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Elvis Safe & Sound

July 26, 2018 | Book

Dick Grob first met Elvis in 1967, when Elvis was on his honeymoon in Palm Springs, California.  At the time, Dick was a Palm Springs Police Officer and was assigned to provide personal protection to the “Star.”  Thus began a friendship that lasted for more than ten years. 
Dick is no stranger to the field of personal protection.  During his career, Dick has worked with the FBI, CIA, and other government agencies, including the U.S. State Department, providing protection to very high profile dignitaries, including U.S Presidents and Vice Presidents, and  protection for foreign heads of state such as Marshal Tito of Yugoslavia, England’s Prince Phillip, and Deputy Prime Minister Yigal Ailon of Israel when they visited Palm Springs.  Palm Springs was the playground of the “stars and dignitaries,” many of whom Dick provided personal security, and Elvis was no exception. 

After providing security to Elvis during his visits to Palm Springs, Elvis made Dick “an offer he could not refuse” as his full time personal bodyguard and eventually Elvis’ Chief of Security.  In this capacity, Dick planned the security for all of his concert tours, appearances, and vacations to locations like Vail, Colorado and Hawaii.  Dick was responsible for the safety of not only Elvis, but for his daughter, Lisa Marie, and the rest of Elvis’ family. 

“Elvis Safe & Sound,” Dick’s new book, tells some of the stories experienced by the author over his ten year relationship with Elvis.  Not only was Dick Elvis’ bodyguard and Chief of Security, he was Elvis’ close personal friend.  Some of his stories are funny; some are scary; other’s just plain interesting. 

“Elvis Safe & Sound” is jammed-packed with Dick’s personal descriptive accounts of his time with Elvis.  It includes documents from Dick’s personal archives as well as rare, never before seen photos of Elvis on stage, and copyrighted documents and photos (in color and black and white). 

“Elvis Safe & Sound” is a great narration of Dick’s authentic and personal time while he kept “Elvis Safe & Sound.” 

Hardcover 278 Pages
Approx weight  1 kilo
Size 25 cm x 17 cm

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