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September 07, 2015 | Other

A major three part TV mini-series will document the 60 years in which the Official Elvis Presley Fan Club has been operating due for broadcast in 2017. Parts One and Two will cover the history of our unique organisation and will feature interviews with celebrities and fans who have supported our organisation. Programme three will be a quick edit of our Member's 2017 trip to Memphis, Vegas and Hawaii. In the first instance the programme editorial team are at this time anxious to hear from, and track down, Elvis Fans who were involved and active during the early years 1957 - 1960. They wish to interview those who went in groups to early movie screenings in the UK, held meetings to discuss Elvis, and speak to those who travelled to Germany in the hope of seeing Elvis whilst he was in the US Army, or who were at Prestwick Airport when he landed in Scotland during his re-fuelling stop on his way back to the United States. In addition the team wish to meet any fans who travelled to the United States during the early years to see Elvis in a TV audience, on stage, at a film studio, or in his home-town. Spread the word please across the internet. Would-be contrubutors should initially write a brief letter detailing any experiences during the time frame of 1957-1960, including full contact details. Do not send photographs, film or any personal items, just a synopsis of your story. Those who eventually supply content, and participate in the programme will receive a fee from the programme maker. Your comments should be posted to THE WORLD'S MOST RESPECTED, EPFC, PO Box 3456, Cheadle ST10 9BG

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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little jimmy tompkin wrote on September 08, 2015
looking forward to seeing Todd at Elvis week in Hemsby !