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New Victim

August 15, 2016 | Music

Kentucky Rain is one of the new victims in the seemingly endless series of rapes of Elvis' music by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. There's a sneak peek on the Elvis The Music sites, where the announcement threatens with the release of a new CD in October 2016.

Source:Elvis The Music
Steve V wrote on August 15, 2016
Personally, this concept is not for me, in fact I thought it was awful, but you know what they say. If at first you DO succeed, go back to the well!
woody1 wrote on August 16, 2016
Looking forward to this release, definate purchase for me, to be honest I wasn't sure what this article was about when I saw the title in the list but I should have known!
moseleyman wrote on August 16, 2016
Here we go again ripping into another album even b4 we've heard it IF I CAN DREAM was and is one of my most enjoyed albums since 1977 along with the 80s Guitar man album and the Viva Elvis album So looking forward to the new album and the concert in Birmingham in November great way to end the year and start off 2017
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 17, 2016
Good or bad, I wonder if the new cd will have "guest artists" on it like the first one?
Gorse wrote on August 17, 2016
As a fan through thick and thin over the last 50 plus years I find the negativity on If I Can Dream and the new unheard offering totally baffling. I agree that many of the film albums were less than classic, even though they all contained a few tracks I very much enjoy to this day, and the much lauded sessions from 1956, 1958, 1960, 1969, and 1970 were brilliant for most fans with 1973 up there for me as well. I have heard everything of note on offer from Elvis and when I first heard If I Can Dream with the RPO it totally blew me away. (sold a million in the UK !!) I can't remember being so diametrically opposite the views of so many fans on an Elvis subject.
Natha wrote on August 17, 2016
I am not particularly fond of this way of remixing or redoing Elvis' music. Maybe he would feel happy about it, maybe not. If it reaches out to a new audience who will discover Elvis, then it serves a purpose. I have been listening to the first cd a number of times (giving it a fair chance) and now I store it in the 'final archive'. I prefer the original versions.
JerryNodak wrote on August 19, 2016
As far as the first CD is concerned, I found that I disliked it less than I thought I would. There were even a couple of tracks I really liked. I've listened to the free sample of Kentucky Rain from the followup CD. Not impressed, But I will reserve final judgement until I've heard the full CD.
NorwayElvis wrote on August 29, 2016
I enjoyed some of the tracks on last years release so I will buy this one as well. (Just as I liked most of the Jarvis` Guitar Man album from 1981) Obviously I dont know for certain but I think Elvis would have been proud had he known that he would Top the Uk charts and selling over 1 million copies in Uk alone 40 years after his death. Elvis would definately have been a lot more upset over songs like "Dominic" beeing released to the general public than these orchestra overdubs. These overdubs will never replace the originals but I still like listening to some of them.