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Duets And Harmonies

May 14, 2019 | Music

Over the years there were many duets released with Elvis, during his life, but even more after his death , many "Stars" wanted to do a song with "The King" .

CMT collected a lot of shite on this CD: Duets And Harmonies!
Duets include: Lisa Marie Presley, Connie Francis, Ray Charles, Cliff Richard, Anita Wood, Dale Watson, Kitty White, Charlie Hodge, Michael Buble, Nancy Sinatra, Ann Margret, J.D. Sumner, Barbara Streisand, Dolly Parton, Helene Fischer, Jerry Reed, Celine Dion, Shaun Nielsen, The Gatlin Brothers and Glen Cambell!

Just listen to the beautiful duet between Elvis and Dolly Parton, this version of "In the Ghetto" is very different from the original, and stands on it's own... it could have been a great release for a record, and without a doubt would have topped the charts!

"Ray Charles" provides a great "orchestrated" version of "I'll Never Stand In Your Way" where a very young Elvis joins him as if he was singing along with the record at home, the same goes for "My Happiness" with "Connie Francis"

"Ike and Tina Turner" start of "easy" and Elvis takes over with a very "rough" rockin' version of "Proud Mary" 

The 1958 duet "Crawfish" featuring Kitty White and Elvis has been re-edited now this really is a duet version which works very well!

Another highlight is the included version of "Softly, As I Leave You" .. "Michael Buble" sings the song, where Elvis recites the words.. in the end "Shaun Nielsen" joins in to make a breathtaking ending which leaves you with goosebumbs!

"JD Sumner" takes the lead, where "The Imperials" blend in to do the first part of "Swing Low, Sweet Chariot" , then Elvis and "The Jordanaires" bring the song home!

Some harmony versions included in this set are also not  to be missed! "Fever" has Elvis singing multiple verses at once which sounds very rare and unusual.
"Kissin' Cousins" combines both the "Hillbilly" overdub and the "Regular" overdub... this is the only release where "Josh and Jody" sing the whole song together!
"Baby, I Don't Care" has two very different sounding takes of Elvis, and does now sound like a nice duet!

Combine all these tracks with some great duets from earlier hard to find releases and you will have a very unusual new album including 28 tracks!
The artwork fits the release very well, inside all the stars have "signed" their autograph, giving it an authentic touch since it is made just like a record album with fold out sleeve.


I Love You Because - with Lisa Marie Presley
My  Happiness - with Connie Francis
Blue Suede Shoes - with Cliff Richard
I Can’t Help It - with Anita Wood
I’ll Never Stand in Your Way - with Ray Charles
Baby, I Don’t Care - Harmony version
Tomorrow Night - with Dale Watson
Crawfish - with Kitty White
Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - with Michael Buble
Santa Lucia - Harmony version
I Will Be Home Again - with Charlie Hodge
Fever - Harmony version
Kissin’ Cousins - Harmony version
There Ain’t Nothing Like A Song - with Nancy Sinatra
Today, Tomorrow and Forever - with Ann Margret
Let Me - Harmony Version
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot - with J.D. Sumner 
(featuring The Imperials and The Jordanaires)
Love Me Tender - with Barbara Streisand
Just Pretend - with Helene Fischer
In the Ghetto - with Dolly Parton
Proud Mary - featuring Ike and Tina Turner
Guitar Man - with Jerry Reed
If I Can Dream - with Celine Dion
Softly, As I Leave You - with Michael Buble
(featuring Sherril Nielsen)
Bringing it Back - with Sherril Nielsen
Help Me - with The Gatlin Brothers
We Call on Him - with Glen Cambell
Where No One Stands Alone - with Lisa Marie Presley

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Ciscoking wrote on May 15, 2019