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The Man And His Music 116

June 11, 2017 | Other

Nothing is better than a balcony (out of the sun) and the best magazine around indeed EMM (or TMAHM for the stubborn). You can catch up on the news (in case we missed any). A list of quotes from August 1977 doesn't make you feel alone. Next up is an in depth interview with Marty Harrell (who? You know Marty... who played trombone and replaced Joe Guercio now and then). Anyway, it was great to have a 'fresh' insiders view. Paul Richardson did some more collecting for 'Going Underground' (alternative press on Elvis in late 60s/ early 70s). Finally Gordon Minto is looking back and giving insight on the famous Elvis UK book. Of course in between you can read the regulars like letters and reviews.

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You Dont Know Me wrote on June 28, 2017
still a great read, but don't expect the CD reviews to be of your liking!