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Jack Good, TV Producer & Elvis Co-star Died

October 02, 2017 | People

Legendary television producer Jack Good has died. He was responsible for bringing Rock n Roll to British audiences through programmes like the Six Five Special and Oh Boy. Good then took his magic to America producing the show Shindig. Jack Good was the undisputed champion on rock 'n' roll on British TV. Jack's show "Oh Boy" was a fast moving action packed show lasted under half an hour but crammed plenty of excitement into each minute. There were lots of songs, with most lasting under a minute. Before that Good had produced a show for the BBC called the "Six Five Special".

He took his magic formula to America where he lit up the screens stateside with the show "Shindig". He ventured into the movies, starring in the Elvis Presley film "Clambake" as Hathaway the snooty hotelier. It was a fantastic cameo. Jack Good later produced the musical "Elvis". Premiered in London's West End in 1977, the play featured three leads: Timothy Whitnall as young Elvis, Shakin' Stevens as the mature rocker, and P.J. Proby as the Las Vegas incarnation. The reappearance of the wayward Proby, who had once sung demos for Presley, represented a masterpiece of casting.

His later life was quieter - he turned his attention to art - but would sometimes revisit his former life - including an appearance at the unveiling of the Billy Fury statue in Liverpool.

Source:Elvis Information Network
Gorse wrote on October 09, 2017
Jack Good certainly made a big impression on me as 'Oh Boy' and the 'Six Five Special ' was to me, then a teenager, fantastic television. I forgot 'Elvis' the musical was by Jack but again it hit the 'spot' when I saw it all those years ago