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Virginia Is For Elvis Lovers

December 11, 2018 | Music

 'Virginia Is For Elvis Lovers' is the new release from the Black Diamond label - it features Elvis' stunning Richmond show from April 10, 1972. This is the same show that is coming out soon on the VICTROLA label but according to Black Diamond  they have a far superior sound quality.

New label BLACK DIAMOND kicks off with it´s first release of a show originally recorded for the 1972 movie "ON TOUR“. This show has been taken from a digital copy of a rough stereo mix made from the original multitrack tapes some years ago. 

CHECK with your Elvis Dealers for audio sample comparisons between the sound on Victrola and Black Diamond. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
Gladyslove wrote on December 11, 2018
It´s getting better every time. ( Watch out: ironic !!! )
blackdiamond wrote on December 16, 2018
So, there's trouble in import 'paradise' huh? i just read that the Victrola label used the original 8 and 16 track recordings, according to a website and now according to his black diamond label their sound is much better? jeee, can't deside...what should i buy for christmas LOL