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If I Can Dream UK Super-Deluxe Version

October 07, 2015 | Music

Elvis Presley With The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra' is a remarkable new album featuring classic Elvis vocal performances with brand-new orchestral accompaniment, along with a duet with Michael Bublé on Fever. 

The UK super deluxe version of the album includes 3 additional tracks on CD, 2 heavyweight LP, a poster, 12" booklet, all housed in a box. An exciting revisit of Elvis’ work, ‘If I Can Dream’ focuses on the iconic artist’s unmistakable voice, emphasising the pure power of The King of Rock and Roll. Recorded at Abbey Road Studios in London, the album features Elvis’ most dramatic original performances augmented with lush new arrangements by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra.

"This would be a dream come true for Elvis," Priscilla Presley says of the project. "He would have loved to play with such a prestigious symphony orchestra. The music…the force that you feel with his voice and the orchestra is exactly what he would have done." 

Release date 30 Oct. 2015.  

Source:Elvis Information Network
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 07, 2015
I just heard "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" (available on another website). They have done a fabulous job with it. It now sounds like a studio recording. Elvis' vocal on this song has never sounded better!
JerryNodak wrote on October 07, 2015
No thank you. Saving my money for FTD releases.
Great Dane wrote on October 07, 2015
I've just pre-ordered the vinyl edition. I've also heard "You've lost that lovin'feelin' and i do like the up-front voice, but the choir wasn't that good.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 07, 2015
The female voices are a little different from what we're used to hearing, but I thought they sounded fine. Elvis' voice is the highlight with no other noticeable male voices in the mix. The musical arrangement is fantastic... sounding very sharp and professional.
Torments my heart wrote on October 08, 2015
Really looking forward to this album... loved 'You've lost that loving feeling', loved the new back up singers' different take on the tune, and Elvis is as clear as a bell... I just hope Australia gets the other supercool cover.
wildfishie wrote on October 08, 2015
I didn't like it either. Replacing The Sweet Inspirations and the Imperials (the best backing group Elvis ever had) is just like blasphemy. Guercio's orchestra work is also much better. Terrible way to try promote Elvis IMHO. I'd rather have high quality handmade animation of a couple of songs (like a video clip collection) or of an entire concert. We need something groundbreaking...
Natha wrote on October 08, 2015
I listened to it too. What I like about it is that Elvis is up front of it all. I know Elvis did not like it that much, but I do. For the rest it is definitely . . . not an improvement. Just the opposite. The spunk is missing, the real drive is missing. The recording is made too smooth to my taste. So I will not be buying this! Maybe FTD Sony could make a cd like this with the original and Elvis more up front. Obviously it IS possible.
Rob Wanders wrote on October 08, 2015
"You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" sounds very cool. i love this arrangement. im also happy they took the sentence "the suit is too tight" out. its funny the first times you hear it but its nice to have a version now without that joke.
Brian Quinn wrote on October 08, 2015
From what I have heard so far of this album I am more than pleased. It has a very contemporary feel to it and if all goes to plan should be another No.1 for The King in the UK. I am sure we will have several albums like this in the future. Hopefully there will be a Country one as this genre is huge in the U.S.A.
bennie wrote on October 08, 2015
definitly be skipping this on. I'll stick to the originals. they have warmth and feeling...
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 08, 2015
The ending to "You've Lost That Lovin' Feeling" is now much improved over the original live versions. No more of the female backups repeating - "Bring back that lovin' feeling", and more importantly... no more drum roll with the over-the-top loud horns blasting away for the finale. The ending now has a very nice, smooth fade out... as if recorded in a studio. The quality of Elvis' distinct singing ability is the highlight of the song, yet the fabulous Royal P. Orchestra is also outstanding! This CD project is a respectful and tasteful tribute to Elvis Presley and fans can be very proud of it without any embarrassment. I sincerely do feel that Elvis would have loved it. Priscilla is absolutely right on this one!
Natha wrote on October 08, 2015
indeed Benny, the music is too clean, almost 'sterile'. Maybe the Elvis of the late seventies might have liked it, but I prefer the his own style. I don't think the young Elvis would be pleased.
