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A Few Thousand Can Be Wrong

October 26, 2016 | Music

Unbelievable, but the new album The Wonder of You reached the #1 spot in the UK. We wonder indeed.... 

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jaques marcello wrote on October 26, 2016
I do not know what´s wrong with the album Elvis/RPO. However i like most of the first album. Jus did not like releasing different versions, one with bonus and other not. The only explanation is to make easy money
Gladyslove wrote on October 26, 2016
" We wonder indeed. " Or is it only you, Lex ? I just can´t understand your bashing. It´s against the fans who bought and will buy this release.
Lex wrote on October 26, 2016
It certainly is not only me, but I understand I am in a different league than some others. A league I prefer.
marty wrote on October 26, 2016
While I understand those who don't like when the original recordings are being tampered with, I tend to take a more pragmatic view of things. More than 1 million copies of the first attempt at Elvis with RPO have been sold in the UK alone. Most of those who bought it spent some happy moments listening to and enjoying the music. It was therefore a worthwhile effort. While those who dislike such releases can opt not to buy or listen, all those who bought the album wouldn't have the choise if the album did not exist. Since the arrangements are not completely alien to what Elvis did himself (let's not forget he used a small orchestra at all his shows from 1969 onwards) I am not against these releases. I still prefer the originals though...
marty wrote on October 26, 2016
After carefully listening to both the albums (apart from the yet unreleased bonus songs that will be included in the deluxe version of "The Wonder of You") I must admit that the first album is sounds better than the second. My favourites from the first album "And The Grass Won't Pay No Mind" & "Anything That's Part Of You" (bonus track) and from the second album "Suspicious Minds" & "Don't". In general his 60's ballads work best (they sound a bit like the Country/Pop style of Jim Reeves & Eddy Arnold from the same period) but the more rockin' songs are generally not great...
JerryNodak wrote on October 26, 2016
I'll keep it simple. There were several tracks I enjoyed on "If I Can Dream." There's nothing I like on "The Wonder Of You."
Sirbalkan wrote on October 27, 2016
I enjoy this great album a lot. Just Pretend is better than the original. It's not a few Lex, tens of thousands.No matter you like it or not, I always support the good projects regarding his music.As long as it's contemporary it's fine with me. Go on Elvis...
Gorse wrote on October 27, 2016
This album is not IMHO quite as good as If I Can Dream (too much to hope for in a near perfect release ) but it runs it close. In an album where there are no 'duffers' the star tracks for me (at the moment) are the brilliant I've Got a Thing About You Baby, Don't, Amazing Grace, A Big Hunk O' Love and The Wonder Of You. I agree with Brian Quinn in the way the voice is pushed up front and has never sounded better
Lex wrote on October 27, 2016
Sirbalkan, I support good projects too :)
Dazman wrote on October 27, 2016
While I respect the right of those to enjoy these RPO releases, the tours that are doing the rounds are actually done WITHOUT the RPO !! Go figure ? Also, look at what it has replaced, Elvis The Concert, that was all coming apart ever since EPE were sneaking in musicians who never backed Elvis at all. It's EPE's politics that makes this Priscilla thing a racket.
You Dont Know Me wrote on October 28, 2016
Hmm i have not heard the complete Album-yet but i'm sure by November i will have.I am a bit surprised by such and so many negative reviews!~...so presumably the Joe Public buying this are both deaf and dumb?
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 28, 2016
The CD is being promoted on TV here in the U.S. This morning I saw a commercial for it on the FoxNews channel in the lobby of the hotel I'm staying at on my vacation (east Tennessee). It was a nice looking commercial, but I couldn't hear it because the volume on the TV was turned down.
Lex wrote on October 28, 2016
YDKM: I guess that most buy them just because it is Elvis. The type of "anything Elvis is good"-fan, though a big part might indeed be deaf. I can't understand they survive this otherwise. I would not dare to call an Elvis fan dumb. We never ever saw any proof of that * coughs loudly *.
joemin wrote on October 28, 2016
Well, it's official, another number one of Elvis. What's more there are 2 other Elvis albums in the charts, If I can Dream and E1. Today is my birthday so I am delighted. I know of 1 person who doesn't normally buy Elvis who has bought this album, hopefully there are many more. Apparently it is advertised in the US on FOX, who knows maybe it will do better there than the last one. I am one of those who though this would be a disaster when Todd Slaughter proposed the idea way back, I am glad I was wrong.
Great Dane wrote on October 28, 2016
Whether you like it or not, this is good Elvis-News. I don't believe that the buyers are only "anything Elvis is good"-fans. Otherwise every album would be a million-seller/#1 album.
Lex wrote on October 29, 2016
Great Dane, I was talking about Elvis fan specifically. Of course there are some other people too, that stick to the occasional greatest hits compilation and buy this as a novelty. Ah well, it melts perfectly with the other crap in the Top 40.
Rob Wanders wrote on October 29, 2016
well some like it, some dont, thats clear. No problem. I belong to the first group, although not every song is a success in my opinion. But what makes me a bit laughing is the comment of Ian James that Helene Fischer is singing in the wrong key and out of tune in Just pretend. Now you may not like it, thats ok, but its definately not out of tune and/or in the wrong key. I had never heard of Helene Fischer but she is a good singer I can hear that (as a professional opera-singer myself).
bajo wrote on October 29, 2016
It is really strange to observe how some Elvis fans have a really hard time enjoying Elvis with the RPO's success. There must be something about those projects that have caught the ears of hundred of thousands people out there. As with every music album released by whoever, there's always some who like them and some who simply don't. I for one actually liked most of the If I Can Dream album. I though I wouldn't, but I changed my mind from the first stroke of Burning Love. I'm in for the TWOY album too, but have heard only the snippets on internet, so far. But, I like it! Seeing it going straight to #1 in the UK is simply so wonderful. It gives joy to this long time Elvis fan, to see our hero doing it once again. Almost 40 years after his passing. The voice is still there and for whatever it's worth, that's what people are aiming for. Some must have found those RPO arrangements listenable, I'm among them.
