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Forbes Top-Earning Dead Celebrity

October 20, 2016 | Other

In a shocker of a year Elvis hasn't been pulling his weight - and for the first time in decades has dropped down to forth place in Forbes list of top-earning dead celebrities. New entries for 2016 are (sadly) David Bowie and Prince. Prince's pre-tax income is estimated at $25m (£20.5m) by the business magazine, putting him fifth in the list, while Bowie is ranked at 11th. Both are dwarfed by pop star Michael Jackson who tops the list once again with a record-breaking estimated income of $825m  up from $115 million last year. 

Elvis earned a lowly $27 million over the past year earning him the No. 4 spot - the last two years saw an income of $55 million. 
Though Presley’s 2016 earnings are listed at half of last year’s total, a change in methodology for counting ticket sales - and not plummeting demand - this year accounted for Forbes shift in income. Michael Jackson’s once-only sale of half of the Sony/ATV music publishing catalog for $750 million was the reason for his being the top this year. Peanuts creator Charles Schulz claims the second spot with $48 million. US golfer Arnold Palmer, who died last month aged 87, enters the chart at three with estimated earnings of $40m.

Top five Forbes magazine Top-Earning Dead Celebrities 2016.
1. Michael Jackson - $825 million
2. Charles Schulz - $48 million
3. Arnold Palmer - $40 million
4. Elvis Presley - $27 million
5. Prince - $25 million 

Last year - Top five Forbes magazine Top-Earning Dead Celebrities 2015.
1. Michael Jackson $115 million
2. Elvis Presley $55 million
3. Charles Schulz ('Peanuts' creator) $40 million.
4. Bob Marley $21 million.
5. Elizabeth Taylor $20 million.

Source:Elvis Information Network
samcra wrote on October 28, 2016
Well, lets see how they rank, 39 y ears after thier death.