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May 24, 2018 | Other

Despite the "Back By Popular Demand" 2018 'Wonder Of You' Australian tour being pared back to only two shows - these have now been CANCELLED, presumably due to lack of ticket sales. There were only the two shows in Sydney and Melbourne and the dates had already been moved to August 2018, presumably to help link up with the excitement of Elvis Week. Now Cancelled - Despite the best efforts of the Promoter we were not able to rectify the situation ....  Tickets purchased online or via telephone using credit cards will be refunded in full and you do not need to take any action. 

Source:Elvis Information Network
Cruiser621 wrote on May 24, 2018
What does one expect? Elvis passed away back in 1977; his status in the current realm of things is minimal at best. As much as I hate to say it, "Elvis who???" Which is probably how relevant he is to the world at large.
Gladyslove wrote on May 24, 2018
What a frog !!! Clear to me, it´s not really Elvis. And this orchestra thing is, how can I say it, not something for me and as we can see now also nothing for others even for Elvis fans.
atomic powered poste wrote on May 24, 2018
Good news, hopefully this terrible orchestra crap is coming to an end. Never understand how elvis fans could ever see something good in this sh#t.
Gorse wrote on May 25, 2018
I have yet to see a positive contribution from atomic powered poste so this latest one does not surprise me. The concert may not be my thing but the 3 RPO cd productions are in my book and apparently from the sales commercially acceptable to a great many. His relevance on a daily basis is obviously minimal after all this time, in an age where scores of people are stars for a year or two and then disappear for ever while the presence of Elvis is still alluded to in many ways in the media e.g. films, mannerisms, ads, imitators etc. and that will be the best anyone can hope to achieve 40 years after their passing.
Torments my heart wrote on May 25, 2018
The main reason it's been cancelled is that it was on less than a year ago. It's like a great movie... it has its run at the theatre, people go to watch it and then it finishes up and goes to dvd... it doesn't rise again at the theatre. I went last year and it was fantastic. Three sold out nights in Melbourne, 40,000 people all cheering the King. But I've just seen it. We've all just seen it. Bring it back in five years when our memories have faded, and we'll probably go again.