2kisses&3scarfs wrote on October 08, 2015
No thanks. I hate every track I've heard. I'm a purist- just leave Elvis' music alone. I love it just the way he recorded it.
emjel wrote on October 08, 2015
I wonder what the views would be had Elvis still been alive and had actually approved this release and had maybe chosen the tracks etc. Given advice on what he wanted.
woody1 wrote on October 08, 2015
I've been lucky enough to have got hold of a promo copy and the more I hear the more I like, surprisingly one of my favorite tracks is Burning Love which I wasn't expecting, another hi-lite for me is Bridge Over Troubled Water with Elvis sounding superb and clear as a bell in the mix. The tracks that I don't think work as well as I thought they would do are American Trilogy and In The Ghetto. Coming back to the good ones Fever seems to be getting a lot of air play at the moment on BBC radio 2 and sounds as if it was recorded together with Michael Buble just recently, absolutely seamless. I was one of the ones looking forward to this and I'm not disappointed, to me some tracks sound better than others but isn't that the way of most albums? I believe it's a class project and worthy of our man.
Natha wrote on October 09, 2015
Emjel, then it would be a recording in which Elvis relates himself to the orchestra. So there would be a chemistry, which is now artificial as he relates to the original band.
moseleyman wrote on October 09, 2015
Absolutely can't wait for this what I've heard so far is superb. Just hope Sony go for the tv advertising as it will make this a no 1 album and even you purists out there must admit having another no 1 album is only good for ELVIS legacy
moseleyman wrote on October 09, 2015
While on the subject of news I'm very surprised the e bay sale of that reel of on tour outakes hasn't been mentioned on ELVIS news go the ELVIS World Japan really nice footage more please
emjel wrote on October 09, 2015
Natha - I'm not saying that Elvis sings with the orchestra. I do not think st the age of 80, he would be able to pull it off. But lets just pretend he has chosen the tracks that have been chosen and the final product is exactly as we are going to get. It's all hypothetical but would all those who are moaning about this still moan or would it then be a great release just because Elvis gave it the go ahead.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 10, 2015
This project is all about highlighting Elvis' great singing voice. It boggles my mind that some fans aren't able to appreciate that. Like moseleyman wrote below -- Having another #1 album is only good for Elvis' legacy.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 10, 2015
The U.S. version is on sale at importCDs.com for only $9.92
Natha wrote on October 10, 2015
Emjel , in that case I would have the same view. Only if he would actually sing with the orchestra I would buy it. I fully agree with the fact that it helps keeping the greatness of his voice known as I stated I truely love his voice being up front. But in all cases I would stick to the original.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 11, 2015
Only $11.98 each on Amazon.com (free shipping for orders of $35 or more)... great Christmas gifts!
Deano1 wrote on October 12, 2015
After his death, RCA and Colonel Parker let us hear the "pure" Elvis on "Our Memories Of Elvis" series and I have to admit I liked both LPs and I don't feel it was a disservice to Elvis to release them. Since then we have heard alternate versions/takes of just about every song he recorded on the FTD "classic" album CD's and other releases and while I usually enjoy the originals, it was good to hear how the songs developed into the tracks we were use to hearing. In some cases an alternate version was better than the original release ("She Thinks I Still Care" comes to mind as first released on the 70's box set). We have concerts that were never intended to be commercial releases, versions of songs that feature laughing, coughing and cussing and between song chatter showing his humor, his good moods, his bad moods and even asking for boiled eggs. With all that said, it is great IMO to hear Elvis with the Royal Philharmonic orchestra. I love "If I Can Dream" and "What Now My Love" and I look forward to hearing the rest of the CD (except the Buble duet, I am not a fan of duets in general). On the two songs I mentioned, he sounds great and the backing supports his voice rather than drowning him out. While I always loved the original IICD, I did feel it had a harsh sound and comes across a little overbearing. Let's keep in mind one thing, Elvis didn't care too much how his backlog of music was treated when in 1973 he sold his pre-73 recordings to RCA for a few million dollars. I am not putting down Elvis for this, but it shows that he wasn't concerned with how his legacy of music was handled. I have always said that RCA, Colonel Parker and even Elvis himself never understood what a truly great artist he was. RCA wanted quantity, Colonel Parker was a money manager and didn't understand the difference between artistry and gimmick and Elvis always followed great artistic outbursts with periods of indifference (movies 64-67, live shows in the later years and even in recording sessions like July of 73). All that said, I truly think Elvis would just be amazed that his name was still relevant in 2015 and new fans continue to discover his music.
