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The Stories Behind His Songs

December 09, 2016 | Book

Matt Shepherd, journalist/ Elvis fan, started a series of eBooks entitled "Elvis Presley: Stories Behind His Songs". The first volume is just available and the next will be out early January. 

This is what the author says about it:

From Elvis Presley's first singles at Sun, the early classics on RCA, through the movie years, to the triumphant comeback of 1968 and the glamour of the Vegas years, this brand new E-book series will look at every single song Elvis recorded in his lifetime. We will tell the stories behind the songs, the people who wrote them and who else covered the songs. We'll look at the albums released after Elvis' death including why Felton Jarvis re-recorded backings to several Elvis tracks in 1980, the global success of the remixes A Little Less Conversation and Rubberneckin', the family duets with Lisa Marie Presley, the Christmas songs with the country stars of today and more recently the pairing of Elvis' amazing voice with the talents of the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra for two number one albums in the UK. Join us on a journey through the music recorded by one of the greatest singers ever...this is ELVIS PRESLEY: STORIES BEHIND HIS SONGS - We start with the important year of 1969...


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