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That’s The Way It Is – Studio and Stage Rehearsals

December 13, 2015 | Music

The revamped International label is releasing their spectacular That’s The Way It Is – Studio and Stage Rehearsals box-set this coming January / February 2016. This project has been two years in the making.

Press release

This 8-CD + dual layer DVD plus Book will contain everything from these rehearsals. Finally, you are getting these rehearsals uncut, straight from actual tapes, which have not been used before in full. All rehearsals including the August 4th, 7th and 10th rehearsals are now presented more complete than before. The dual layer DVD contains all rehearsal footage shot, including new footage. Count on at least 20 minutes of footage that will surprise even hardcore fans!

Due to our extensive research and obtaining material from various sources, this box-set has been known about for a while in the import scene. Someone has taken advantage of that knowledge, and has now released a cheap knock-off version of our concept. DO NOT FALL FOR THIS. You deserve the best, and International’s version is the definitive version and the final word on these rehearsals. It is a more complete and far more elaborate box-set. Our box set includes a 250+ page book stuffed with both t known as well as many rare shots, many of them in color, including a few from August 10th that will knock your socks off!! … 300 photos in all, many of them sourced from the actual negatives.

The book contains an in-dept text on these rehearsals, written with authority by one of the leading Elvis experts. The text will give you various new details and insights. Also added are several reproductions of original TTWII souvenirs. The set is housed in a beautiful slipcase cover.

All the audio and footage have been newly remastered using the latest technology… a real audio / visual treat, made by real fans for the fans.

Originally, we wanted to wait with the announcement until January 8th, but now that a cheap knock-off version is coming out, we wanted to let the fans know that the real deal is coming soon, brought to you by the reactivated International label. We believe that our track record speaks for itself. The other set contains nothing new, and has simply used the Gravel Road releases on these rehearsals. Now it’s up to you, the fans to decide whether you want to soar with the eagles (us)…. Or roast with the turkeys (the cheap knock off). In our view, the choice is clear. We have several other surprises in store for you in 2016 and ’17, just wait and see.

For now, enjoy this spectacular new set, lovingly researched and compiled from the actual sources, containing more material than before, and remastered with expertise for the best sound possible… a true winner.

Feedback during proofreading:

“The book is so much more than a bunch of pix and original reviews as we've come to expect in the import scene.”

“This book could be a worthy release all by itself, as it presents a coherent overview on these rehearsal sessions, taking you from one rehearsal to the next, both with fascinating text and details, as well as stunning photos from the actual rehearsals”.

This is the real deal, daddy-O, you better believe it! Order your copy today and be pleased with the knowledge that you will soon have the absolute BEST.

Ciscoking wrote on December 13, 2015
This looks like a winner..all rehearsal stuff... .in one box..no bad idea.
You Dont Know Me wrote on December 13, 2015
Yes if COMPLETE i might well buy this!~
You Dont Know Me wrote on December 13, 2015
and (of course)i don't want to 'ROAST' like a Turkey!~
Yoshi wrote on December 15, 2015
What are 'actual sources' and 'actual tapes'? They have the 'actual tapes' and RCA is working from cheap copies when it comes to TTWII material? Oh .. okay. That might be the reason why the "Eating burgers" scene on the official MGM Blu-Ray is in much poorer and darker quality than the "Complete Works" DVD. The Bootleggers plundered the hidden salt mines before MGM and RCA came in. Now I understand.
circleG wrote on December 15, 2015
Thank s Cisco I'm really tempted but aren't there two versions of this released by two different labels?
theoldscudder wrote on December 15, 2015
I am reading between the lines. Verdict ....this will be very very costly.
Natha wrote on December 15, 2015
Indeed a nice initiative to put everything together in one box. But as TheOldScudder already observed, it will most likely be rather costly. And now-a-days it has become pretty easy to make one's own collection for a nickle and a dime.
marco31768 wrote on December 15, 2015
No detailed tracklist so I guess there are not unreleased tracks.
Johnny2523 wrote on December 15, 2015
I got a feeling this will never be released..
tonytrout wrote on April 20, 2016
It's been over four/five months since the first announcement of this set. Frankly, I don't think they're gonna release it.