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Chart Misery

November 09, 2015 | Music

Some do anything for sales, we do anything for hits. For those interested in this abomination in Elvis' name....

Elvis claims the Number 1 spot with 79,000 chart sales, giving him the second-fastest selling album of the year behind Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds’ Chasing Yesterday.

The album also reached the #1 spot in Scotland and down-under in Australia.

More UK Charts

  • The vinyl version of the "If I Can Dream" album is #1 on the Official UK Vinyl Album Charts while the single with the title track dropped from #1 to #2 on the Official UK Vinyl Single chart while the "Doo Wop" EP dropped from #6 to #31. 
  • The "If I Can Dream" album dropped from #2 to #3 on the Official UK Physical Sales chart while the "Doo Wop" EP dropped from #11 to #51.
  • The album "ELV1S 30 #1 Hits" is a re-entry at #62 and the "Love Songs" compilation is a new entry at #87.

On the Official UK Albums Streaming Chart Top 100 Elvis has the following entries:

  • Elvis 75 - Good Rockin' Tonight - new entry at #53
  • Artist Of The Century - new entry at #59
  • If I Can Dream - new entry at #68
  • Elvis' 30 No.1 Hits - new entry at #76
  • I Am An Elvis Fan - new entry at #87
  • The Perfect Elvis Presley Collection - new entry at #89
  • Best Of Artist Of The Century - new entry at #91.

Other Charts

  • The “If I Can Dream” CD is a new entry at #17 on the Dutch Album Top 100. 
  • The “If I Can Dream” CD is a new entry at #10 on the Belgian Ultrapop Album Top 50. 
  • The CD "If I Can Dream" entered the German Album Top 100 at #35.
  • The CD "If I Can Dream" is a new entry at #2 on the Irish Album chart while "The Real ... Elvis" climbed from #92 to #84.
  • The CD "If I Can Dream" entered the Swedish Album chart at #48.
  • The CD "If I Can Dream" entered the Italian Album chart at #95.
  • The CD "Elvis Presley – The 50 Greatest Hits" re-entered the Swiss Album chart at #75.