Viva wrote on October 12, 2015
Apart from 'Fever' (can't stand duets), great album. I thought would be awful, bland, insipid and clichéd. I was wrong, some of the tracks do sound fantastic, Bridge over troubled water and Burning Love stick out for me. Won't do Elvis' image any harm either.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 13, 2015
The one song that I wish had been included on this set is "Long Black Limousine".
NONE000000 wrote on October 13, 2015
Everything Deano1 said! I stayed away from this site for a while following an insulting news post about this album requiring barf bags come along with it. It really really kept me away. This project (apart from the damned duet!) sounded great to me from the start. People, like Ann-Margret on Larry King, have said the thing that made Elvis sad is that he never felt taken seriously as an artist--he never felt respected. This project, to me, is very much something he would have totally approved of. I've been really looking forward to this one. It's a shame about the Buble duet. I like the guy, and I know he loves Elvis, but I really hate these attempts at duets. I would rather hear a techno remix of Petunia the Gardner's Daughter than a posthumously made "duet". Ever since Natalie Cole sang Unforgettable with the ghost of Nat, they keep doing this. I've heard a Dean martin one that worked well (Baby-O), but Elvis just wasn't a duet kind of singer. He did one awkward live duet with Sinatra. Other than that, a few movie soundtrack songs. I think it is one thing to update the backing music, or change it, but Elvis' vocal is something else. To me, Elvis' voice in a song is very intense and personal, and it really speaks directly to the listener. And this was very much Elvis' intent and it is why people still connect with him to this day and beyond. You just cannot stick another voice in there without really ruining the experience and, imo, Elvis' intent as the singer/artist. I just don't think it is ever going to work. What does work is giving Elvis new backing music. Elvis' voice is timeless, everything else ages.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 13, 2015
Thanks for coming back to post on this topic, KingKreole ! As for the duet of "Fever", let's just be glad that there's only one. That's much better than a entire "duet album".
Lou A wrote on October 14, 2015
The barf bag heading along with the general negative tone of this site has kept me away as well. After I read a post from a person who's constantly against every new release suggesting that anyone buying these releases is brainwashed , I stopped coming here . The barf bag remark was the last straw for me . I'll be buying this release and I'm sure I'll enjoy it . I'm seeing it as an interesting way to bring some of Elvis music to a new audience while giving long time fans something new. However, most likely this will be my last post here.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 14, 2015
Most of the negative opinions were on the other previous threads about this new release. There have been far more positive reactions to this release lately. Lou A, there's really no need for you or anyone else to take it personal when others post distasteful things on this site. Please don't stop posting just because someone else was steppin' out of line << Hey, that's the name of an Elvis song! :)
FM wrote on October 14, 2015
I strongly believe that this will become Elvis' next #1 record
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 14, 2015
#1 in the UK... yes... almost a sure thing! ............ #1 in the US... well, maybe... I hope so.
NONE000000 wrote on October 14, 2015
I doubt this would be a #1 record, but I really don't care anymore about that---as long as future projects continue to have the integrity of this one, I am thrilled. To take Elvis' amazing voice and put it into a setting such as this is a dream come true to me. I am hoping to submit a full album review once it is officially out. (I've heard and totally loved "What Now My Love" and "You've Lost That Loving Feeling". I have heard and not especially loved "If I Can Dream"...and I have heard and not really cared for "Return To Sender". I've no doubt that this will be a mixed bag, but going by what I've heard and the track list, I think this will be less of a mixed bag than Viva Elvis was---I think this will overall be excellent. I wish I had the whole thing to listen to NOW)
Ton Bruins wrote on October 15, 2015
I think hands off the originals ! I don't like this kind of crap !
