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Pure & Simple

December 23, 2017 | Music

The 'Elvis Pure & Simple' CD is Elvis without backing vocals & overdubs, the pure sound of Elvis Presley. Original masters but also some alternate versions were used for this release. In most of the studio sessions the backing musicians were there with Elvis and Elvis was singing along with them – yet here these vocals are faded out if they were present. A total of 15 stunning songs! Includes a 12 page booklet with photos and recording information.


Pocketful Of Rainbows
Love Me Tender
Anything That's Part Of You
I'm Falling In Love Tonight
Blueberry Hill
Lover Doll
Young And Beautiful
I Met Her Today
Are You Lonesome Tonight?
That's Someone You Never Forget
Where Do You Come From
Is It So Strange
Blue Moon

Source:Elvis Australia