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From Santa Monica Boulevard

September 23, 2016 | Music

Elvis One Proudly Presents, 'From Santa Monica Boulevard Los Angeles, California - Part 2'.

A new album from ELVIS ONE with recordings from Elvis at Radio Recorders Studio with 27 Tracks, including rare movie versions, alternate takes, radio spots and more… all from the sixties. Only five tracks were officially released before, all other tracks are officially unreleased! Of course, there's a booklet with recording information and photos included.


Studio Outtakes & Movie Versions

01. Mexico (acetate, movie version, vocal overdub by Larry Domasin)
02. How Would You Like To Be (take 3)
03. How Would You Like To Be (take 1)
04. It's Carnival Time (movie version, vocal overdub, take 12)
05. Riding The Rainbow (M4, take 9)
06. Today, Tomorrow And Forever (movie version, vocal overdub, edited/take 10)
07. Take Me To The Fair (take 1, 2 & 3)
08. Relax (take 12)
09. Spring Fever (composite movie version)
10. I Think I'm Gonna Like It Here (take 10)
11. El Toro (take 2)
12. I'm Falling In Love Tonight (take 7 & 5)
13. Cotton Candy Land (take 3)
14. There's A Brand New Day On The Horizon (overdubbed movie version)
15. Chesay (Vocals overdub 
by Harry Morgan and Henry Cordin)
16. Happy Ending (take 9)
17. Wolf Call (overdubbed movie version)
18. Viva Las Vegas (overdubbed movie version)

Bonus Tracks

19. Viva Las Vegas film score #1 'The Lady Loves Me'
20. Viva Las Vegas film score #2 'Love in Las Vegas'
21. Viva Las Vegas film score #3 'Bongos'
22. Viva Las Vegas film score #4
23. Malagueña (acetate, track, take 6)
24. Guadalajara (acetate, track, take 1)

Radio Spots

25. Tickle Me (#1)
26. Tickle Me (#2)
27. Tickle Me (#3)

Source:Elvis Australia