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An Evening with Elvis

January 06, 2016 | People

The acclaimed show ”An Evening with Elvis’ Friends and Original Musicians” (USA) will be touring Scandinavia and Holland in April & May '16. The guests will include Elvis' 1970 drummer BOB LANNING ('Polk Salad Annie', 'The Wonder of You', etc.) as well as Elvis' bodyguard and karate teacher DAVE HEBLER. In the 70s, Dave experienced all the highs and lows of Elvis’ life and career up-close, and he talks about his association with Elvis in a very frank and straightforward manner. Dave is co-author of the controversial book ‘Elvis: What Happened’, which came out just weeks before Elvis’ death. Dave has a lot of interesting Elvis stories, which he will share with our audiences, and after the shows you will also have the opportunity to talk to him face-to-face. Even at senior age, Hebler is still a lean, mean killing machine, and he will be doing a karate demonstration during the shows, the same one he did with Elvis many times, and which you can see in documentaries like 'This Is Elvis'. Of course, Dave is best known for his insightful comment right after Elvis’ death: “How do you protect a man from himself?”.

Tourdates are as follows: 

April 28 & 29 - Hotell Klockargården, Tällberg, SE
April 30 - Vara Konserthus, Vara, SE
May 1 - Royal, Eskilstuna, SE
May 4 & 5 - Sellosali, Espoo, FI
May 6 - Sibeliustalo, Lahti, FI
May 7 - Oulu Areena, Oulu, FI
May 11 - Neushoorn, Leeuwarden, NL
May 12 - 013, Tilburg, NL
May 13 - Metropool, Hengelo, NL
May 14 - Melkweg, Amsterdam, NL
May 15 - Effenaar, Eindhoven, NL

