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Spliced Blue Hawaii

February 27, 2019 | Music

This time Star decided to mess with the Blue Hawaii soundtrack.

Gladyslove wrote on February 28, 2019
Oh no, not again !
Gorse wrote on March 01, 2019
I probably should ignore anything derogatory about Star but can't. They obviously don't make a fortune on their releases but it is clear from their DVD's and CD's spend a long time going through all their recordings etc. that they own. I applaud this as I don't own much of their material as they try and create something new as opposed to the King Creole release and Elvis in the 60's which is just re-arranging the order of releases we probably own seen and have heard many times over.
Ciscoking wrote on March 05, 2019
I am fed up with this home made computer c-r-a-p...meanwhile...endless and superfluous.