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Hometown Shows

By ElvisNews.com/ Lex, September 22, 2016 | Music

FTD just released 2 shows Elvis gave in his hometown Memphis during the mid seventies, with the witty name "Hometown Shows".


A great 1975 shot decorates the front of a "classic" FTD release: a 5", 3 panel fold out. The first panel inside shows track listing and miniscule additional information. The 2 CDs carry a 1975 shot, while the panels and back have 1974 shots. Personally I would have split that into a "1974 panel/ CD" and a "1975 panel/ CD", especially because I think the 1975 pictures are better ;). The back of the third panel has also some tickets from 1974 and 1977 (the shows that never were) and the Mids-South Coliseum logo.


Most of us are familiar with the shows. The first one (March 17, 1974) is "new" in good quality, so great for collectors. Soundwise it is more than okay. Of course not as good as the "Live On Stage" recording, but a good sounding soundboard recording. The show is like the other shows in the tour: steady, with Elvis in good mood, singing a lot about scarves. Unfortunately no rock'n'roll medley, but very strong versions of Trying to Get to You and Steamroller Blues and a more than okay Johnny B. Goode make up for that. All together a more than enjoyable show, that will find its way to my player more often.

The June 10, 1975 is one of the classic DAE releases. I never knew this show was done during the afternoon, but according to this release it was. Not that it really matters, since it was the only show of the day. Soundwise I prefer this mix way over the DAE release, but I seem to be one of few that never really liked the DAE releases with their over the top echo/reverb (whatever you call it). For the ones that don't know the show: it's very similar to the other May/ June 1975 shows, with Elvis still going for it.


This is one of the better attempts in my opinion. I understand that FTD wants to cover as much as possible, but these will find my player again, while the 1976 and 1977 shows never will...

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Gladyslove wrote on September 22, 2016
The 10th of June 1975 an afternoon concert !? I say: no. Just wait what ciscoking has to say. The concert is very good I love the way Elvis get´s through these shows at this time. I just can´t wait to hear the 1974 show, I have to wait a few days more then I´ll get this release.
benny scott wrote on September 22, 2016
No need to wait for Cisco. I downloaded a photo of a (used) ticket for the show. The ticket was sold on ebay. The show was definitaly at 8:00 P.M. FTD is wrong. Always El.
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 22, 2016
FTD is wrong... no surprise there. I'm waiting for a song-by-song review of the '74 performance before I decide to purchase this new set.
Dazman wrote on September 23, 2016
Thanks Lex. The strong versions of Trying To Get To You and Steamroller Blues will be the clincher for me. Actually I like the reverb on the DAE boot because it gave the feeling you're there and it projects Elvis' voice better. Yes, I know other bootleggers have gone O.T.T with it on other releases but I believe DAE got it right because the sterile nature of these soundboards make Elvis' singing sound really forced. While the Legacy release of the closing show served it's purpose with the rhythm section, Elvis' vocals sounded a little dry. Looking forward to getting my copy.
Dazman wrote on September 24, 2016
In Christopher Brown's book 'Elvis On Tour' which cover these May/June '75 dates there's both an advert and a ticket stub which state the Memphis show time as 8:00pm and 8:30pm respectively. So some pretty sloppy research by FTD there, considering Elvis only gave matinee shows on weekends. Yes there were exceptions to the rule, like a public holiday (in fact he actually gave 2 shows on the Monday in Mobile, AL in that very tour) but on a Tuesday ??
Lefty wrote on September 24, 2016
It doesn't matter if the show was in the afternoon or the evening. What matters is that they released it, and that it is mastered by Vic Anesini.
Ciscoking wrote on September 26, 2016
We are talking about an ES...that is sure. Dont know how such a buck could happen...I guess its just a typo..
Lex wrote on September 28, 2016
Yup, quality control is not in FTD's vocabulary.
You Dont Know Me wrote on September 30, 2016
Yes despite no liner notes booklet and a mistake on the timing of the 1975 show i have thoroughly enjoyed listening to this release!~ in fact i now have a THIRST for more unheard 1974 soundboards as i don't think he put out any bad shows at all in first half of 1974 and i'd love to be able to enjoy hearing more decent shows!~
Ciscoking wrote on September 30, 2016
At least theres hope I think..
You Dont Know Me wrote on October 04, 2016
Good Cisco... because their are many more unheard shows from first half of 1974 that were obviously good shows and we'd love to hear them!~
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 06, 2016
I thought about buying this one on Wednesday at a Graceland souvenir shop, but I just couldn't pull the trigger knowing that I already had the 1975 show on a bootleg disc. The reviews for the '74 show so far haven't been convincing enough for me to buy it... yet.
hounddawgs6499 wrote on January 17, 2017
I bought the CD when I was in Memphis. I was pleasantly surprised by the first disc. It's not a soundboard, it's a regular multi-track RCA recording. The sound is excellent.