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His Songs Of Praise, Volume 1

August 12, 2016 | Book

FTD will issue the first part of 'Elvis: His Songs of Praise'  by Trevor Simpson. It focuses on Elvis' gospel songs, and has up to 350 pages, with lots of quality pictures and many unseen photos. In the book, every gospel song is thoroughly investigated and described with detail information. As a bonus, the reader gets a CD with a compilation of gospel songs of Elvis.


01. Introduction by Elvis and Amazing Grace (Take 2 - Undubbed) - 3:39 
02. America The Beautiful (Composite) - 2:11 
03. Amen (Live in Memphis March 20th 1974) - 0:55 
04. An American Trilogy (Live in Honolulu, Hawaii January 14th 1973) - 4:28 
05. An Evening Prayer (Take Eight) - 2:00 
06. Bridge Over Troubled Water (Unedited/ Undubbed master - 1970) - 4:35 
07. He Touched Me (Take 1) - 2:46 
08. Help Me (Undubbed master) - 2:29 
09. I Believe (March Of Dimes Master edit) - 2:31 
10. If That Isn't Love (Undubbed Take 4) - 3:34 
11. If We Never Meet Again (Take 1) - 2:00 
12. Elvis talks about Spiritual music & Joshua Fit The Battle (Take 4) - 3:11 
13. In My Father's House (Take Eight) - 2:05 
14. Known Only To Him (Take 2) - 1:35 
15. Elvis talks & I'm Gonna Walk Dem Golden Stairs (Take 4) - 2:19 
16. Miracle Of The Rosary (Undubbed Take 4) - 1:50 ELVIS PRESLEY SPECIAL: PALM SUNDAY - March 19th 1967 Radio Program 
17. Introduction Radio Station KVIO - Sedona, AZ - 0:43 
18. Announcer: How Great Thou Art - 2:57 
19. In The Garden - 3:06 
20. Announcer: Somebody Bigger Than You And I - 2:54 
21. Stand By Me - 2:24 
22. Announcer: Without Him - 3:01 
23. Where Could I Go But To The Lord - 3:31 
24. Announcer & Red Cross Message - 1:23 
25. Announcer: Where No One Stands Alone - 3:07 
26. Announcer: Crying In The Chapel - 2:36 
27. Announcer & KVIO: Farewell & advert for How Great Thou Art album - 1:33

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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Yoshi wrote on August 12, 2016
Okay .. I'm willing to learn. No bad word against Ernst this time. So, I have only a question: If you would see this tracklisting on a topic about a new bootleg coming out by a no name label. 23 Euros/Dollar plus shipping. A radio programm taken from the "Easter Greetings" bootleg, a few outtakes taken from old FTDs. A "Sedona" recording which is even available on Youtube (Would love to see Ernst's original of this ultra rare record. At least I will compare his outing with the one on Youtube). If you see a no label bootleg like this announced .. what would you do? And I don't mean the "I buy every trash" fan. I mean the ones who work hard for their money. Would love to hear your opinion about such a bootleg. Okay I know this CD is again free of charge, no extra cost, free, gratis or what you might call it (No royalties again for the musicians or the fan-oriented company). And by the way .. yes, I do appreciate that Ernst is copying so many takes from older FTDs so he can save the missing gospel takes for further generations. Even our grand-grand-grand children want to enjoy new Elvis stuff coming out. And yes again .. I hope for a free of charge mono Gospel-Masters CD in Vol. 2. See, no bad word against Ernst.
VivaLasDavies wrote on August 12, 2016
At least he's consistent - more unfathomable negative tripe. I think most of us appreciate this is a book project - the CD is included only to compliment it.
Yoshi wrote on August 13, 2016
No it's not just a CD to compliment it. It's a bridge between somebody who wants to sell his books (and obviously is a friend of Ernst) and the SONY/FTD collector's label. Since the barrel is empty Ernst let others do the work. And to still link the books with FTD -so more people find it necessary to buy the books- he adds more and more conceptless CDs .. which I'm sure we pay for. This is a fan side here and FTD is a collector's label. But if somebody says "Why didn't he add the missing gospel takes to the project" he's described as 'negativ'. Just like I'm the only one who want's to hear the missing session parts. I own every FTD release up to now but it pisses me how he stretches the series in an endless manner putting out senseless CDs like this one. Navajos have a proverb: If your horse is dead .. get off. Ernst continues to ride the dead horse .. as long as we don't start to think and as long as we commentless pay for everything. This CD again is a filler, as many others in the past. Money for nothing. Ernst has done a lot for us. But he should go back to what this series was ment for. 150 FTDs each 20 Euro bought by .. let's say 3000 worldwide fans adds up to 9.000.000 Euros. For material with often non commercial value. Ever thought about it that way? And instead of saying one "Thank you" they squeeze the last Euro out of the fans with more and more filler CDs. Supported by uncritical VivaLasDavies who accepts everything as it is if only Ernst has done it and who obviously doesn't share my 'negativ' wish for the missing gospel-session parts.
VivaLasDavies wrote on August 13, 2016
Clearly you don't get it. This is a book written by a guy with a proven track record - he writes interesting books. I'd buy this book with or without a CD (as I did with the recent boxcar Elvis On Television). As another more perceptive contributor points out, if this CD was essential, there'd be an outcry about making people buy an expensive book just to get the CD. As for my "accepting everything", that is not the case - if it doesn't appeal, I take a pass but what I don't do is come on here and constantly moan - at great length.
Yoshi wrote on August 13, 2016
To get to this textfield I have to push a button that says "Give your opinion". I can't find the button with "If you think the world is good and all is full of flowers and if you buy every FTD without asking click here". I'm not really arguing about the book. I'm sad that Ernst again gives us a filler CD with a good bunch of content just copied from other RCA/FTD releases instead of finally releasing the remaining session-takes. That's all. "I don't get it"? Are you sure? Two questions: Would you be happy or sad if this CD would contain the missing takes of the "He Touched Me" sessions. Just one word "Happy" or "Sad". And the other question is in my first post: Would you gladly pay 30 Euros for a no label CD with this tracklist? By the way: This is my last post under this topic. I will no longer excust myself for being eager to get the remaing recordings without paying a fortune over the years.. Not on a fan-site. Not to another 'so-called' fan.
VivaLasDavies wrote on August 13, 2016
I'm a "so called fan" .......I give up!
JerryNodak wrote on August 13, 2016
I stopped buying any and all Elvis books years ago. I might buy another one if Ernst writes it.
TheMemphisFan wrote on August 14, 2016
Yoshi, what VivaLasDavies said about the CD with the book is reasonable and makes sense. However, I fully understand what you are saying about Ernst "riding the dead horse" (on some projects), but I would much rather he issue any remaining Gospel outtakes on a regular $30 FTD than to issue them with a $100 book. We are all eager to get previously-unreleased material by Elvis, but having to pay $100 for a book/cd set shouldn't be the way. And by-the-way, I don't know if I'll buy this new book, but the unusual track listing of the CD does look very nice... in my opinion.
NorwayElvis wrote on August 29, 2016
Im tied of expensive book releases from the FTD. Never purchased any of them and I never will. They do look great but I have other thinhs to spend my money on.