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A New Way Of Torture

January 04, 2017 | Music

People can't get enough of squeezing the last dime out of you. From the same producer who did the CDs Elvis: The New Recordings and Elvis: The New Sessions comes a third release entitled Elvis: A New Way containing 14 new overdubs of some outstanding Presley vocals, showcased in new musical settings played by some of today's top musicians. The official release date January 15, 2017.

From the press-release:
The sound is awesome. It's as if Elvis just stepped into a recording studio today! The tracks run the gamut from well-known favorites to more obscure songs, all of them given special treatment by musicians who have also recorded with big stars like Aretha Franklin, Elton John, Norah Jones, Willie Nelson, Patti Austin, Barry Manilow, Paul Simon and more. It's strictly big-league.

The producer has gotten rid of extraneous backgrounds -- vocal and instrumental -- that seemed dated and/or made it hard to hear Elvis's rich voice on the original masters. Presley has been brought forward in the mixes and you can hear his incredible baritone better than ever before on these songs. (This set also includes lengthened versions of some numbers). The effect is more intimate, more consistent with today's listening preferences. You get to hear how really well Elvis sang!

Some tracks get lush strings, others a more earthy bluegrass sound, or a lively horn section and brisk percussion. All of it is tastefully done, without musical frills or melodrama.

1. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here
2. Big Love, Big Heartache
3. Bosa Nova Baby
4. Dirty Feeling
5. Fun In Acapulco
6. Follow That Dream
7. Never Ending
8. Anyone Could Fall In Love
9. Love Me Tonight
10. It Hurts Me
11. Tender Feeling
12. They Remind Me Too Much Of You
13. Today, Tomorrow And Forever
14. Known Only To Him

EJF wrote on January 04, 2017
Well, they're not getting one single dime from me!
wildfishie wrote on January 04, 2017
Can you guys imagine how worse it will be when songs from 1969 on start becoming public domain too? Garbage releases like this shouldn't even be getting any promotion here.
Lex wrote on January 04, 2017
Like the RPO stuff? I was in doubt to ignore them, but there are some people appreciating it. Even Elvis fans do not have taste, at least not all of them...
Supercapitalista wrote on January 07, 2017
Torture? It will hurt so good. Bring it on.
little jimmy tompkin wrote on January 18, 2017
I got the first 2 in the series and SUSPICION is superb. I will definitely get the new one so much better than that RPO crap !