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 15, 2015
KingKreole wrote - "... and I have heard and not really cared for Return To Sender." ??? "Return To Sender" isn't on this new CD. As for the song "If I Can Dream", it's too bad that they (the Sony producers) weren't able to lift Elvis' vocal from his performance on the NBC soundstage that concluded the TV special. It was more expressive than the studio recording done just days earlier at Western Recorders.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 17, 2015
I've now heard "An American Trilogy". The new recording is a great way to showcase the preciseness of Elvis' vocal on this song. In my opinion, it's much better than Elvis' 1972 single version, but not quite as good as the '73 Aloha album version. The new recording has an excellent trumpet solo in lieu of the excellent flute solo heard (and seen) on the "Aloha From Hawaii via Satellite" show.
Moody_Blue wrote on October 17, 2015
There's a orchestra version of "Return To Sender" on youtube credited (maybe wrongly) to the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra. I remember it was played on the Elvis Express Radio several weeks ago, although it's not on the album.
LeeRusz wrote on October 17, 2015
Anyone have a UK link for American Trilogy? Can't find one that can play in the UK, like what I've heard so for though.Really looking forward to this release, have it already pre ordered!
Emiel Maier wrote on October 18, 2015
LeeRusz go to the elvis site of australia and you will find the link to An American Trilogy. I have listened to it and although I truly support this album the song does not work for me. Except for the ending (which I think is great!). The original version was tailor made by Elvis and it is difficult to work on a song which already is a masterpiece of its own. But I will buy this album! It is great what has been done with 'Fever' and 'You've lost that loving feeling'. And finally that sixties-feeling to ' If I Can Dream ' has been stripped off the song. It really sounds contemporay! Last saturday I watched 'Strictly come dancing' on the BBC and Anton DuBecke danced to ' If I Can Dream '. Now that is trully great promotion. Elvis fans unite: This album should do well. Regads from The Netherlands.
LeeRusz wrote on October 18, 2015
Thanks Emiel, it's also on Vimeo. Just purchased Bridge Over Troubled Water on Google, it sounds fantastic as do the other tracks that I have heard. Cannot agree with those who are opposing this release, for me it's as if he has decided to collaborate with the Royal Philharmonic. I am driving my wife nuts!!!
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 18, 2015
I'm gonna' buy 3 copies from Amazon.com . . . 1 for me, and the other 2 as gifts for my two brothers.
Gorse wrote on October 19, 2015
To me this is a no brainer. Any artist that has passed on, is for obvious reasons, really up against it to maintain any form of substantial mass impact. Unless a convincing high cost bio pic is done, then continual promotion of his back catalogue will result in ever decreasing returns so an enterprise like this bringing in a current artist is the way forward. It might not work on a grand scale, but as I see it there is everything to gain and absolutely nothing to lose.
NONE000000 wrote on October 20, 2015
Yes, "Return To Sender" was something I ran across on You Tube. I'm glad it was my mistake and isn't part of this set.
Emiel Maier wrote on October 20, 2015
For those interested: a guy on Vimeo called Robbo has made remarkable professional videos of theElvis&RPO interpretations. He did a great job! The versions he worked on are If I Can Dream, What Now My Love, You've Lost That Loving Feeling, and also An American Trilogy. The latter was uploaded just one day ago. (So you will have sound and vision of this new version). The songs really come to live with also these visuals (instead of only the audio which was available). If anyone has any info about the new Bridge Over Troubled Water.., than please let us know. Regards!
LeeRusz wrote on October 20, 2015
Bridge Over Troubled Water is available to download from Google Play and iTunes for £1.00 and 99p respectively. Please see my post below re this and Trilogy on Vimeo. Really looking forward to this release, "Bridge" sounds fantastic and is by far the best track of what I have heard thus far.
Emiel Maier wrote on October 20, 2015
Just found out that 'Bridge' is now on youtube as well! That is making a total of 6 songs prior to the official release on october 31st. 'Bridge' is indeed outstanding! I particular like the segment where Elvis is singing first and second voice together! I too noticed that his powerful voice is very up front in the mix. It emphasizes once again how strong and raw his voice was during the recording. I cannot wait to hear the entire CD, as this is a job well done. Regards, Emiel.
