 30, 2019
While I don't intend to spend my hard-earned pension cash on this release, just out of curiosity, what about that awful pic of El on the cover? Is it going to be changed to another one of the hundreds of other much better photos available? Any update on that?
Adams wrote on July 30, 2019
The clarification says it all. It's going to be a rubbish release "for the asking". And after year or so FTD will release really complete American Sound session for "not asking" today. And, naturally, full of inconsequential and fragmented material to release which FTD is strongly intented. That's why, I'm afraid, some of you will pay twice. Of course to each their own. This your choice, this is your decision to spend your own money and I'm only giving my personal opinion.
bennie wrote on July 30, 2019
What a nonsens. If the reason for the release is demand for a cd release then it should have been a sony release. Not a relase on the Ftd label.
Gladyslove wrote on July 31, 2019
Pah !!!
KINGE wrote on July 31, 2019
Duh...amazing complete takes of songs like "True Love Travel" is still unreleased officially.....been available on boots for 25 years. This release is a complete rip-off....especially for us who has the 3 1969 classic releases ....also FTD.
Bob Finkel wrote on July 31, 2019
What an explanation. When will we finally get the complete sessions? How long should we fans, and above all, how long does FTD want to wait? It's just not believable. It could be that easy. See how many minutes the sessions last, see how many minutes fit on a CD, then you know how many CDs come in a box. If there are too many CDs for cost reasons for a single box, then divide it into two CD boxes. Especially if you have planned it only as a download version, it makes such a sense. How long do we have to wait? Finally bring us fans complete sessions. Should not really be a problem as a collector's label. When, if not now?