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Where No One Stands Alone

June 20, 2018 | Music

"Where No One Stands Alone" celebrates the power and passion of Elvis Presley's gospel recordings. Produced by Joel Weinshanker, Lisa Marie Presley and Andy Childs, "Where No One Stands Alone" introduces newly-recorded instrumentation, rare alternate vocals from Elvis, and backing vocal contributions from music legends who'd performed on-stage and/or in-the-studio with Elvis such as, Darlene Love; Cissy Houston; Terry Blackwood, Armond Morales and Jim Murray of The Imperials; and Bill Baize, Ed Hill, Donnie Sumner and Larry Strickland of The Stamps Quartet. The album also includes a reimagined duet with Elvis and his daughter, Lisa Marie Presley, on the album's title track and spiritual touchstone. It will be released on both vinyl and CD.

"Where No One Stands Alone" provides new musical perspectives on 14 of the singer's favorite pieces of gospel music, from the reverential to the celebratory, with song selections including Presley's beloved enduring gospel classics (the 1965 Top 5 smash "Crying In The Chapel," "How Great Thou Art," "You'll Never Walk Alone"), praise-filled gospel-rockers (Jerry Lieber and Mike Stoller's "Saved") and traditional hymns and spirituals ("So High," "Stand By Me," "In The Garden," "Amazing Grace").

"Since I was two years old," Elvis Presley once said, "all I knew was gospel music. It became such a part of my life, it was as natural as dancing. A way to escape my problems, and my way of release." It was Elvis' explosive mix of styles--blues, bluegrass, country, swing, pop--that generated his iconic world-changing rock n' roll, but it was the hymns, spirituals and church music of his childhood, the deep-seated gospel roots that sustained Elvis and his musical vision throughout his life.

"This was his favorite genre - no question about it," says Lisa Marie in her album notes. "He seemed to be at his most passionate, and at peace while singing gospel. He would truly come alive - whether he was singing just for himself and me at home, or on stage in front of thousands of fans."


I've Got Confidence
Where No One Stands Alone (with Lisa Marie Presley)
Crying In The Chapel
So High
Stand By Me
Bosom Of Abraham
How Great Thou Art
I, John
You'll Never Walk Alone
He Touched Me
In The Garden
He Is My Everything
Amazing Grace