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emjel wrote on November 09, 2015
Abomination - sounds like a comment from a typical one dimensional Elvis fan.
Gorse wrote on November 09, 2015
Well I have done more posts on this subject than any other topic. Received it as a gift on November 2nd and have played it every day since. As a fan of over 50 years I cannot remember ever doing that for an Elvis album or any other artist - this is a real classy album different in concept from previous releases and every Elvis fan should be proud of it - I know I am.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 09, 2015
When Billboard reveals its Top-200 albums on Tuesday, I'm pretty sure that Elvis/RPO will not be at #1. That honor will go to "Traveller" by Chris Stapleton.
joemin wrote on November 09, 2015
I look forward to get chart updates over the coming months. Chart success means sales, means more releases. When the stuff stops selling then they'll stop producing.
Steve B. wrote on November 09, 2015
I don't think Elvis would be in "misery" over that type of chart action. Chart success means dollars and everyone knows how Elvis loved to spend his dollars.
Lex wrote on November 10, 2015
I don't like to think for Elvis, there are plenty of others who do so (and sometimes I wonder if he ever did himself). It is misery to me, because it is about impossible to ignore how they ruined the originals. So, just read it like it is: an editorial comment...
Steve V wrote on November 10, 2015
i think abomination is a bit strong. At least there is real music with real musicians playing behind him instead of electro gizmos , fake drum machines, constant looping and fake Elvis muttering in the middle of the songs like Viva Elvis was. If it sells, fine. Some people think that's the most important thing to keep Elvis' name alive. I never bought into the concept of having to buy a product to support Elvis. I thinks that ridiculous. If you like something, and intend to play it, then you buy it. For me , I wont be buying this because the RPO is just not my cup of tea, and I know I would never play it. If they ever decide to do an album like this of some rock & blues songs, with real musicians providing new backing, then maybe.
joemin wrote on November 10, 2015
Lex, the originals are still there. I can understand those who just want the originals as they were. However, there are millions who like the updates and I certainly love having multiple versions of the same songs. Also, chart and sales success is what keeps the production running. Elvis music was originally all on vinyl, was it wrong to put it on CDs? There is certainly a difference between both media. OK the difference is tiny to most peoples ears, but the principle is the same, the songs sound different to when they were originally recorded.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 10, 2015
I don't understand the stubborn thinking that the originals have been ruined. The originals are still available on numerous, numerous CDs and vinyl records by way of RCA/BMG/FTD/Sony original album/cd reissues and compilations. The originals will continue to be available and there'll be more re-releases of those in the future.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 10, 2015
U.S. Billboard 200 album chart - #21 "If I Can Dream" (First week) I would be very, very surprised if it gets any higher than this in the coming weeks.
marty wrote on November 10, 2015
Most likely the album will be #1 for a second week!! Impressive achievement...
marty wrote on November 10, 2015
I am generally against the 'reworking' of the old recordings. It is unlikely they will be improved. At least this was made with real musicians (as Steve V pointed out) and not with computers and the like. I have mixed feelings about this release. Some songs sound rather good, especially the early 60's ballads, but I do not understand the choice of 'Burning Love', 'Heartbreak Hotel' (from the 'Deluxe' version) and 'Steamroller Blues'. Reaching #1 in the UK is a great achievement for the producers.
JerryNodak wrote on November 10, 2015
As I work in radio, I received a promo copy. I've listened to it several times. I don't know thaI I like it. It's probably fairer to say that I don't dislike as much as I thought I would. I do think that a concept could have been great if Elvis were alive and actually there to sing with the orchestra. As it is all involved did a good job, but it still sounds fake. Unfortunately the success of this release will undoubtedly spawn a follow up. And heaven only know how many more "gimmick" projects. It's all about the money.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 10, 2015
marty, they chose 'Burning Love' and 'Steamroller Blues' to shoot us full of rhythm & blues, and to add some extra flair to the set list. I think they did a splendid job with those two songs. There's nothing wrong with a talented orchestra "gettin' with it" on a fast-paced number. As for 'Heartbreak Hotel', I haven't heard it yet, but I am also generally against the 'reworking' of the older recordings from the 1950s (even though I do feel that they added some much-needed character to 'Love Me Tender'... much like the orchestra did during the live version on the NBC-TV Special in 1968). As for the CD not doing better than #21 here in the U.S., it might be because there were no television commercials promoting it (even though Priscilla did make some personal appearances on different shows to plug it).