moseleyman wrote on January 07, 2016
I'm sorry but I know there's two sides to every story and we know since that Elvis had a major Prescription Drug Problem. But it still does not excuse the West brothers and Heblers behaviour during the latter part of Elvis life. In fact it was when Hebler started working forvElvis that the lawsuits with fans getting beat up started. Not blaming him entirely but I think it was Dave Heblers personality that forged the bad feeling between the West brothers and Elvis. So don't get bringing this show to the Uk as I wouldn't pay to see this crap as its just another glorified Elvis tribute artist with a few less known Elvis musicians trying to make a buck don't call us well call u. ELVIS should have fired quite a few of the guys years before and kept his family around perhaps he may have been alive without all the hangers on. You can count on one hand the loyal Elvis gang Jerry Schilling Joe Esposito George Klein etc
Natha wrote on January 07, 2016
The promotion video doesn't inspire me to attend. Music wise not at all quality. What is so Original about the musicians? A drummer? The TCB band was original and of course Scotty Moore. The rest is at best incidental. Besides that I am interested in his music and not the gossips and so on. First of al I think his personal life is not ours to judge and secondly I abhor people who try to make a buck out of that.
TheMemphisFan wrote on January 07, 2016
moseleyman, some fans and insiders in the Elvis world have said that Joe Esposito wasn't as loyal to Elvis as he seemed. It has been said that he was working more for Colonel Parker in the last few years to help keep an eye on Elvis. Now would Elvis have appreciated that had he known about it? So the way that I look at it (as to who was loyal and who wasn't)... it's all according to who you talk to and ask.
circleG wrote on January 07, 2016
Yuck , pass, how do I protect myself from Dave Hebler?
Jim Davidson wrote on January 09, 2016
Imitators / tribute artists do not impress me. Ninety minutes north of my house, there is an Elvis tribute festival ever summer; I have never gone. What more could Dave Hebler say that has not already been printed in the book and stated in the infamous 1977 press conference. I've been an Elvis collector or 39 years; Bob Lanning has never been on my radar, "On the drums is Ronny Tutt". Moreover, Bob Lanning's web site includes a discussion about Elvis.
Rock Legend wrote on January 09, 2016
It’s not a secret that most of the fanclubs in the Elvis scene can’t stand each other. So they criticize each other, piss on each others events… One of the posters in this thread is linked to a fanclub who is notorious for such behavior. As Elvis would have said: “Sad… plum pitiful”. If you don’t like an event, don’t attend… It’s that simple. As for those that have issues with Dave Hebler, why not come up to him and tell him all about it? But I guess that’s too much to ask from these wonderful “keyboard warriors” ;-)
moseleyman wrote on January 09, 2016
In reply to Rock legend about key board warriors everyone is aloud an opinion on here I've been an Elvis fan since the late sixties a time in the Elvis world when everyone stuck togther I am Not pissing on someone Else s event nor am I advertising anyone else S events. I'm just saying that this is just what it is another (yawn!!) Elvis tribute artist show with someone else who worked for Elvis bought in too booster sales of tickets. As for comments about Elvis entourage I take these folk as I find them after meeting quite a few of them. But I have no desire to put money in the pockets of people who were obviously dis loyal to Elvis when he was alive then are still making money out of there association with Elvis nearly 39 years later. As somebody else mentioned it should be about the music perhaps the name of this website should be changed to Elvis Music News then we wouldn't have any news items like this one on Elvis personal Life. As the Tribute artists to me have nothing to go with Elvis music as its not Elvis singing. For Gods sake Whoever is in charge get the Elvis Hologram perfected and put on the road in a World Tour. Then nobody will need any tribute artist as Elvis himself will be back in the building
moseleyman wrote on January 09, 2016
Also while I'm on the subject how can it be called a evening with Elvis ? And thank you Natha for sensible comments it's definitely about the music and maybe from Here on in on here we should just make comments on CDs BLU Rays ELvis film and not have any items on here at all about old friends girlfriend hangers on etc. Because b4 it starts there's going to be lots of items on here about the new Elvis and Nixon film released April 29th in the Uk looks like it's played as a Comedy but should we all start commentating on it as its nothing to do with the music?
Rock Legend wrote on January 09, 2016
In response to 'moseleyman', you might want to check your facts before posting. The show is NOT called 'An Evening with Elvis', it's called 'An Evening with Elvis' Friends and Original Musicians'. Secondly, the show is not an impersonation, it's simply a show featuring various people singing Elvis' songs. Perhaps you haven't seen the clips of Duke Bardwell, Marlyn Mason, Ginger & Mary Holladay, Carol Montgomery and Michael Jarrett singing. Dwight is featured too, but not as an impersonator. The show is about bringing those people to Europe who played a role in Elvis' career and who never really got any attention. The TCB band was great, but people seem to forget that Elvis used many other musicians. Our show was the first and in most cases the only to bring these people over. For me it was a pleasure to give these great musicians a chance to shine. Nobody else would have done it. It takes a lot of effort to find these people and bring them over. Latest example is Bob Lanning. In case you are wondering who this is, well, this is the drummer that Elvis used during his second Las Vegas engagement as well as at the Astrodome. So this is the guy that plays on the original recordings of 'Polk Salad Annie', 'Walk A Mile In My Shoes' and 'The Wonder Of You'. Many tried to find him, with no success. I did, and brought him over to Europe. The concerts last May were magical, and people treated him like a rock star. Bob looked so overwhelmed by it all... It was truly special, and worth the countless hours of actually trying to find him when even great researchers like Peter Guralnick couldn't. We are doing it all again in May, and I am so looking forward to it. And yes, in my universe it's totally okay to give a platform to a guy like Dave Hebler. He was a part of the story and he is an interesting character. I don't belong to the "Elvis could do no wrong" brigade, and I for one also find it interesting to hear about the darker parts of Elvis' life, since it's all a part of the big picture.
moseleyman wrote on January 10, 2016
In reply to Rock Legend I'm not having a go at you personally about your obviously hard work in getting these people to Europe I do know who these people are I have done years of research on ELVIS recording sessions etc and keep up with all. And I think the ex musicians you have coming probably have lots of interesting story's with ELVIS as I have seen interviews with a few of them it's a good show for people who enjoy that type of show with other people singing ELVIS songs. But for me and quite a large population of ELVIS fan ship. We prefer the real thing weather it be a Hologram or on screen. I am not a fan from the ELVIS could do no wrong brigade. ELVIS had problems with prescription medication and was a bit of a lad at times but aren't we all. For health reasons I am probably hooked on painkillers as I need to take them otherwise I'm in pain. But because it was ELVIS it was taboo and story's exaggerated. It's time to forgot the stories from the private life coming from the likes of ex bodyguards and friends they had there chance and they had a good life at it and some of them blew it by buying the hand that fed them. It's time to concentrate on the music so your ex musicians part of the show sounds good but we will pass on the tired story's from supposedly good friends
ElvisNorge wrote on January 18, 2016
I've just read all the comments in this tread and to me this is really simple, if i don't like an event, or an artist/person in a show, i don't attend. And i don't bother writing negative about it, what's it good for? Everyone is free to have their opinion about anything they want to, but what good does it do to be so negative about those who knew Elvis? I've met several of those around him, and i've spent hours alone with a couple of them. And i can sincerely say that i haven't met one of them who didn't truly believe they did what was best for Elvis. I've read a lot over the years and i see Moseleyman mentions that there is only a handful of loyal persons from the Elvis gang. Well of those mentioned, there is only Jerry Schilling i haven't heard or read anything negative about. To me that means nothing because they all have been true friends, those i've met i would be proud to call my friends and have guarding my back. Given the time that has passed since Elvis passed away, it is my opinion that we are lucky to be able to get a glimpse of how it was to live within Elvis circle of people, these persons are growing older and someday we won't be able to take part in something like this. Who would want to go to an event and hear Elvis grandchildren talk about Elvis? These are those that are left, The rest of the TCB band are on their final tour of Europe these days. So who should do the Elvis events once they are gone? We the fans do want the Elvis events, so why not attend those you want to and don't bother about those you don't feel like attending. The Elvis world is so large and various that there should be something for everyone without the negative tossing!