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Home Recordings From Germany

September 12, 2018 | Music

3DM will release a CD with the 'new' homerecordings from 1959 mentioned earier this week.

This is the press-release by 3DM:

3DM audio is pleased to announce the release of Home Recordings From Germany.

This release is on a non-profit base and will be offered for the production costs and addition shipping only. This is to endorse the positive non-profit motivation of the donor of the recording Juan Luis Gonzalez.  We liked the motivation so much that we decided to help out by offering it in good quality 3 CD set at production costs.

3DM will keep the integrity of the recording and will not edit or alter it with any effects. Technical errors will be repaired and sound balanced to greater hearing experience. 

To cut the costs even more we will offer it directly through our website. Send your request to  info@3dmono.eu and we'll get in touch. We expect to have our set ready to ship by the end of next week.

Cruiser621 wrote on September 13, 2018
What a crock. I don't believe a word of this outfit, although the CD cover looks nice. Thanks but no thanks. These recordings sound like crap to begin with and like how is there really any improvement except by the sales tactic of putting lots of "butter on the toast" when there is no bread to be toasted.
Ciscoking wrote on September 13, 2018
The cover looks great..nevdr heard of 3 DM...though..anyway tempting.
circleG wrote on September 13, 2018
juan Luis has denied any involvement and why would he when hes released it for free? these people have downloaded it and got the press out before any making any Cds! I'll wait till MRS or FTD compile all the recordings together
Viva wrote on September 13, 2018
Anyone know if this is worth getting? And does the 'no profit' story stack up?
MikeE wrote on September 13, 2018
Juan Luis has not endorsed this product, Here's what he wrote on the matter on Phoenix forum: [quote="Juan Luis"]I am not endorsing anyone or any thing. If I sign something, it would be a waiver to Sony/FTD. I am not making money off of this or endorsing anything outside FTD/Sony (that is if they need it etc). I hope that is very clear. Someone here with connections please let them (Elvis news) know. I was contacted with the "non profit" CD thing. I was just courteous, but didn't agree to do anything. That was surely "misinterpreted" of me endorsing and even worse "requesting" this! Never. This has been posted on FECC as well.... Someone can do me the favor to please tell Elvisnews to take that false information out. Using my full name for God's sakes!
Steve Jenkins wrote on September 14, 2018
FTD should release these home recordings as a three CDs set The Bad Nauheim Tapes similar in style to the recent Viva Las Vegas Sessions, unedited, remastered and restored.
JerryNodak wrote on September 15, 2018
Yes, they should. But personally, I'm not the least bit interested. I did buy the 3 CD VLV set.