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Cowboy Melodie

August 18, 2016 | Video

Tickle Me, Elvis' 1965 Allied Artists Pictures featuring him as a a champion rodeo bull-rider and bronco-buster singer has been released on Blu-Ray but only in Germany so far as Cowboy Melodie.

At the time Tickle Me saved Allied Artists Pictures from bankruptcy thanks in part to using recycled old soundtrack material including (Such an) Easy Question, Long, Lonely Highway and I Feel That I've Known You Forever. Julie Adams and Jocelyn Lane co-stared.
Tickle Me was released for the first time on DVD in 2007.

The Blu-Ray states it is Region B but appears to play in most regions. But please check your local region and player. It comes with a booklet and nice pictures but with the text in German.

Source:Elvis Information Network
circleG wrote on August 26, 2016
well, this is a start in getting the movies in Blu Ray. Is this owned by Paramount? If so they need to release it properly. Even Warner needs to get its finger out. Elvis movies would look great on BR
mountain72 wrote on August 28, 2016
Yes, we need more Elvis Movies, TV Specials, Doco's on Blu-Ray.