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Kobalt Deal

December 21, 2016 | Other

The power of Elvis' music will hopefully be strengthened through a new deal with Kobalt. The Kobalt Music Group is an independent rights management and publishing company who's artists include Prince, Paul McCartney and Bob Dylan and own around 20% of total worldwide share in music publishing. 

Kobalt will administer and provide publishing services for a vast majority of the Elvis Presley catalogue of more than 1,000 songs through a new administrative agreement with Authentic Brands Group (ABG) and EPE.. The arrangement is effective from Jan. 1, 2017 and includes some of the most desired tracks for film and TV trailers, soundtracks, and commercials.

Presley’s music continues to establish new records and find new fans almost 40 years after his death. The Wonder Of You (Legacy/RCA), a collection of re-workings of the late legend’s hits with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, recently became Presley’s 13th U.K. No. 1 album -- a record among solo artists.

Jamie Salter, chairman and CEO of ABG, added: “We are thrilled to partner with Kobalt to ensure that Elvis’ legacy as the King of Rock and Roll lives on forever. We are dedicated to preserving Elvis’ tremendous body of work and we are confident that Kobalt is committed to that same goal.”

Music from the Elvis catalogue was synchronized in recent feature films Bad Santa 2, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and “Love Me Tender” is the soundtrack for Ralph Lauren’s current fragrance campaign. Elvis' music is bound to ring out loud next year. The 40th anniversary of the rock 'n' roll icon's death will fall on Aug. 16, 2017.

Source:Elvis Information Network
circleG wrote on December 22, 2016
Lets hope among the bells 'ringing out loud next year' we have - - A deluxe set of TTWII on blu-ray and CD - A deluxe set of EOT on blu-ray and CD - Elvis movies on blu-ray - 68 Tv Special Directors cut I suppose you're going to tell me there's no Santa either!
TheMemphisFan wrote on December 30, 2016
You've got some good ideas, circleG, but we already have plenty of high-quality "That's The Way It Is" CDs to choose from.
circleG wrote on December 30, 2016
I was thinking more of a DVD box like the 68 Special Deluxe set. You know, everything and the kitchen sink! If only i knew who to badger at Warner, I would.
O Hooligan wrote on January 03, 2017
This article states "Kobalt will administer and provide publishing services for a vast majority of the Elvis Presley catalogue of more than 1,000 songs..." Does this relate solely to pre 1973 material (following the deal that Parker and Elvis signed in 1973 (I think it was)? Am just curious really. From how I'm reading this, we'll hear more Elvis tracks on adverts, tv shows / trailers and films. Not a bad thing I guess - so long as the tv show / ad / film is decent! We get Elvis played a lot over here in Ireland on the lottery adverts. If I Can Dream (the original) has had loads of airtime for a good while now.
TheMemphisFan wrote on January 07, 2017
O Hooligan, I doubt if this new Kobalt deal relates "solely" to Elvis' pre-March 1973 material. I'm pretty sure that ill-advised deal with Parker/Elvis (Parker's idea) & RCA Records was rectified fairly (via the courts) several years ago between the Elvis Estate and RCA/BMG... even before Sony took over the reins of the music catalog.