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Holiday Season In Vegas

November 07, 2018 | Music

FTD will release “ELVIS: Holiday Season In Vegas (Hilton Hotel ’75)” as a 5 inch digipack. This 2-CD set features Elvis in great form from the Hilton Holiday Season shows in December 1975 Las Vegas. The shows are ‘soundboard quality’ and the audio has sonic imperfections. It is on the original source tape. 

Disc 1 Midnight Show – December 13 01 C.C. Rider 4:21 02 I Got A Woman/Amen 7:01 03 Love Me 3:13 04 Trying To Get To You 2:08 05 And I Love You So 3:31 06 All Shook Up 0:59 07 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel 3:01 08 You Gave Me A Mountain 3:27 09 Help Me Make It Through The Night 2:37 10 Polk Salad Annie 4:38 11 Introductions 10:35 12 Just Pretend 3:51 13 How Great Thou Art 4:44 14 Burning Love 3:28 15 Hound Dog 1:58 16 Softly, As I Leave You 3:02 17 America 2:25 18 It’s Now Or Never 2:28 (Aaron Schroeder/Wally Gold) 19 O Solo Mio 1:04 20 Little Darlin’ 2:02 21 Little Sister 2:48 22 Can’t Help Falling In Love 1:56 

Disc 2 December 6 01 C.C. Rider 3:16 02 I Got A Woman/Amen 5:29 03 Love Me 3:25 04 Fairytale 3:32 05 Instrumental 0:30 06 And I Love You So 4:29 07 Trying To Get To You 2:02 08 All Shook Up 1:00 09 (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear/Don’t Be Cruel 2:37 10 One Night 2:05 11 Polk Salad Annie 4:16 12 Introductions 9:12 13 Just Pretend 3:50 14 How Great Thou Art 4:34 15 Burning Love 3:30 16 Softly, As I Leave You 1:46 17 America 2:25 18 Can’t Help Falling In Love 1:20 (last bars missing).


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Dazman wrote on November 08, 2018
Wohoo !! Another favourite Vegas season of mine. Boy have I been getting spoilt lately. Great cover shot, good title. Not too fond of the "Elvis" font used here. The traditional mid '70's LP font would've been more suitable. After all it was from the December 13 M/S that 2 numbers were used for their respective B-sides. As for the second disc, which show is used here ? The dinner or midnight show. Very unusual for FTD (nor Sony BMG for that matter) to withhold such detail even when they do get it wrong.
atomic powered poste wrote on November 08, 2018
I already have the show on disc one, disc 2 is a mix of the ds and the ms of that day and ... well ... the most interesting performances on the disc, like just pretend, are already on the live in las vegas box. personally, I'm not going to spend my money for a few unreleased soundboard-recordings of standard songs like see see rider or psa. Not saying that this is a bad announcement, it's a nice addition to the collection for those who don't have the show on disc one, but i will skip this one.
Gladyslove wrote on November 08, 2018
I think Disc 2 is spliced together from the DS & MS Show from the same day !?
atomic powered poste wrote on November 08, 2018
That's true.
Ciscoking wrote on November 12, 2018
I love these shows from December 1975....great release..thanks FTD !
atomic powered poste wrote on November 13, 2018
Cisco, you are involved in these releases. Imo it's at least strange that you are praising them like you do it here and on every other ekvis site i know. It's like the owner, or employee, of a restaurant standing in front of his establishment and shouting:"delicious, great food, thanks for this wonderful meal". But hey, maybe that's just me.
Ciscoking wrote on November 13, 2018
There arent that many. sites .mate..just one more..shall I recommend the shows to Ernst and then say...dont hear it..its bad...I love those shows and I stand for them...what is bad about Elvis live in 1975..besides you only hear his 1969 shows and some from 1970 and the rest you label..as mediocre just for the sake of it like some mad medics do.
mikael69 wrote on November 13, 2018
Hey : if i had been asked to suggest shows from this season, i might well have picked the same ones for ernst and express my opinion here too
atomic powered poste wrote on November 13, 2018
I never said that these shows are bad, they are certainly far from his best stage-work, in terms of energy and vocal delivery, but they are ok. I'm not going to buy this release because i own the import of show 1 and the las vegas box, so I would spend my money only on a few new versions of standard songs in a cheap packing, and that's not appealing to me. But I'm not complaining about this release, don't get me wrong. It's totally ok, and was expected i guess from everyone here, that they release the let's pretend show on ftd. Tht wasn't my point, but you disagree, and that's ok. I would not do what you do and advertise products I'm involved in with fan comments", but you do, and that's to accept.
Ciscoking wrote on November 13, 2018
I got your point now and I know what you mean. But I am a fan, too and I want to discuss the shows that FTD brings out with my help. Clearly not everybody likes 1975 shows...but others dont like Vegas 1970 shows....that is free expression.
circleG wrote on November 15, 2018
Thanks Cisco. A good season. i believe Elvis had cancelled in the September of that year due to ill helath and came back this December (to fulfill the contract?). I also prefer double packs when the concerts are from the same season as opposed to different years, it also helps when i'm storing them ;)