RobIreland wrote on October 21, 2015
Well just listened to whole album. First the cons's 1 ) M. Bubble has just destroyed "Fever"! Seemed to be trying to out do Elvis" vocal resulting in an over forced attempt. Shame he was included here cause I was loving this version until Micheal Jackson's monkey jumped in there ! 2 ) Was really enjoying " You'v lost That Loving Feeling" but I think the guitar that comes in during the break ruins the fragile climax and reduces the ambiance of Elvis" vocals on "Sail on Silver Girl, sail on by" bit. other than that this is a brilliant version. 3 "How Great Tho Art" I think does not benefit from this treatment at all. Was perfect to begin with. Now the Pro's 1 ) The sound is simply outstanding ! I wish the movie soundtracks had been recorded to this level ; ) 2 ) I thought " And The Grass Wont Pay No Mind" "American Trilogy" were amazing ! 3 ) As an over all album I loved it with a serious omission of "Fever" thanks to Bubbles there ! In fact I am going to see if i can take him out and make a mix from this file with just Elvis ; )
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 21, 2015
RobIreland, the "Sail on Silver Girl, sail on by" bit isn't in the song "You'v lost That Loving Feeling". Perhaps you meant "Bridge Over Troubled Water".
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 21, 2015
The name-calling and criticism aimed at Michael Bublé by some (because of his involvement in this new project) is unwarranted. I don't own any of his music, but I do know that the man is a professional singer with a good voice, and he's a big Elvis fan. For some people to claim that "Fever" has been destroyed is an unfair exaggeration. If you don't like the new arrangement of "Fever" on this new album, just say so, but there's absolutely no need to try to turn Michael Bublé into a villain (or monkey). Like it or not, his minimal involvement in this new album just might help it to sell more units... and that can only be a positive thing for Elvis Presley's continuing legacy.
RobIreland wrote on October 22, 2015
Well " TheMemphisFan" think your being a little bit over sensitive and more than a little too serious there. Sad that i have to explain a little humour here but as it's obvious you do not know that M.J's monkey was called "Bubbles" ! Ummm get the connection yet ? Also I have not said what i did about M. Bubble just for the fun of it or as you say just because he was involved in this project ! How ridiculous ! I listened to the song and found it unbearable due to Bubbles over done vocals and I disliked his style of singing in this version very much ! As the sung began with the Orchestra and Elvis it was great but bubbles just ruined it completely ! Also I do not get why two men would duet on a song like "Fever" ??? It makes no sense at all ! A female singer dueting with Elvis on this may have worked ! So TheMemphisFan lighten up a bit will ya ?
RobIreland wrote on October 22, 2015
TheMemphisFan Yes I meant "Bridge over troubled water" of course ! Well spotted ! ; )
Emiel Maier wrote on October 23, 2015
Yesterday I discovered that Steamroller Blues is now also on youtube. The people of the Japanese site have made the video. The version the RSO have used is the rehearsal of the Aloha Show. Listening to all the songs available I discovered that most of the arrangements used are close to the original. Whereas with Viva Elvis most of the songs got a complete different arrangement. But Steamroller Blues is very close to the original. They even held the guitar solo of James Burton! And yes...the 'farting trombones' in the beginning of the song are back again ;-))..
Emiel Maier wrote on October 23, 2015
Today another song was uploaded on Youtube. It is: "And the grass won't pay no mind". And what a beauty this is! Elvis's voice is up front and sounds really 'dry'. The song is really very very close to the original. I personally would have get rid off the female singers. Or at least would have put them further in the background. This version of the song should be heard by a larger audience. The release of this CD will make that happen. (PS: 'Fever' is great ;-))!
