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Expansion Complete

November 01, 2016 | Other

After more than four years and more than $7 million, the renovation and expansion of the Elvis Birthplace and Museum is complete.
The third and final phase of the renovation was centred around the lake and surrounding area. The work added a water fountain, a new paved walkway around the lake, several benches along the path and replacement of the old bridge. It's about 10 inches below normal, so we could use some rain.

The first phase of the project, unveiled in August 2012, added a new 126-seat theatre and a 75-seat outdoor amphitheatre. The theatre is part of an event centre that includes a conference room, display area, exhibit hall, green room for entertainers, administrative offices and a smaller entertainment area.

The second phase of expansion, completed last year, added two Elvis statues, a memorial wall and pavilion, a picnic pavilion and a winding walkway from the amphitheatre to the overlook and a new parking lot. About 80,000 people visit the Birthplace annually, with about 45 percent of the visitors coming from overseas.

Source:Elvis Information Network