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Live In Las Vegas

February 22, 2016 | Music

Coming soon from the new label "Universum Productions" in the Elvis world is the almost complete Dinner Show from August 7,1969. This performance was recorded from the audience at the International Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. It has a familiar sound like other already released audience recorded tapes of that period. We would classify it "average"....ask for a sample and we´re sure you weren´t disappointed. The show itself of course is really great.


1.    Intro - Blue Suede Shoes (2:28) 2.    Foolin‘ Around (1:07) 3.    I Got A Woman (2:19) 4.    All Shook Up (1:49) 5.    Elvis Welcomes The Audience (1:22) 6.    Love Me Tender (2:56) 7.    Jailhouse Rock - Don‘t Be Cruel (2:06) 8.    Heartbreak Hotel (2:17) 9.    Hound Dog (slightly incomplete) (2:08) 10.    Havin‘ Fun On Stage (0:50) 11.    Memories (2:55) 12.    Talking With The Audience (1:32) 13.    Mystery Train - Tiger Man (4:42) 14.    Life Story (incomplete) (5:47) 15.    Baby What You Want Me To Do (2:31) 16.    Runaway (2:18) 17.    Are You Lonesome Tonight (3:01) 18.    Yesterday - Hey Jude (4:13) 19.    Band Introductions (3:14) 20.    In The Ghetto (2:41) 21.    Suspicious Minds (6:49) 22.    What‘d I Say (4:08) 23.    Can‘t Help Falling In Love (2:02) 

Source:For CD Collectors Only
Ciscoking wrote on February 22, 2016
I have to check whether it is the real deal or not. You always have to be careful when it comes to 1969 concerts. The bad sound (Elvis sounds like he is singing deeply in a tin can) will this release make worthwhile for die-hard collectors only..although the show is definitely not bad.
Jim Davidson wrote on February 25, 2016
The cover photo does not look at all like Elvis.
TheMemphisFan wrote on February 29, 2016
Looks just like him... to me.