Deano1 wrote on November 11, 2015
Because of the way Billboard now does the Top 200 album chart, Elvis does indeed debut at #21 (pretty darn good for an artist that has been dead for 38 years!), but that does not tell the true story. Billboard now uses straight sales data (82%) combined with download and streaming data (18%) instead of just sales. The CD was the 9th fastest selling CD in America last week based on the Billboard sales only chart (only available on mobile app and not main site). This is fantastic when you consider my local Target, Meijer and Best Buy did not carry it (Meijer had it on the new release board, but did not have the CD). More chart info....Elvis is also #5 on the Christmas Album chart ("It's Christmas Time") and #8 on the same chart ("Merry Christmas...Love Elvis").
Jerome the 6th wrote on November 11, 2015
Elvis his voice is very clear and upfront on all tracks and producers did a good job on that. In order to appeal a wide audience I understand they included well-known tracks as Love me Tender, Can't help falling and In the Ghetto for instance but these songs do not benefit from the new approach. The songs did not improve but are not completely ruined either. I must say I liked And the grass.... and Burning Love the most.. Funny btw that in the beginning of You've lost you can still hear a bit of audience clapping. Apparently producers were not able to remove that?......
Brian Chatters wrote on November 11, 2015
I don't understand this aversion to changing "originals". After all, there are numerous takes of many of the recording, a few songs have been re-recorded and, of course, there are numerous live versions. I guess may of the purists like (and collect) these different versions so what is the difference? As long as Elvis' voice is not altered. Personally, I like this latest effort and it is great to see that his records continue to sell well. No doubt, many of those people buying them are new fans. I was chuffed when my two adult children bought ALLC because they actually liked it!
moseleyman wrote on November 11, 2015
Thank you to the powers that be for including chart misery for those of us that like to follow these things. I've still got a Elvis 1976 and 1977 diary where I used to write down all of Elvis chart positions so I was doing it at 15 !! Still care today that Elvis makes the chart and I always will. And 10 days after receiving the NEW album I'm still playing it everyday and Bridge over troubled water is the closest I've ever been to a Out of body Experience ,it is that Good Perfect Vocal and a Perfect Orchestra and Production and Anything that's Part of You Always brings a tear to my wife's eyes ,she loves it ,shame it's not in the regular CD. Again thanks to the Producers for a Superb Album Volume 2 please soon can't wait Also would be nice if you could do a couple of Xmas songs or Xmas EP With the RPO Xmas songs are ripe for a backing like that
LeeRusz wrote on November 11, 2015
Jerome, re the audience on lovin feeling. I thought that it was my hearing, a phantom audience if you like. Great album and a great effort by Sony. Don't think it deserves the criticism that it's been given. It's all down to taste I guess! More of the same please Sony and EPE!
Brian Quinn wrote on November 11, 2015
Loving the album which is on course to top the UK Charts for a second week.
ger wrote on November 11, 2015
Good news. better than all those awful live albums that seems to come out every day
Natha wrote on November 11, 2015
JerryNodak, I think your remark about not liking but not disliking I can fully agree upon. The latter because I always enjoy listening to Elvis' voice. As so many people like it, we can hardly refer to it as misery, let alone call it an abomination. Some people like this part of the legacy and others another part. This cd falls in my case under the category of gospels. So I don't like it. No reason to look down upon that part of the legacy or those who do like it. That's what makes his legacy so great! I will never buy it for the sake of charts (like SteveV), but it is always great to see the King on top. Maybe new people become fans and listen to a wider range of the Legacy . . . and give them as much joy as it gives me/us.
Jerome the 6th wrote on November 11, 2015
LeeRusz- it does not change the quality of You've lost :-) The album has certainly some interesting tracks. Too attract a mainstream I understand the decision to include Love me Tender for example but it doesn't work with the orchestra. Perhaps someday a second project can be done with the right songs where the orchestral power is suitable. Also too bad What now my Love is not included on the standard release. I must say that I do not like the arrangement as it is too much (especially the ending) but what be a logic choice to include. Reason I bought this cd is that I give it my mother who really likes Elvis and appreciates classical music as well- hopefully she therefore likes the overall album.