Supercapitalista wrote on October 30, 2016
I believe the new album is fantastic. The orchestra sounds terrific and Elvis' voice is crystal clear. Put them together and it can't help but be good, in my humble opinion. The arrangements are excellent. Very nice touch on I've Got a Thing About You Baby. The duet is also good. The female singer is quite good. I'm baffled by those who are critical. There is no downside for me in producing these types of remixes. The originals are still there for those who want to enjoy them. And, the new music is there for those who enjoy both. Perhaps new fans are recruited as well. Keep them coming!
Mike Johnson wrote on October 30, 2016
We used to curse and swear because of the work Felton Jarvis did with the 70's albums (Promised Land, Good Times, From Elvis Presley Boulevard, Memphis, Tennessee, Moody Blue, Love Letters etc. etc.. But what about this? I don't like it at all, just listen to the awful Just Pretend "duet". Not so long the "bootleg" spliced take came out, this is the same work in my opinion: take Elvis' performances and dubb it with strings, background vocals and then you'll have a complete "new" Elvis album. That's making money fast.
You Dont Know Me wrote on October 30, 2016
Col Parker would be 100% delighted with this result... how can you argue with Success?- even with wrong versions of songs, fluffed lines out of tune duets.. and STILL the general 'Joe public' are buying it!' no (i guess) they aren't dumb or deaf- but maybe they don't remember much and not hearing the originals- this sound 'new' and exciting to them! maybe its a bit like scales put 250g on each side and it's balanced.. put even one more Gram on either side and you have won over.... therefore ENOUGH of the 'sound image' MUST be impressing the 'general public' soon i'll get my copy to listen to and see if i am one gram in favour of it on balance!~ Pricilla MUST have learn't something from Col Parker HERE!~ and (of course) their will be a 3rd volume!~
Gorse wrote on October 31, 2016
I have commented several times on these releases and still remain dumbfounded with the criticism. For me there is absolutely no downside whatsoever. JerryNodak who I often agree with says there is no track on the new album that he likes mmmmm really !!!!! At last those half interested music buyers who think he can only belt out Hound Dog and the like can hear a guy who can match/surpass most of their modern heroes with his singing ability. Let's celebrate a man gone for 40 years who I assume we all admire on this forum can still invoke such interest - I find it totally amazing.
Natha wrote on October 31, 2016
Gorse, I agree with you on several points. I always love it when Elvis' voice is up front; I think that is sometimes lacking on earlier releases. And he is indeed unsurpassable compared to 'modern music heros'. But do we need de rpo for it to know / acknowledge it? I don't. E.g.on the original RnR the orchestra is unbearable, especially when they set in slowly. It takes al the spunk out of the song. I listened to a copy - like in case of the If I Can dream - not to spend money on dust gathering cds. And luckily I did. I look forward to volume 3 IF and only IF songs like Old MacDonalds and the like are on it. Those songs need a make over. For the rest, I leave it to those who like this type of releases. And it nice to see an album of the King hitting first place on the lists, without me having to buy it ;)
Gorse wrote on October 31, 2016
Thanks for a measured peaceable response Natha.We shall agree to differ on the treatment of rock and roll numbers like Burning Love, Heartbreak Hotel and A Big Hunk o' Love as I think they are very very good. You may not need to know but close friends of mine never realised before hearing If I Can Dream just how good a singer he actually was . I am personally hoping for songs like As Long As I Have You, It Hurts Me, Unchained Melody, Like A Baby, Surrender, Inherit The Wind, Promised Land, and Let Yourself Go to be on volume 3
ElvisDayByDay wrote on October 31, 2016
Funny to read the commends by the "knowledgable fans". Are these the same fans who listen to vague audience recordings of Elvis stumbling through the motions and lyrics in the later years of his life or mess up songs in the studio or during rehearsals? I wonder, what's more enjoyable ... And no, no need to answer this question, as I see the answer coming from miles away :-) Let each fan enjoy his own personal Elvis ...
Natha wrote on November 02, 2016
Thank you Gorse, for understanding my respons. And the meer fact that Elvis is so upfront make his voice more in its true quality and that is something I like as that is exactly what I am missing very often in some of the Original recordings. So that is definitely a pro for their effort. So I can understand your friend's remark after hearing If I Can Dream. And I also realised after my respons that quite a number of later songs do already have some sort of orchestra. ElvisDbD: for me the point of listening to live recordings is not because the quality is so great. It is of getting that feeling of being there and at the same time relive the orginals too. But that s just my experience. Live recordings of any artist are hardly ever a match to the studio recordings in quality; it is to share some experience as far as that is possible. So no need to compare for me. However, Ireadily agree that for the greater public it is better to listen to the discussed cds than to listen to a historic (rather poorly) recorded show.
joemin wrote on November 05, 2016
At #2 this week in the UK. Also 2 other Elvis albums in the top 100. Whether or not you like the album there is no question that this is further success for the King which in the long run benefits every fan.
Brian Chatters wrote on October 26, 2016
Her we go again! Why not just enjoy the fact that he remains popular with the general public. By the way, I have bought a copy so that makes me wrong (or maybe I'm right and you're wrong). Of course, we are all entitled to our opinion but because I do not agree with you does not make me wrong.