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Made In Germany

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, March 09, 2019 | Music

Memphis Recording Services (MRS) just released another book/CD package, covering Elvis time in Germany and the homerecordings made there.


The package has the same quality as the last few MRS book/CD combinations (On Television, The Complete Works etc.). So you get a book with 2 CDs in the front and 2 in the back. The book is printed well and the text layout is good on the eye, even elderly eyes.


First the book part, which is wonderful. A lot of the pictures, many if not most of them in full colour, printed in great quality. Some of them were new to me, at least I think, but I didn’t memorize every ‘Elvis in Germany’ related book I have. The liner notes are by Gordon Minto, almost a guarantee for quality. In this case there is no exception, they made listening to the first 3 CDs bearable.

That brings me to the audio content. Since I am not a fan of these home recordings at all, it was a struggle to sit those 3 CDs out, but I made it and survived. I still do not know why I did it thou. The few audible tracks were used by RCA in the early 80s. The lesser on the home recording CDs and last month I had to sit through more of it on the FTD For LP Fans Only. And except for the early 80s (but then I even liked the remake of Guitar Man) I never really enjoyed it. I can only say that the sound is as good as you can get it, probably (comparable to the FTD version).

The 4th CD, although there is nothing new on it, made up for the struggle, I played it 3 times in a row and it is still in my player. I rather have Christmas songs in March than home recordings!


 A great package that brings some nice pictures and something good to read and a CD with Elvis mostly at his best. For those who like it there are 3 bonus CDs with home recordings and interviews.


September 1958 Interviews

01 Press Interview (Brooklyn Army Terminal)
02 Elvis Presley Newsreel Interview (1958)
03 Pat Hernon Interviews Elvis In the U.S.S. Randall

Guitar Reel 1
04 I'm Beginning to Forget You
05 I Can’t Help It (End Only)/Mona Lisa
06 I Can’t Help It/Guitar
07 Danny Boy/Danny Boy (Incomplete)
08 Loving You
09 Guitar/ I'm Beginning to Forget You
10 Dialogue/ I'm Beginning to Forget You
11 Dialogue /Santa Claus Is Back in Town/ Dialogue /Loving You/Dialogue
12 Dialogue /Loving You (One Line)/Dialogue
13 I'm Beginning to Forget You (Reprise)
14 I'm Beginning to Forget You (Elvis Reprise)

CD 2
Guitar Reel 2

01. He Knows Just What I Am need/Working on The Building
02. He Knows Just What I Need (LFS x 2)
03. He Knows Just What I Need (complete 1)
04. He Knows Just What I Need (complete 2)
05. He Knows Just What I Need (rehearsing/LFS x2)
06. He Knows Just What I Need (complete3)
07. He Knows Just What I Need (LFS/Rehearsal)
08. He Knows Just What I Need (FS/Complete)
09. Cool Water                                  
10. Like A Baby                  
11. His Hand in Mine (complete/ending)
12. Young Love (Red West singing)                                         
13. Her Hand in Mine
14. Return to Me/Her Hand in Mine (rehearsing ending)
15. Her Hand in Mine (complete 2)                                             
16. Her Hand in Mine (complete 3/cut)
17. Just A Closer Walk with Thee/If I Didn't Care/Are You Sincere  
18. Are You Lonesome Tonight? / Once Upon A Time
19. Stand by Me (Damaged Sections)
20. Just A Closer Walk with Thee/Take My Hand, Precious Lord               
21. Oh Lonesome Me                                                     

CD 3
Piano Reel

01. I Asked the Lord
02. Apron Strings
03. Soldier Boy/Such A Night (One Line)/ Soldier Boy
04 I Asked the Lord (Reprise)
05. Piano/Earth Angel
06. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Fast)
07. Que Sera/Hound Dog/Piano/At the Hop
08. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Slow)
09. Apron Strings (Reprise)
10. It’s Been So Long Darling
11. Earth Angel (Intro)/I Will Be True
12. There’s No Tomorrow
13 I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Slow 2)/Que Sera/Hound Dog
14. I Asked the Lord (Reprise 2)
15. I'll Take You Home Again Kathleen (Fast Reprise)
16. Apron Strings (Reprise 2)
17. The Titles Will Tell
18. At the Hop/Give Me My Oil Lamp/Que Sera/Hound Dog/Piano
19. Send Me Some Lovin'
20. The Fool (Take 1)
21. The Fool (Take 2FS, 3FS, 4)


01 All Shook Up (with Studio Chat & Count in)
02 (There'll Be) Peace in The Valley (For Me)
03 That's When Your Heartaches Begin
04 I Believe
05 Take My Hand Precious Lord
06 It Is No Secret (What God Can Do)
07 Blueberry Hill
08 Have I Told You Lately That I Love You
09 Is It So Strange
10 Don't Leave Me Now (with Studio Chat & Count in)
11 I Beg of You
12 One Night (With You)
13 True Love
14 I Need You So
15 Blue Christmas
16 My Wish Came True
17 White Christmas (with Studio Chat & Count in)
18 Here Comes Santa Claus (Right Down Santa Claus Lane)
19 Silent Night
20 Don’t’
21 Oh Little Town of Bethlehem
22 Santa Bring My Baby Back (To Me)
23 Santa Claus Is Back in Town
24 I'll Be Home for Christmas

25 Doncha' Think It's Time [Single master]
26 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck 
27 I Need Your Love Tonight 
28 A Big Hunk O' Love
29 (Now and Then There’s) A Fool Such As I
30 I Got Stung 
31 Doncha' Think It's Time [LP master]
32 Wear My Ring Around Your Neck (Undubbed Version)

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Pietro S wrote on March 16, 2019
Well, I've just ordered it. My first MRS! Found it at good price and I'm looking forward to hearing those tracks. But one thing got me wondering - since the title is "Complete Provate Recordings", wouldn't it be better if fourth disc included Eddie Fadal tapes? I'm aware of "Off Duty With Pvt Presley" (also by MRS), but since we still are buying one CD of known material, wouldn't it be nicer to have all army recordings there? No big deal, anyway - stil I'm getting this... 8)
Steve V wrote on March 22, 2019
These are only the complete private recordings made in Germany as the sub title indicates. So how much has the quality improved from what we had before? Like Lex, I find these recordings hard to sit through due to the quality. Play them once, then forget about them.
GaronJesse wrote on April 10, 2021
Has anyone compared this box set with the bootleg release of the same material (Are you lonesome tonight - complete Bad Nauheim sessions)? Is the MRS release the most complete one? And how is the sound quality compared to the bootleg? I haven't decided yet which one I should get.