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Magazine Overview

May 14, 2017 | Book

Three magazines ended up in our mailbox during recently, here is an overview.

The OEPFC Magazine

OEPFC magazine

The May/June issue of the British fanclub magazine has of course attention for their attempt to get Elvis the National Medal of Arts:

Further more there is attention for the 45th anniversary of the Madison Square Garden shows, the two best sessions of the 60's:1960 and 1969 and Elvis On Tour. Of course the regualars are available too.



The German fanclub issued the 234th copy of their magazine. They focus on the 40th anniversary of the CBS TV Special, but also an in depth article on 'My Boy' and news and reviews are present.

Flaming Star

Flaming Star

The Norwegian Flaming Star (#90) is another piece of eye-candy, but there are also articles on He'll Have To Go, Tickle Me, Houston 1970 and Mary Tyler Moore. And you guessed, also this magazine has the regular stuff like news and reviews too!

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