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 24, 2015
RobIreland, you didn't have to explain your "attempt" at humour... I already knew who Bubbles was. And before you mention Elvis' chimp, Scatter, I'm aware of him too. Sad that you find the new recording of 'Fever' unbearable. What really counts is that the producers of this new album find it very bearable, fun, and more than acceptable... as will many others that do "get" the duet. Since you're not able to "get" why two men would duet on a song like 'Fever', please allow me to enlighten you. The two vocals aren't intended to be singing to "each other" in this new recording. It's simply a duet of two singers (both male) singing different parts of the same song, with one part being - "Cats were born to give chicks fever, be it Fahrenheit or centigrade"... and such. You and a few others are mistaken in thinking that a duet has to be two people singing to each other... The Lady Loves Me / You're The Boss (as examples). Ummm get the connection yet? Just lighten up a bit and maybe 'Fever' won't be so unbearable for you. Maybe we can all be glad that Michael Bublé (Bubbles to some) only "destroyed" one song out of seventeen. ;)
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 24, 2015
There are three (3) key parts of "Fever" where Scatter & Bubbles... uhhh, I mean Presley & Bublé sing a silky smooth harmony . . . (and I won't mention how good they sound together) . . . 1 - "Everybody's got the fever, that is something you all know Fever isn't such a new thing, fever started long ago" 2 - "Now give us fever!" 3 - "When we kiss you, fever if you live and learn... Fever!"
Great Dane wrote on October 25, 2015
I've heard "Burning Love" and it sounded absolutely awesome, i didn't expect that. I can't wait to have my vinyl next week and play it on my SL1210.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on October 26, 2015
I've heard Burning Love....I'll stick the original.....the Bass line missing after the break. Fever is ok as is If I Can Dream.
Deke Rivers 6 wrote on October 26, 2015
I understood that there was to be NO discussion on this page....has this changed ?
Emiel Maier wrote on October 26, 2015
As a great philospher once said... "Flip the record, the hit is on the other side!". I can understand that SONY is targeting the If I Can Dream single as a Christmas number one in the UK, as it is a great message song. But from a commercial point of view the new Burning Love arrangement will appeal to a larger audience. Burning Love is the hit song of the CD. I agree with Great Dane: This version is rockin' and light weight at the same time. The hunk-a-hunk-a bit has been extended (being the signature of the song). It made me smile. I hope some company will use it in a commercial (like Heineken did with Bossa Nova Baby). And if I want to listen to the bass line of the song than I will listen to the original...
Deano1 wrote on October 27, 2015
There is not supposed to be discussion on the song of the day, but it is my understanding that discussion is encouraged on articles and news stories. Personal conversations that deviate from the actual article should be moved to a different forum and personal attacks are not allowed.
woody1 wrote on October 27, 2015
As mentioned before I've had a copy of the CD for a few weeks now and I want to say that I'm still loving it, I'm also loving the fact that Fever (which to me sounds great) shows just how smooth and rich Elvis's voice is even compared to the very competent Mr Buble, I'm Loving the fact that the album is this weeks BBC radio 2s record of the week, I'm loving the fact that so many tracks are being played on the radio, I'm loving the fact that I've just seen a TV advert for the Joanna Lumley's up and coming Elvis documentary and finally I'm loving the fact that I believe Burning Love will soon be a big hit all over again. I'm sorry if it's not your cup of tea but I'm having a great time.
TheMemphisFan wrote on October 29, 2015
woody1, just curious... How is the album this weeks BBC radio 2s record-of-the-week? It hasn't been released yet.
NONE000000 wrote on October 30, 2015
oh man.....I'm listening to this full album now (not the deluxe version, so I am 3 songs short---What Now My Love, Heartbreak Hotel and Anything That's Part Of You are not on the regular album. Which is a huge shame because the version of What Now My Love on you tube is phenomenal). This album is truly utterly fantastic. People on this site should know me a something of a naysayer about a lot of Elvis projects. Viva Elvis was hugely disappointing to me, the Christmas Duets album was, IMO, horrible, all that stuff by Spankox is pretty much terrible to me..... So in other words, I'm not a person who will just claim everything is great if Elvis' name is on it. But I will say this album is absolutely great. I want to submit a full review to this site, but not until I get those final 3 songs (2 of which I have not heard at all--and What Now My Love I've only heard on you tube---but it is still my favorite of the whole project. I only wish they'd also done The Impossible Dream, which would be an extremely obvious choice. I am already hoping and praying for a 2nd volume). Even those amoung us who have decided to hate this fantastic project might be willing to admit that overall Elvis' voice has never sounded better or more clear and in command. The Buble duet is a mistep, yes, absolutely. It's a great arrangement, and it does serve to highlight that Elvis is a much better singer than Buble (and I LIKE Micheal Buble and even own several of his records. So nothing against him at all, the duet to me just doesn't work) Anyway, I just had to comment here again after listening to the full album all the way through just now for the first time. Not everything works, but 95% of it does. 95% of it is a grand slam homerun, kickass Elvis album. I am blown away, in the way I expected to be by Viva Elvis. This is a magnificent Elvis Presley album!
