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American Sound 1969

June 29, 2019 | Music

Sony Legacy will release American Sound 1969 digitally on August 23. The collection features over 90 tracks of rare and unreleased material from Elvis’ 1969 American Sound Studio sessions – which resulted in his "From Elvis In Memphis" record later that year. "From Elvis In Memphis" ranks among Elvis’ most universally beloved records, spawning the iconic hit “In The Ghetto.” 

The other singles from 1969 include “Don’t Cry Daddy,” “Suspicious Minds,” and “Mama Liked The Roses,” each of which went on to sell over one million copies. “Suspicious Minds” became Elvis’ 18th and final single to top the Billboard 100 - a prime example of his late career renaissance. American Sound 1969 includes alternate versions of each of these classics and more. 


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Milky White Way wrote on June 29, 2019
I will wait to see the content but can’t imagine there’s much in this collection that I don’t already have. I don’t understand why import labels can create such fine artwork yet Sony produce such rubbish, imo this cover is awful. Zero effort for the most influential artist in history.
JerryNodak wrote on June 30, 2019
I've got all the "American Sound" material I need. Besides, I don't download music.
Christer wrote on June 30, 2019
I hope and believe it will end up on spotify. So far it has only been ftd material that hasn't.
Gladyslove wrote on June 30, 2019
Now we get this. And in the future we will get a complete sessions box set from ftd. I will wait for the ftd release. I don´t download Music I want it physically in my hands with a nice booklet.
circleG wrote on June 30, 2019
I feel your pain Gladyslove, I mean how overdue is this? I dare say a decent box wouldn't go down badly with the casual public if done correctly. We as fans now have most of this but a good box with say masters, complete outtakes and an additional newly mixed version of From Elvis in Memphis ( not Feltons odd mix ) and a remaster of 1987s The Memphis Record would make for interesting listening. I don't download either and also prefer physical product. I haven't seen the FTD albums on sale in shops anywhere so a box like this would be a hit I'm sure. As for the promo image ( is it a cover if its digital? answers on a postcard...) if its from the sessions then its ok. The cover for the FTD Memphis Sessions cd had a good feel because it was a photo taken at the session.
Cruiser621 wrote on July 01, 2019
Been there, done that and all on FTD CD's; no reason for this, period!
Theo wrote on July 05, 2019
I have never downloaded Elvis' music before, because I'd like to have a physical product in my hand and thumb through a booklet while listening to his songs. I might make an exception for this one though: I just compared the first 'download set' to Keith Flynn's site and noticed there are several takes in this set that are officially unreleased (Long Black Limousine (takes 1, 2, 3, 5), Wearin' That Loved On Look (2, 5)) and even some that the bootleggers haven't put out yet (Wearin' That Loved On Look (1), You'll Think Of Me (11, 19, 20, 22)). I haven't looked at the other 4 sets yet...
Bob Finkel wrote on July 05, 2019
Download will probably be the new way that Sony wants to test now with this release. I do not know any exact tracklisting but there are some unpublished takes to be found. Sony tests so once the normal buyers market and at the same time the collectors. Maybe then it will soon be possible to download complete sessions. Because in my opinion it will not continue with the session boxes like VLV or FIA. These boxes cost more in production than the other FTD CD's. Nevertheless, I would much rather have a box with a booklet in my hands. But it is probably a generation question. Many folks out there have downloaded music for years. So I'm very curious how it will continue in the future. Not maybe better but just different. Adapted to the time. The only hope is that it will go on.
JerryNodak wrote on July 05, 2019
If and/or when the day ever comes that the only way to purchase music is through download, that's when I'll stop buying (Elvis or others).
Pieter wrote on July 05, 2019
I like this approach and I will definitely download the collection.
schemies wrote on July 07, 2019
Actually I hoped that the Memphis sessions would be the next “complete session” 3CD release. This Download Version has some more unreleased false starts, but almost no new complete takes. I also hope for the complete Pot Luck sessions instead of more soundtracks. And further all Feb. 1970 live recordings as they are. Soundtracks are not so good I would really need all and every take of them.
Bob Finkel wrote on July 15, 2019
FTD will publish a 5 CD box. Appointment should be at the end of August. Unfortunately, not all takes of these sessions will be found in this box. 5 CD's were not enough. Let's hope that like some FTD Vinyl releases - Jailhouse Rock and GI Blues - there will be an American Sound Vol. 2 Box in the near future. It would be great to be able to hear and have everything completely in the collection. But this is only my wish ...