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Royal Catastrophe Tour

September 13, 2016 | Other

In May 2017 - 45 years after Priscilla and Elvis seperated – tasteless music/Elvis fans in Europe will have an opportunity that many have never had before – to experience the man who changed the course of popular music – the biggest selling solo artist in history (having sold an astonishing one billion records worldwide), in a live concert experience – "The Wonder of You," featuring the most recognizable voice of all time with a full symphony orchestra live on stage performing the King of Rock and Roll’s most well-known rock 'n' roll songs and his tender, heart-wrenching ballads – with a very special personal appearance by Priscilla Presley (so much for short, readable sentences). Of course all the shows with the real musicians, in the Elvis The Concert project, are easily forgotten here.

Following on from the 2015 release of the chart-topping Sony Music Legacy Recordings album "If I Can Dream," which sold in excess of a million units in the United Kingdom and Europe and a scheduled follow-up album titled "The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra," comes the announcement of the world exclusive live concert experience featuring Elvis Presley on the big screen and backed by a full symphony orchestra for a ten date arena tour in Europe in May 2017. The European dates will follow hot on the heels of six arena concerts in the United Kingdom in November 2016, which are all set to be sold out.

The critically-acclaimed "If I Can Dream" release, as well as its successor album, feature archive recordings of the king’s voice, and new orchestral arrangements of some of his biggest hits along with several surprises, in a variety of styles that Elvis embraced - from rock to gospel to country and ballads - to create an overwhelmingly encapsulating and enthralling masochistic experience.

"If I Can Dream" and "The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" were both produced by Nick Patrick and Don Reedman and executive produced by Priscilla Presley, Don Reedman and Elvis Presley Enterprises. Priscilla Presley, who will also appear on stage in person at the arena shows commented, "What an honor for me to be able to produce and present a live concert experience that evolved out of what has become a very prestigious and beloved album backed by a full and rich symphony orchestra.” Actress, producer, author and entrepreneur vulture Priscilla Presley was instrumental in turning Graceland into a world-renowned attraction and Elvis Presley Enterprises into a highly successful entertainment, licensing and merchandising organization. As an actress, Priscilla Presley is known for her memorable roles in "Dallas" and "The Naked Gun" movies.
These European performances will be a musical celebration rape of the legend for whom superlatives weren’t enough and who continues to break records.
"The Wonder of You," live in concert, is produced by Elvis Presley Enterprises. The European concert tour is produced by GEA Live.
The new album "The Wonder of You: Elvis Presley with the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra" is set for release on October 21, 2016.

Tour Dates Europe 2017

May 10th – Rotterdam, Ahoy
May 12th – Sweden, Malmo Arena
May 13th – Denmark, Herning – Jyske Bank Boxen
May 15th – Germany, Berlin – Mercedes-Benz Arena
May 16th – Germany, Oberhausen – Koenig-Pilsener Arena
May 18th – Switzerland, Zurich – Hallenstadion
May 19th – Belgium, Brussels – Palais 12
May 20th – Germany, Frankfurt, Festhalle
May 21st – Germany, Munich, Olympiahalle
May 22nd – Austria, Vienna, Wiener Stadthalle

Source:Essential Elvis
You Dont Know Me wrote on September 13, 2016
Gee such a completely and totally BIASED OPINION,... i never knew until i read this just how much Lex hates this ... even if i DID/DO ...at least i would say it so and as FORCEFULLY as HERE - i quite shocked by such brazen attack!
Martin DJ wrote on September 14, 2016
Elvis would probably be twice the star he is today had he recorded his Sun records with a symphony orchestra instead of with Scotty and Bill.
Gladyslove wrote on September 14, 2016
I am realy shocked about how the article from Lex ( ? ) has been written. This shouldn´t happen this way. No, not realy. Again: I am realy shocked !
Gorse wrote on September 14, 2016
Take no notice of Lex - he is doing a wind up just to satisfy his own reasons and get a few of us going -yes we are still here Lex reading the column. I do as regulars will know love the If I Can Dream release and as an aside think Elvis would also have like it. Quite a few fans hate the OTT bombastic ballads but when one looks at his last 5 years of performing specifically in his 'low times' regularly put most of his effort into big ballads like Hurt, 'Mountain', My Boy, and How Great Thou Art..
albion73 wrote on September 14, 2016
Lex his review is just sad. Last week he wrote on the website that he could shut down the website with just one click and now this sad review of the upcoming spring tour 2017. If you don't like the concept, that is just fine. But why SO negative about it when many people DO like it and are looking forward seeing Elvis in a concert arena again on a big screen. An Elvis website should unite fans around the globe. This review and his comment is Elvis unworthy.
Lex wrote on September 14, 2016
Albion, it is not a review. Even I can't review things I haven't seen. It is a ridiculous press-release brought back into proportion.
thekingisalive wrote on September 14, 2016
Lex, you are behaving in a very immature and impolite fashion. If you don't like the concept, don't write about it. Or better yet, keep your opinions to yourself. You have just insulted every single Elvis fan who happens to like the first album with the RPO. I read here that you can shut this website down with just one click. Why don't you be a man and do it instead of whining like a bitch? In either case, I have visited this once great website for the last time. Congratulations! Well done!
Lex wrote on September 14, 2016
Guy or gal without a real name (he is dead for your information): I could not care less, I hope it is a promise you'll keep.
woody1 wrote on September 17, 2016
Maybe it's me but I don't enjoy this site anymore, think I'm getting tired of Lex's self opinionated (I am right and if you don't agree with me your wrong) comments. Can anybody recommend a site similar to this but without the unpleasantness?