Emiel Maier wrote on October 30, 2015
TheMemphisFan regarding to your remark "How is the album this weeks BBC radio 2s record-of-the-week? It hasn't been released yet." It was really true! I have downloaded a print-screen so there is 'evidence'. I agree it would have been better if it was made album of the week while the CD is out on the streets. But the decision can only be answered by the powers that be on the BBC radio (or the record pluggers of Sony). The album was also even on the A-list of BBC Radio 2. And last week the single 'Fever' was on the A-list of BBC Radio Scotland (!). So plenty of media coverage in the UK. Now it is up to the fans (...and the potential of new fans...) to embrace the album and to get it into the charts. Regards from The Netherlands.
Torments my heart wrote on October 30, 2015
Couldn't agree with you more KingKreole... it all sounds much better on the big speakers too than on my computer. Bought it today and am loving it. Bridge is beautiful (love the duet with himself) and American Trilogy is towering but just wished they'd used one of his more passionate performances... also wish they'd included What Now My Love - that's my favourite of the lot... may have to buy that one separately!
Emiel Maier wrote on October 31, 2015
Do not listen to this album (or songs on youtube) via your computer speakers, as they do not do the songs justice. Install yourself in front of your hi-fi to experience the songs. I have bought the album yesterday and all songs work for me, except for It's Now Or Never. (Maybe it is because the song never was a favourite of mine). Having said that; I always skipped Love Me Tender as fast as I could too. That Ken Darby trio was just not good for the job. I was really impressed how they reworked LMT on Viva Elvis. On this If I Can Dream album the RPO finally provided the proper backing which the song lacked for years. Good job. The good thing about this album is that all songs have not been chopped or fooled around with. In essence they erased the 26 piece orchestra of Joe Guercio and replaced it by the 60 piece orchestra of the RPO. That is all they really did! Most of the TCB-band backing is still in place. Even James Burton solo on Steamroller Blues. This album is currently selling like rapid fire. It holds the third position in the iTunes chart in the UK. And is number ten on the world wide iTunes chart. And the album is only out for two days! The most intriguing thing is that a few songs were recoreded as early as December 2013! So this project took some time...
Deano1 wrote on October 31, 2015
The CD is #2 on Amazon's charts (for all music), #1 for vocal pop and #2 for rock CDs...pretty impressive! I am getting my copy tomorrow and this is as excited as I have been in a long time for a "new" Elvis release.
bluesboy wrote on November 01, 2015
It's a shame that some fans decided to dislike this album without even hearing it. But let's face it, a lot of Elvis fans are older, conservative people with a very reactionary taste in music. Anyone with an open mind and a free spirit that is not polluted by so called political correctness or a misplaced "don't mess with the originals" attitude, should be able to experience this magnificent project. This isn't just another compilation. This is a real new album that sounds like it was recorded today. Once again after all these years Elvis vocal capacities surprised me. It's the first album in ages that I feel like I want to share every track with the rest of the world, that good it is. Plus, it's a great audio experience.
circleG wrote on November 02, 2015
This album is perfect for the Christmas market. What surprises me is that the basic tracks haven't been touched. The style really works on the post army material and even Steamroller Blues allows the wind section to have fun. Only track that jars for me is 'Trilogy'. Can't see myself playing it too often but definitely at Christmas.
