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Vegas ’69 This Is The Story

March 15, 2019 | Music

The Madison label is back but this time with their first ever vinyl release titled ‘Vegas ’69 - This Is The Story’ just in time for the 50th anniversary of these special shows.

Presented as a stunning double LP set, in three different colors (Clear, Gold, and Red), and naturally on black vinyl. You’ll have the ultimate compilation of this very special time in history, Mixed as one long show, hear Elvis sing his heart out, with songs like My Babe, I Got A Woman, Reconsider Baby, Funny How Time Slips Away, This Is The Story and many more! As a bonus we added a CD in its own period cardboard sleeve, for those who like to listen in their car or just for easy playback.

This release will be an exclusive limited edition of 200 copies of each color only! Get them while you can! In 1969 Elvis made his triumphant return to live performances following his recent and successful TV special, Elvis returned with a passion that had been gone for quite some time. Elvis would perform an almost month long engagement from July 31st until August 28. Elvis showed the audience that he was still as great as ever.

LP 1 - Side A
01. Blue Suede Shoes (August 21, 1969 MS)
02. I Got A Woman (August 23, 1969 MS)
03. All Shook Up (August 21, 1969 MS)
04. Heartbreak Hotel (August 21, 1969 MS)
05. Jailhouse Rock / Don't Be Cruel (August 26, 1969 MS)
06. My Babe (August 26, 1969 DS) 
07. Hound Dog (August 26, 1969 DS

Side B: 
01. Rubberneckin' (August 26, 1969 MS)
02. Mystery Train-Tiger Man (August 26, 1969 MS)
03. I Can't Stop Loving You (August 26, 1969 MS)
04. Baby What You Want Me To Do (August 22, 1969 MS)
05. Funny How Time Slips Away (August 22, 1969 MS)
06. Reconsider Baby (August 23, 1969 MS)

LP 2 - Side C
01. Runaway (August 26, 1969 MS)
02. Inherit The Wind (August 26, 1969 DS)
03. This Is The Story (August 26, 1969 MS)
04. In The Ghetto (August 23, 1969 MS)
05. Suspicious Minds (August 26, 1969 MS)
06. Can't Help Falling In Love (August 25, 1969 MS)

LP 2 - Side D (Bonus Side)
01. Memories (Bonus, August 3, 1969)
02. Are You Lonesome Tonight (Bonus, August 3, 1969)
03. What'd I Say (August 21, 1969 MS)
04. Words (August 25, 1969 DS)
05. Yesterday - Hey Jude (August 21, 1969 MS)

Gladyslove wrote on March 15, 2019
Great Show but nothing new. Ah, hoppla hopp, sorry, the vinyl is in 4 different colors available, clear, gold, red and black ( or is the double LP parted in these four colors !? ) and there is, en voila, a bonus Cd. For the collectors of vinyl.