Lex wrote on November 11, 2015
Natha: Yes, I can, look at this article :D. "So many" being a handful of Elvis fans who like anything with his name on it? I did not see one really positive review by neutral listeners. Oh joemin, you didn't make a point at all with your remark about the originals.
Great Dane wrote on November 11, 2015
I have my vinyl copy for a week now and i've played it a few times now. The sound is great and his voice is crystal clear. I thought i missed the bass lines first on YouTube but it's all there on the vinyl. Some songs i like a lot, like Burning Love, Grass and i think i like Bridge the most and some a little less. But in overall they did a good job and you can hear how good Elvis' his voice was especially when you compare it with Bublé who is a good singer. And it is good news to see The king on the top of the charts.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 11, 2015
Brian Quinn, please post the units total in the U.S. for the first week of sales for "If I Can Dream"... as soon as you get that information (if you're able to get that info). Much appreciated! Thank you, sir.
wildfishie wrote on November 11, 2015
Most of the songs in the album already had an orchestra originally. What's the point of changing it? Just like Elvis' voice is touchless, so are the works of Joe Guercio's orchestra, the backing vocals and the TCB band. It's all nice to know that this album is bringing Elvis good chart results but I would have preferred a strategy that showed the new generations how good Elvis' original work was. The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra is famous but it's thousand miles far from being pure energy as was Joe Guercio's. I hope at least the people who are getting to know Elvis from this unnecessary album have the curiosity to check the original songs.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 11, 2015
#1 on the Billboard Classical Album Chart ! U.S. Soundscan sales total for the first week = 19,489 units (much less than the U.K.) ~ (Information provided by Brian Quinn via another Elvis website) ~
Gorse wrote on November 12, 2015
My take on the thinking behind this fantastic album is that it set out to present Presley as a singer who can compete with the guys/divas of today. To my mind the average man in the street today knows he would 'swivel his hips' belt out Hound Dog, All Shook Up and Jailhouse Rock, wear jumpsuits in Vegas, end up overweight etc, and for him that is the sum life of Elvis. The inclusion and excellent treatment of Burning Love, Steamroller Blues, and Heartbreak Hotel (de luxe version) remind all and sundry what they already knew - he could sing rock songs . To me although not perfect this is a win win situation all round. As a side issue I reckon Love Me Tender has greatly benefiited from the orchestral treatment
Natha wrote on November 12, 2015
I don't really understand why Burning Love is regarded as an improvement. The orchestra at the back does not have anything to add to the sheer power of the original. But what bothers me most is the useless intro and the final tunes. And Lex, I cannot judge who bought the cd. Yet is sells and to my surprise I also hear a lot of positive reactions. Especially from those who like the seventies ;) Wildfishie, you are quite right about the Joe Guercio orchestra.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 12, 2015
Loving the album and playing it every day. The only track I think is not better than the original is 'Fever' which lacks atmosphere. Still like it though.The rest are great. It is selling more this week than last. Also the BPI have just awarded Elvis a SILVER disc for IICD (60,000 units sold) and a Platinum one for 'The Nations Favourite Elvis Songs' (300,000 units sold). IICD has already qualified for a Gold Award and awaits certification.
Lex wrote on November 12, 2015
I know taste differs, but obviously some people have no taste at all. Better than the originals? Yeah, of course!
joemin wrote on November 12, 2015
Natha, I am also surprised at the amount of positive reaction to the album, particularly from people who do not normally react positively to Elvis. Brian, thanks for the sales/awards info. Please keep it coming, there will be a lot of good news between now and the birthday I suspect.
Great Dane wrote on November 13, 2015
I also hear very good reactions. I'm surprised that some who dislike the 70's now say that you can't improve the originals. :-)
Torments my heart wrote on November 13, 2015
If they had kept the original backings and substituted Elvis, I could understand the small pockets of fury. But this is Elvis. We all love him. That's why we're on this site. He's still there. He's clearer than ever. I haven't listened to Love Me Tender for years and now it tugs at my heart like never before. Elvis' voice is untouchable. No backing, original or new, is worthy of him - this is as close as we're ever likely to get. Bring on Volume 2.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 13, 2015
