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Roustabout (Vinyl)

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, December 30, 2017 | Music

The vinyl version of the FTD-release Roustabout took a bit of time to arrive at my place, but it was just in time for Christmas.


The cover carries the orignal picture of the soundtrack album, but without the "movie-poster" drawings. It looks a bit like Elvis suffered from jaundice in this version (which might be the print, looking at the flyer for the release). The left inside carries some magazine clippings from the time the movie was released and Alan Hanson's linernotes. The rightside panel has some stills and publicity shots for the movie, one with a weird "behind the scenes" caption, while it seems like a still to me. The backside has the full tracklisting and another publicity shot (with red jacket), his face is also a bit yellowish here. 
The records themselves are beautiful replica's of original RCA LPs, with Nipper at the top.


I think I wrote anything I could for the CD version, with the remark that on the LP Side 1 tracks 2-6 and Side 2 tracks 1-5 are the remixed masters. Soundwise I can only stress that vinyl sounds better than CD once more. I also like this version better because the outtakes of Roustabout are spread out, so you have less of the same in a row.


Tracks "Roustabout" side 1 
01 Roustabout — NOV take 9 (movie version) (2:14) 02 Little Egypt — AO take 15/M (record version) (2:33) 03 Poison Ivy League — BO take 7/M (2:19) 04 Hard Knocks — CO take 11/M (record version) (1:53) 05 It’s A Wonderful World — DO take 13/M (2:07) 06 Big Love Big Heartache — EO take 17/M (2:17) 07 Roustabout — NOV takes 14-16 (2:58) 08 Roustabout — NOV take 17/M (record version) (2:15) 

Tracks "Roustabout" side 2 
01 One Track Heart — FO take 5/M (2:25) 02 It’s Carnival Time — HO take 2/HOV take 9/M (record version) (1:50) 03 Carny Town — JO take 9/M (1:29) 04 There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon — KO take 5/M (2:13) 05 Wheels On My Heels — LO take 7/M (1:28) 06 Roustabout — NOV takes 1-5, 6 (7:21) 07 It’s A Wonderful World — DO take 17 (instrumental) (2:02) 

Tracks "Roustabout" side 3 
01 I’m A Roustabout (2:13) 02 Hard Knocks — COV take 4 (movie version) (1:55) 03 Roustabout — NOV takes 7, 8 (3:00) 04 Little Egypt — revised, AO take 21 (part used for movie version) (2:52) 05 It’s Carnival Time — (HO take 2/HOV take 12, movie version) (1:50) 06 Roustabout — NOV takes 10-12 (4:47) 07 Roustabout — NOV take 13 (2:10) 

Tracks "Roustabout" side 4 - The Mono Soundtrack Album 
01 Roustabout (2:01) 02 Little Egypt (2:21) 03 Poison Ivy League (2:05) 04 Hard Knocks (1:45) 05 It’s A Wonderful World (1:51) 06 Big Love Big Heartache (2:03) 07 One Track Heart (2:18) 08 It’s Carnival Time (1:35) 09 Carny Town (1:13) 10 There’s A Brand New Day On The Horizon (2:03) 11 Wheels On My Heels (1:25) 

Roustabout flyer

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circleG wrote on January 13, 2018
I'm so glad FTD are giving vinyl some attention, there's so much to do in this area. I'd like to see a single disc release for Flaming Star and Wild in the Country and the movies made during '68-'69. The Memphis Record from '87 could do with a re-release too. Vinyl is now making a big impact in city stores even local supermarkets may begin to stock them and Elvis needs to make a presence. Why not re-release original albums with expanded content? HMV have customers asking for Elvis product but very little is on the shelves and if there is it's probably a european release of Blue Hawaii when they should be buying a comprehensive edition of From Elvis in Memphis. Come on Ernst, make it happen ;)
dailyone wrote on January 18, 2018
hello there , do not agree that album black is better than cd . Elvis is ace on cd . Sold well when released because of lack of single and fans buying the Little Egypt . I think Colonel did not like the lyrics for single .Would have been number 1 and maybe album would not have sold that well . Ordinary film . Wonderful World favorite on this album . Dont play it often .Has it been that long since released ?? Time flies .