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ELVIS, Still The Most Top 10 UK Hits

May 27, 2019 | Other

Forbes report this week that over forty years after his death ELVIS still dominates the list of The Most Top 10 Hits in the UK.

While many of the same songs that reach the top 10 in the US also do so in the UK, things move much faster in Britain and it’s common for more songs to break into this chart-topping region in the UK every year than in America. That fact means some superstars have collected nearly unbelievable numbers of smashes in the country with the list updated for 2019 ELVIS is still Top-Of-The-Pops. 

The Official Charts Company UK recently published the ranking of the most successful artists in the U.K. based on how many top 10 singles they have charted, and it’s a healthy mix of legendary rockers, pop icons who have been around for decades, as well as some stars who are still in their prime.

Elvis Presley leads the way with an astounding 76 top 10 hits in the U.K. He’s not only in first place, he’s also the only act to hit more than 70 Top 10s, and that accomplishment may remain his and his alone for a long time. Cliff Richard comes in second with 68, followed closely by Madonna, who has 63 top 10s to her credit. Rounding out the top five are Michael Jackson (44) and Kylie Minogue (34).

While artists like Elvis and The Beatles are obviously some of the most successful names to ever write and record music, the chances either of them will hit the top 10 again is perhaps low - though it’s not impossible, while there are several musicians named who could continue to see their career totals grow. For example, it’s very likely that both Eminem and Rihanna will tack on more massive hits before they begin to slow down, and others like Robbie Williams and even Kylie Minogue could do the same.

Here are UK's 10 musicians who have charted the most Top 10 hits.

1. Elvis Presley - 76 
2. Cliff Richard - 68
3. Madonna - 63
4. Michael Jackson - 44
5. Kylie Minogue - 34
6. U2 - 33
7. Eminem - 32
8. Robbie Williams / Elton John - 31
9. Rihanna - 30
10. The Beatles - 28

Source:Elvis Information Network