Concerning the new reworking of "Burning Love", the intro is a build-up to the fine guitar licks of the original. I love the way that the new music responds to the lyrics throughout the entire song! Have any of you haters even noticed that? I'm not saying that it's better than the original... just different... and very entertaining (in a positive way). Also, it should be a consolation to some of you haters that it was reported that the Royal P. Orchestra members gained a new-found respect for Elvis Presley's singing ability after hearing all the vocals up-close in the studio when the new music was produced. :)
Natha wrote on November 13, 2015
MemphisFan, I am not a 'hater'. I love Elvis' voice and as I have already stated I like to hear is voice so much up front. I am just not into more ochestra added. AND I am happy to read about the RPO and their appreciation. Elvis deserves that. And again people may discover the wealth of his Legcy - GREAT I am more a fifties fan, but it was Elvis to help me also appreciate other styles he sang. And hell yes, I even bought his gospel albums (LP and later cd) to complete my collection. Possibly I will buy this cd too, just for the collection. Why not! Not for a rating, but just for the collection. So for clarity sake: make me choose between this CD and the music of today, Elvis will be my favorite.
Steve B. wrote on November 13, 2015
Elvis tops the UK charts for the second straight week with two week sales of over 150,000 units. No doubt this release will be his biggest seller since the "Elvis 30 number ones" so many years back.
Torments my heart wrote on November 13, 2015
Steve B, I've got two different charts that both say they are official and one has Elvis on top and the other has Get Weird by Little Mix on top and Elvis at 2... can anyone confirm which is right?
marty wrote on November 13, 2015
Great achievement topping the charts for a second week and with increased sales which is unusual! Also no. 1 in the vinyl album charts. Difficult to keep the top spot for a third week as there are a couple of new releases that are expected to sell a lot. Most likely no. 3 next week but you never know...
Brian Quinn wrote on November 14, 2015
More snippets to think about: In terms of pure, paid-for sales (minus streaming), Elvis actually has the year's highest tally for any album, with his 87,916 shading Liam Gallagher's High Flying Birds album 'Chasing Yesterday' with 87,371. 'That's The Way It Is' album has been awarded Silver (60,000 sales) by the BPI as of 13th November. Sony U.K. chief Jason Iley is aiming for a total tally of 500k for the IICD album before the year ends. The vinyl version of IICD sold 1,120 units this week. Total UK sales of 'Elvis' 30 No.1 Hits' has sold 1,809,881 units as of today, 13th November, 2015. It sold 9,881 units in the last 10 weeks.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 17, 2015
New U.S. Billboard chart updates: "If I Can Dream" dropped from #21 to #44 on the Billboard 200 chart. ( "Traveller" by Chris Stapleton remained #1 on the Billboard 200 chart ) "If I Can Dream" remained #1 on the Billboard Classical chart.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 17, 2015
~ From Billboard.com ~ Elvis Presley leads all acts on the "Billboard 200" with the most charted albums: 108 (between Aug. 17, 1963 through November 17, 2015). Presley's incredible sum is dozens ahead of the next-largest total, the 73 collected by country music titan Willie Nelson. (It's important to note that many of Presley's albums were released and found popularity before August 17, 1963... the first week of research for this survey.) 108 - Elvis Presley, 73 - Willie Nelson, 69 - Grateful Dead, 64 - Bob Dylan, 62 - Frank Sinatra, 58 - Barbra Streisand, 57 - The Beatles, 56 - Johnny Mathis, 54 - Johnny Cash, 53 - Neil Diamond, 53 - Neil Young, 52 - James Brown, 52 - The Rolling Stones
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 17, 2015
~ Note ~ If the so-called "Billboard 200" chart had started in 1956... Presley's total would be 125 albums, (plus 3 EPs counted as albums) for a grand total of 128 albums. Sinatra would be second with a total of 88, plus 5 more before 1956 giving him a grand total of 93 albums. Johnny Mathis would have a grand total of 74 albums... giving him 1 more than Willie Nelson.
Brian Quinn wrote on November 18, 2015
Second Midweek Album Charts (18th): 1 One Direction - Made in the A.M (80.7k) * 2 Justin Bieber - Purpose (68.9k) * 3 Jeff Lynne's ELO - Alone in the Universe (51.4k) * 4 Elvis Presley - If I Can Dream (50.4k) 5 Little Mix - Get Weird (23.6k) Elvis could move up to No.3 by the end of the week. The album has sold more in the last two days than any other in the top 5 including 1D and Justin Bieber!!
coll wrote on November 19, 2015
Whatever your opinion on the music on this LP, remember that while Elvis was alive the Colonel never once considered Elvis' artistic integrity in chasing a buck, and Elvis never once stepped in to stop him selling away his soul. Consider the terrible "having fun on stage with Elvis" album to name one of countless many. So to morally object to the new album is to be in denial of the way Elvis' entire career was handled. Sadly.