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Elvis, Live 1969

June 19, 2019 | Music

Sony announced the release date for the Vegas 1969 boxset: August 9. They also released a flyer with the artwork.

Limited 11CD box set with 52 page book full of rare photos & memorabilia! One show entirely unreleased! Complete Newly Mixed and Mastered Shows! Celebrate the 50th Anniversary Of Elvis' Triumphant Return To The Stage "I missed the closeness of a live audience. So just as soon as I got out of the movie contracts, I started to do live performances again. " 

Elvis Presley First chronicled in part on the album Elvis In Person At The International Hotel 50 years ago, Live 1969 showcases this incredibly, important phase in Elvis' career in definitive detail his first live shows following his triumphant, 1968 comeback for NBC after an 8 year absence from playing live. 

This box set features 11 complete sets from the first of his many engagements at The International Hotel (several of which are released in full for the first time, with one show entirely unreleased), allowing fans a more definitive picture of The King's glorious return to the concert stage. 

52-page book includes rare photos, memorabilia and an oral history by Ken Sharp curated from historic interviews with Elvis, Colonel Tom Park, Tom Jones, Jerry Schilling, James Burton, Cissy Houston, Terry Blackwood, George Klein, Fats Domino and more.

CD List:

Aug.21,1969 - Midnight Show
Aug.22,1969 - Dinner Show
Aug.22,1969 - Midnight Show
Aug.23,1969 - Dinner Show
Aug.23,1969 - Midnight Show
Aug.24,1969 - Dinner Show
Aug.24,1969 - Midnight Show
Aug.25,1969 - Dinner Show
Aug.25,1969 - Midnight Show
Aug.26,1969 - Dinner Show
Aug.26,1969 - Midnight Show

Live 1969 boxset

Source:Elvis World Japan

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Gladyslove wrote on June 20, 2019
Looks good. I definitly will buy it. We get some unreleased material from 3 or 4 shows which we only got in parts but now complete. As it is I heard someone whine cause the box is not i Lp format. Come on ! It´s Elvis in his prime and the package is a beauty.
Milky White Way wrote on June 20, 2019
This does look a stunning set and I certainly will buy it. Good work sony but please don’t charge us a fortune. Very small improvement could be a different picture on each disc instead of alternating pink and orange imo. Can’t wait.
JerryNodak wrote on June 21, 2019
I bought all the RCA/BMG/Sony/FTD releases of the Elvis '69 material through the years. I've got enough. I'm through buying box sets. No matter what the occasion.
Gladyslove wrote on June 27, 2019
There will be another anniversary, the 1969 studio sessions. And as a download we get a lot of these sessions in august too. It fills 5 CDs. Not for free as you may think. And I guess that we will get the complete sessions in the future from our favourite laber ftd.
jean michel wrote on July 01, 2019
Hi ! I am from France and have pre ordered my copy for 81,90€.
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 02, 2019
~ Any American fans looking for a great deal on this set would be wise to order from Amazon UK instead of Amazon U.S. Right now Amazon UK is offering this set for only £65.68 + £4.80 postage to the U.S. That converts to only $88.83 U.S. dollars! ... I ordered it simply because I couldn't resist that price.
circleG wrote on July 04, 2019
Amazon UK now selling at £91.84
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 04, 2019
circleG, the price is actually £76.53 (currently). You have to login to Amazon.co.uk and click "Pre-order now" to see the reduced price.
Milky White Way wrote on July 05, 2019
The price of this set is going up and down like a yoyo on Amazon.uk. Not seeing £76.53 TheMemphisFan which is a real shame as I was about to order with a £10 gift voucher. It's currently £92.26 (unless you apply for an amazon credit card and get £10 off). This is the highest price so far!
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 05, 2019
Again... the Amazon UK price is currently about £76. You must LOG IN and then click "Pre-order now" in order to see the reduced price.
Milky White Way wrote on July 06, 2019
I did try and do exactly as you said TheMemphisFan but still could not get that price from Amazon UK However I have found it and purchased even cheaper. I've just pre ordered through zoom.co.uk (owned by universal studios) for £67.50 and postage is free! You have to sign up for newsletters to get a 10% discount on your first order but even without doing that, its still only £75.
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 06, 2019
Milky White Way, congrats on finding an even better deal elsewhere. It pays to shop around.
circleG wrote on July 09, 2019
thanks everyone