Gorse wrote on November 02, 2015
My wife surprisingly bought me the super deluxe version, and after playing it this morning can only say I was blown away. As stated the tracks are basically left alone and every attempt has been successfully made to bring his voice to the fore. I shall be revisiting this collection many many times.
ger wrote on November 02, 2015
This album is fantastic and fever is the outstanding track best album .
Emiel Maier wrote on November 02, 2015
The midweek sales chart has become available and Elvis Presley is on track to rule the Official Albums Chart once more. The If I Can Dream album is ahead in the race to Number 1 on today’s Official Chart Update. If Elvis can hang on until the end of the week, it will give him a 12th chart-topping album in the UK. Elvis is currently 7,000 chart sales ahead of another new entry and nearest rival Rod Stewart, who will be hoping Another Country can overtake The King and give him a ninth Number 1 album. Fingers crossed! On friday we will know...
Pieter wrote on November 02, 2015
Well, I've listened to it and I don't really like it. It's not bad but I don't think it's an improvement, so I'll stick to the originals.
woody1 wrote on November 03, 2015
Just wondering if it's time to maybe return the unused motion discomfort bags to the rack in the seat in front?
wooden heart wrote on November 03, 2015
GREAT - Britain! Just listen to fever at 3:50: fantastic orchestra..... on your knees, Joe Guercio:-) But: It´s really not fair to compare his 26 guys to a full 60 piece orchestra of nowadays.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 04, 2015
I'm so hoping that this "new" album will be #1 on the Billboard chart in the U.S. ! ( I think it's a given that it'll be #1 in the U.K. )
NONE000000 wrote on November 04, 2015
woody1 -- love your comment, but i doubt sales or chart position will sway anyone who simply believes Elvis' voice should never be put into a new context, no matter how absolutely wonderful the results are.
TheMemphisFan wrote on November 04, 2015
An interesting thing on Amazon.com . . . Of the 63 reviews (so far) for this new album, 59 of them are positive, and only 4 are negative/critical. That's a very good sign that the vast majority of the interested listeners in the U.S. will appreciate and enjoy this release!
Moody_Blue wrote on November 06, 2015
It’s on the BBC official website that Elvis is now number one on the UK album chart.
Moody_Blue wrote on November 06, 2015
Elvis claimed the top album spot with 79,000 chart sales, giving him the second-fastest selling album of the year behind Chasing Yesterday by Noel Gallagher's High Flying Birds.
Emiel Maier wrote on November 06, 2015
Congratulations to all the brilliant and passionate Elvis fans in Britain. You are truly the best of them all and should receive a big pat on your shoulders. You have done it! (I knew you were the biggest Elvis fans in the world, the moment I travelled with the British to Memphis in 1987 and 2002. You are fun to be around and Elvis is still on its throne in England, whereas in many other countries Elvis's music is regarded as old people's music.) Please continue spreading your love for Elvis. Or to state a quote from 1977: " A kid can't grow up without knowing who Elvis Presley is". (Now The Kids know!)
moseleyman wrote on November 07, 2015
Why has The fact that Elvis has just Got to no 1 in The Ukandvhis 12th number one not been reported on This website surely this is a momentous occasion for Elvis fans. Surely this now should have its own heading. Elvis back at No 1. Also Elvis has the second fastest selling album of the year. No mean feat for someone who's not with us anymore. But we all know he will always be with us. I know the editor of this website has not kept it a secret that they don't like the album but it still should be a news item. Again well done to All involved the producers Priscilla for her hard PR work and to Sony For throwing some money at a Elvis release with the advertising. It's a great time again for the Elvis Fan. And thanks to Joanna Lumley for a great TV Special that has helped the Album get off go a flying start
Moody_Blue wrote on November 07, 2015
The album has also entered the Australia’s album charts at number one.
Deano1 wrote on November 07, 2015
Amazon's best-sellers are updated continually, but Elvis is continuing to hold strong as of this moment...#4 in music, #3 in rock and #1 in pop vocal.
Gorse wrote on November 08, 2015
Emiel Maier - Elvis and UK's greatest offering The Beatles will never be forgotten and will tick over quietly but healthily on a global scale with occasional ventures into the upper ether of the pop culture existing at that time - this album will change (reluctantly) many doubters minds.