Source:Elvis World Japan

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Gladyslove wrote on June 20, 2018
What ??? Should I call it good or a bad thing ??? Right now I am nut sure. " Newly recorded instrumentation ??? Only Elvis voice is original and the music is something like they had done one the symphonic thing ??? Well, I don´t know.
dailyone wrote on June 21, 2018
in one word terrible
Gorse wrote on June 21, 2018
What is exactly wrong with the album 'dailyone' to elicit such vitriol. Unfortunately, unlike yourself, I have not had the chance to hear it
bennie wrote on June 21, 2018
I don't know about this one. is RPO the new standard for Sony. Too each his own i quess for this one. I'll pass. I'll stick to the Original recordings. I like the cover though.
Martin DJ wrote on June 21, 2018
The next step I guess will be using the original backing tracks and replace Elvis's vocals with those of impersonators.
JerryNodak wrote on June 21, 2018
Too many tracks from "He Touched Me" for my taste. My least favorite gospel CD. Pass. I'll stick with the originals.
atomic powered poste wrote on June 21, 2018
I really hope that no one is going to buy this crap, everything on this rpo releases is so awful. If one wants new music then support some artists who are alive and creative. If you want to listen to elvis, great, there is plenty of material you can listen to. But these recordings are neither new and creative or real elvis, they are nothing but terrible. It is not tne fact that it isn't organic, it's the fact that it sounds unorganic. Can it get more embarrassing? Maybe. .. I'm afraid that epe and sony will find other ways to ruin elvis legacy when this bs isn't selling anymore.
Gorse wrote on June 21, 2018
I have come to the conclusion atomic powered poste that you are not an Elvis Presley fan but some interloper from afar or being kind you just like one aspect of his music. Your consistent criticism and scorn is tiresome. Just to make things clear I am not an idiot who likes everything he does, far from it, e.g. some Sun tracks, 1957 Peace in The Valley EP and 25% of the 60's film tracks for starters. Relying on his original recordings will mean the demise of his memory faster than is happening now, and these recordings give a chance to additions to the basic fan base (perhaps only a small percentage) but without giving it a go then nothing will happen for sure.
Bob Finkel wrote on June 21, 2018
You are so right Gorse. Most of the atomic powered poste is consistent criticism and scorn is tiresome. All the releases with the RPO brings Elvis back in the world media with fresh and superb sound. The original recordings are timeless and outstanding. But this is a new way to create something new. So everyone can decide and choose what he likes. I am looking forward with this one.
atomic powered poste wrote on June 22, 2018
This "Not a real fan" argunentation is so stupid. And really, fan comes from the term fanatic, and that I'm not. What am i criticizing? Besides some of the lesser recordings elvis made (some soundtracks, mostly from the mid-60s, some of his "I don't care for it, and I don't care if everybody can hear it on the record, throwaways from the 70s) I like or even love most of his regular catalog. Elvis released some material during his lifetime that was, beside personal taste, not good. Stuff that wasn't recorded properly, boring jams, stuff that was recorded spontaneously in between, where he didn't knew the lyrics. Stuff like that doesn't belong on a regular release. But most of elvis recordings where very good, but that doesn't mean that everything of the "good" material was on the same level of greatness. Some fillers, some killers. Like every artist. A 3 star recording is still enjoyable in the context of a good lp. But to give everything 5 stars equalize the difference between a masterpiece and a nice, enjoyable standard tune. Then we come to the ftds and other posthumously released stuff. Some of that material was great and interesting. But the 700d soundboard where elvis is sleepwalking through 3/4 of his set, released without an booklet, with heavy drop-puts or in the wrong speed is crap. And than I call it that. And all the other rpo-elvis releases are crap. I've listened to them, and it's like listening to 2 different cds at the same time. The vocals are always part of the whole arrangement, a new arrangement needs a new vocal recording. So this isn't working. Besides this there is the sound problem. It stands clear, that both parts of the recording are recorded at different times at different occasions. And this crap doesn't help keeping elvis legacy alive. The only people who are buying this are old fans, and I think, that listen to and buying this sh#t shows less respect for the musicality of elvis, for his musical talent, and less knowledge about music than calling it what it is.
Gorse wrote on June 22, 2018
Surprisingly atomic powered poste I agree with quite a lot of your comments. When I say I like 75% of his 60's film tracks, I am giving them anything from 3 stars which is a pass, to a far lesser number with 5 stars like Return To Sender. Where I define myself as a fan is where a really ordinary song like A House That Has Everything is lifted from 2 stars to 3 stars because I like the timbre of his voice. Where I do have a problem is the general aggressiveness of your comments, which perhaps in your defence, reflects modern society, and the RPO 'crap' paragraphs dismissing people such as me, for buying and thoroughly enjoying the product. Finally speaking as an Englishman, 2 of these albums made number 1 in the UK and were heard by a different generation which I agree may or may not have made them 'fans' but PERHAPS a few might wish to seek out the originals.
Gladyslove wrote on June 22, 2018
The two orchester CDs hit the #1 in UK, that´s right, but in the rest of the world it has been a flop, even in US. I konw some people there and I asked them and they say it´s crap, Elvis fans and none Elvis fans. And if this CD is with new Instrumentation is it different from the two orchester recordings !? Have you listened to the two tracks posted on facebook ??? You can´t even hear Elvis voice clearly on the duet version with Lisa. What a frog !!!
Gorse wrote on June 22, 2018
Welcome to the affray Gladyslove. Just to make one thing clear, I have not heard this particular CD and started out on this thread as to what 'dailyone' disliked about it -concept or actual recording. The first album If I Can Dream according to wiki had as of September 2016, sold 1.6million copies and in spite of being caught by this 'vile crap ' 800,000 as of late 2017, many like myself, were stupid enough to go and buy the follow up The Wonder of You. Like a multitude of comments on Amazon I found the 'If I Can Dream' CD immense and showcased just how good the Elvis voice really was. Interestingly enough Aretha Franklin, Roy Orbison, and The Beach Boys all seem to be following the Elvis path with the RPO !!!. As for your US friends are they the college fraternity that think Europe is a country ?
Gladyslove wrote on June 23, 2018
