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Kissin' Cousins

January 10, 2019 | Music

 FTD Vinyl announced the release of "KISSIN’ COUSINS – LIMITED VINYL EDITION" limited edition. The album contains great alternative versions of songs from the film soundtrack sessions and related tracks. Mastered at Abbey Road Studios, the album is released in 180 gram format.

DISC 1 -

01 Kissin’ Cousins (Number 2) (unedited master)
02 Smokey Mountain Boy (track, take 1-intro & take 4/M)
03 Catchin’ On Fast (unedited master)
04 There’s Gold In The Mountains (track, takes 1-2)
05 Kissin’ Cousins (track, take 1)
06 One Boy Two Little Girls (master)
07 Pappy Won’t You Please Come Home (Dolores Edgin vocal, take 6/M)

01 Kissin’ Cousins (hillbilly vocal)
02 Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You) (v.o. take 2/alternate master)
03 Barefoot Ballad (instrumental)
04 There’s Gold In The Mountains (instrumental)
05 Smokey Mountain Boy (master)
06 Once Is Enough (master)
07 Tender Feeling (track, take 1)
08 Catchin’ On Fast (track, take 1 & ending take 2)

DISC 2 -

01 (It’s a) Long Lonely Highway (take 1)
02 Echoes Of Love (takes 9,8 alternate master)
03 Kissin’ Cousins (regular vocal)
04 It Hurts Me (take 1)
05 There’s Gold In The Mountains
06 Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You) (track, take 4)
07 Kissin’ Cousins (Number 2) (track, take 1)

01 It Hurts Me (master)
02 Kissin’ Cousins (master)
03 One Boy Two Little Girls (track, take 2)
04 Tender Feeling (master)
05 Once Is Enough (track, take 1)
06 Anyone (Could Fall in Love with You) (master)
07 Barefoot Ballad (track, take 2)

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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TheMemphisFan wrote on January 11, 2019
The only thing positive I can say about this weak over-priced item is... nice cover photo.
JerryNodak wrote on January 11, 2019
Yes, it is a nice cover photo. But beyond that, I've always found most of the songs to be quite listenable. Besides, if I "collect" anything Elvis these days, it's vinyl. BTW: On another well known Elvis website a poster called this LP his worst soundtrack. Everybody is entitled to their opinion. But for me, his worst soundtrack is Paradise, Hawaiian Style.
circleG wrote on January 11, 2019
Nice cover although these vinyls are starting to look a little generic, also good to see the masters among the various outtakes. That said is this worthy of a double LP? I mean do we really need instrumentals and songs by other people? I personally find this an odd choice to release when we could have Flaming Star, Wild in the Country, Kid Galahad, Follow That Dream, Easy Come Easy Go, Live a Little Love a Little on single disc releases. As far as low points in the career lets not forget how enjoyable these movies were in the summers of the early/mid 70s. These movies were guaranteed viewing during the school holidays and easy publicity for Elvis and appealed to a whole new generation that never knew he him the 50s and 60s. Other stars can put down his movies but how many can boast 33 movies and lets face it others would have killed to be in his worst movie.
marty wrote on January 12, 2019
I have a "thing" about covers and it's been a while since I last saw an Elvis cover that impressed me! This one is really great, one of my favourites from the FTD vinyl collection. Other personal favourites are "The Last Movies" & "That's The Way It Is - Special Edition".
Mike.S. wrote on January 19, 2019
One of the best covers in a long time! But do we really need instrumentals, alternates of bonus songs or of the 45 single B side on an alternate soundtrack album? I liked the Roustabout vinyl edition, where they put the Mono version of the album on side 4. Would have been a nice idea for this album, as well.
dailyone wrote on February 03, 2019
Great cover and a great album one of my favs . I saw the film when i was a kid and thought it great at the time .