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Graceland Randers To Change Name

December 23, 2015 | Other

Superfan Henrik Knudsen opened Graceland Randers in 2011 after having the venue built as a larger replica of the late legend's famous Graceland home in Memphis, Tennessee, but estate executors for the rock and roll icon took issue with its name and successfully sued.

As a result, Knudsen must hand over $220,000 (£146,670) in compensation for violating the trademark, and rename the museum, which is located in Randers, near Copenhagen. He will call the venue Memphis Mansion from 1 January (16), reports The Associated Press.

More than 130,000 people visited the attraction in 2015 to view the estate, which is twice the size of the original Graceland, and peruse Knudsen's private collection of Elvis memorabilia.

Source:Contact Music
Yoshi wrote on December 24, 2015
How about a boycott of EPE? They never did anything for the fans. All they do is for their bank accounts.
circleG wrote on December 24, 2015
News like this just doesn't help EPEs image but then the law is the law. This reminds me of the BBC video fiasco in 2005 .