Gorse, I didn´t say that those who bought the orchestra CDs are stupied. For me it´s nothing I would buy from Elvis and maybe also this new one. If you like it it´s good for me. As I said I knew fans from around the world and a great part of them say it´s something they would not buy. I just mention the US folks there cause the orchestra thing didn´t sell well there. I want Elvis pur and afaik this will not be the case with this set.
Torments my heart wrote on June 23, 2018
If I Can Dream did well all around the world, not just the UK... Australian Albums #1 Austrian Albums #2 Belgian Albums #10 Belgian Albums #27 Canadian Albums #24 Dutch Albums #17 French Albums #79 Irish Albums # #2 Italian Albums #77 New Zealand Albums #3 Norwegian Albums #21 Scottish Albums #1 Spanish Albums #17 Swedish Albums #48 Swiss Albums #27 UK Albums #1 UK Digital Albums #1 US Billboard 200[ #21 US Top Classical Albums #1 Forget Billboard, they have a system based on other than sales. Remember ALLC only reached the top 50 though it was the highest seller for several weeks. And who'll ever forget how "Burning Love" was denied the number one spot in 1972 by the classic "My Ding-a Ling"... Billboard has no credibility. I'll give this new one a try. It's cheaper than an FTD and there's always something about Elvis voice with new backing that excites!
Steve V wrote on June 23, 2018
Folks, it is 41 yrs, there is not much else that can be done anymore except releases like this. At least it is not the RPO this time. That said, He Is My Everything? Its probably the worst 'gospel' song he recorded. And Amazing Grace was a bore from the first time I heard it in 1972. Run On would have been a no brainer to me. Tom Jones features it in his live act and credits Elvis for him learning the song, so why isnt it here? Makes too much sense? To be honest I kinda like the idea of themed songs like this as opposed to the RPO albums which had all kinds of songs, most of which didn't work at all. Saved is the most interesting track here with the great Darlene Love. No interest in the LMP duet at all. So now, where's the redone rock and roll album. He was the king of that genre wasn't he?
Gladyslove wrote on June 24, 2018
I would rather see the Elvis cataloge availaible in the stores, not that many greatest hits, like they did with the Beatles Music, that would be fine and is good for Elvis legacy. And again: the new CD is nothing for me but anyone who buys it is okay for me and I don´t call them stupied. We are Elvis fans and no enemies. Come on !
atomic powered poste wrote on June 24, 2018
What i really don't get is, why are you arguing with sales or chart positions? Does they make the music better? Are you guys getting royalties? I don't, so i don't care. Music is good or not, beside tne personal taste there are objectiv points. That arrangement and vocals never really fit together is one argument you can't denie when you have little knowledge about music. A new arrangement needs a new vocal recording, otherwise it sounds terrible, and that's why almost all of this"re-recordings" doesn't make any sense. And then we haven't talked about the moral aspect of projects like this. And this stuff is not going to create new fans, i mean, old people know about elvis. They care for his music or not. An the young? They have there own music, and that's great. And non of this posthum re-recordings has something to do with the kind if music younger people are listening to. And what i really don't get is, why is it important that they win new fans for elvis? When i listen to my favourite artists, to a great record, i don't think that the music changes, that my feelings about it changes, no matter if 50 million or 5 people have bought that record. I understand why this is important for those who make money with zhe name, the image and the music of elvis, but why should it been important to me? Like i said, no royalties.
Bob Finkel wrote on June 24, 2018
AtomicPoweredPoste like this: „I don‘t care , arrangement and vocals never fit , doesn‘t make sense , what about moral aspect , why is it important to win new fans for elvis , should it been important to me.“ Well, would be a very good idea to change or reduce your medication. I really, and I mean really had enough of your permanent negative criticism. Please accept it, some fans will like this CD. And it is a new way to create something new. Elvis is dead. So many fans will be very happy with this kind of music. Thats a fact.
atomic powered poste wrote on June 24, 2018
I'm not negative, i write a lot of positive things to, but not everything is great, only because elvis name is on the cover. And, other than you, i can easily accept other people opinions. Why do you think i can't? Because i don't agree wit you? You could discuss my arguments, or you can let it be, both options are fine. But you are getting personal, that's very weak. If i where you, i would ask myself why I'm so aggressive, only because someone you didn't even know dislike this posthum re-recordings of elvis music? Wow, if that already makes you write that he should "reduce his medication", than i feel really sorry for you. I don't write this to harm you. My questions are meant seriously, i really don't get why sales, charts etc. are important for fans. All that counts to me is the music, not the charts. I'm not going to discuss this topic anymore. I've wrote what i had to say about it.
Bob Finkel wrote on June 24, 2018
atomic powered poste: you are right, not everything is great only because Elvis name is on the cover. If you can easily accept other opinions, I am not sure. I don‘t know you. But you haven‘t heard the new CD and you are pushing down this project. Let‘s see / hear what is really to hear. You don‘t have to agree with me. But many fans are looking forward to this new CD. Others not. And both are right. Your criticism is very very tough with this projects. All I ask is to understand also the others who will like this CD. No single word for them from you. To accept both, thats a real winner.
Gorse wrote on June 25, 2018
This will also be my parting shot on this subject. Bob Finkel was possibly too tough with you atomic powered poste but I understand his reaction (although not my style), when you state that arrangement and vocals never fit and mention the moral aspect - comments if I can put it this way, miss me by a 1000 miles. You are also being slightly naive if you think that new fans are not important to increase a basic dwindling ' I might wanna buy fan base' as without the possibility of making money the Steve V wish for a new concept Rock and Roll Album (not RPO) will never happen. Finally I enjoy songs like Golden Coins and Kismet (each 3 stars) from the much maligned film album Harem Holiday / Harum Scarum , which others don't rate and I can accept and basically understand their response. When it comes to RPO 'If I Can Dream', which I played many times, I would give it 5 stars plus like Golden Records Volume 1, Elvis Country etc. but apparently people such as you, Ton Bruins, plus Lex would give it zero stars = crap. !!! Difficult to get my head around such a HUGE disparity in opinions. Amen.