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Elvis In West Texas

September 07, 2015 | Music

Elvis in West Texas, the upcoming regular FTD-release, contains the evening show in Odessa on May 30, 1976. 
A thoroughly great show with repertoire highlights in "Help Me Make It Through The Night"and "It’s Now Or Never". It is packaged in a digipack 5" format with a 12-page booklet of 1976 photos.

1) See See Rider 5:23    
2) I Got Woman / Amen 7:55    
3) Love Me 2:30        
4) If You Love Me (Let Me Know) 2:58    
5) You Gave Me A Mountain 3:22    
6) All Shook Up 1:03    
7) (Let Me Be Your) Teddy Bear / Don't Be Cruel 1:59    
8) Heartbreak Hotel 1:46
9) Jailhouse Rock 1:20            
10) Blue Suede Shoes 1:14
11) Fever 3:33                
12) Introductions; Medley: 14:44
a) Early Morning Rain
b) What'd I Say
c) Johnny B. Goode
d) Love Letters
e) School Day
13) Hurt 3:58            
14) Hound Dog 3:09
15) Funny How Time Slips Away 2:39    
16) Help Me Make It Through The Night 2:09    
17) It’s Now Or Never 2:52
18) Can't Help Falling In Love 3:50        

Recorded at County Coliseum, Odessa, Texas on May 30, 1976, at the evening show. 
"See See Rider" and the talk about Odessa following it, are from the afternoon show the same day. 
A short piece of the introductions was not recorded.

Source:The OEPFC of Great Britain

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Ronaldv wrote on September 07, 2015
Although we are flooded with 1976 concerts lately, I nevertheless welcome an unreleased concert. I don't count in the cdr release of this concert from years ago.
Sirbalkan wrote on September 07, 2015
Some of 76 concerts have weak song lists like this one. No powerful up tempo songs like Tiger Man, Polk Salad Annie and Steamroller Blues.Normally he would do the intros after powerful renditions like America The Beautiful and Polk Salad Annie but here after Fever..? Weak concert to me. I skip this one.
jb4elvis wrote on September 07, 2015
Glad to see this release. Elvis providing a slightly different set list. Looks like a fun show. Thanks to FTD for this release. I'm looking forward to it.
Dazman wrote on September 07, 2015
Sirbalkan: Agree about the weak line up. You'd think they'd include some bonuses from the matinee to beef it up a bit. I hope that his performance is at least a stable one. I'll wait 'til someone uploads it on Youtube before I decide. Not that I mind the 7"s but it's good to see the more storable 5 inchers making a comeback. Cisco: did you choose this gig ? If so could you give us some early insights ? Much appreciated.
jb4elvis wrote on September 08, 2015
Members on FECC say this is a soundboard recording. I'm looking forward to this release.
You Dont Know Me wrote on September 08, 2015
This is 'ok', but not a brilliantly chosen release and here is why:-On FTD Elvis in West Texas: See see rider is taken from the afternoon concert; this version can be found on FTD Tucson too. Love letters from this evening concert was previously released on FTD Tucson (01-06-76). so partially released before and NO 'Bonus songs' to fill up the disc running time. My assertation ;-'COULD HAVE DONE BETTER"
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 08, 2015
Oh dear... I hope this concert is better than the sluggish performance from June 1, 1976 which appeared on Tucson '76 fifteen years ago (FTD). The second track, "I Got A Woman/Amen", on Tucson '76 is supposedly from the evening show in Odessa, Texas of May 30, 1976.
mikael69 wrote on September 08, 2015
I did not listen to any version of it before but the Elvis concerts website gives 4 stars to the CDR issue of this jig. Beside, congrats to FTD for picking up such a nice picture and to arrange in such a pleasant way. Looking forward to listen to it especially these 3+ minutes long versions of "fever" and "hound dog"
whetherman wrote on September 08, 2015
I think you'll find that the timings given include all the talk and messing about either side of the song. I know we already have CC Rider and Love Letters from this show but still looking forward to hearing it, never got the CD-R.
Lex wrote on September 08, 2015
Viva, Marco was right, at the moment he asked it, the addition "the upcoming regular FTD-release" was not there, I forgot to remove his question.
Dazman wrote on September 09, 2015
Let's hope the El Paso and Fort Worth shows from June 2 & 3 get the FTD treatment pretty soon.
You Dont Know Me wrote on September 09, 2015
why Dazman? El Paso and Fort Worth have been released TWICE already... give me unreleased and unheard Oklahoma 29th May and Lubbock 31st May ANYDAY instead PLEASE!~
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 10, 2015
These type of FTD releases should be 2-for-1 (as several have been in the past). The "Sold Out!" FTD included 2 CDs (Tulsa and Cleveland) and was great value for the money. $30+ for a common 1976 concert is not reasonable. I'll gladly pass on this one.
You Dont Know Me wrote on September 10, 2015
Your Correct The Memphis Fan.... 'SOLD OUT' was and is a great 2 x cd package!~ maybe instead of just Odessa we at least should have had the CD space filled up with some of the A/S or maybe even Oklahoma and Lubbock concerts instead!~ Odessa E/S is 'ok', but it would be to praise it up ridiculously to say it was a superb or excellent concert.
Dazman wrote on September 10, 2015
YDKM:: Yes, absolutely agree! But I recall that the Oklahoma City and Lubbock SB's aren't in FTD's vaults, so they can only use whats available. After listening to those Texas bootlegs on Youtube they're pretty strong performances for that period (better than Tuscon IMO) and would make a pretty good double CD set. FTD have and should keep releasing previously bootlegged recordings if they're strong enough to deserve official recognition and I believe there's still plenty more of them to go, without them taking priority over any unreleased material.
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 10, 2015
Other 1976 single-disc CDs by FTD... "AMERICA" (Omaha, Nebraska), "New Haven '76", and "A Minnesota Moment" came with bonus tracks, so why not on this new release? C'mon, Ernst & Company, you can do better than this!
jb4elvis wrote on September 10, 2015
You sound a bit ungrateful,..., any release from a man who has not been here in 38 years is a gift. Ernst and all with FTD have given us some outstanding releases. Additionally they have been very creative with the releases. Every FTD release is a treat and a bonus for all Elvis fans. I for one appreciate all of the releases from FTD and will enjoy these upcoming releases as well.
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 10, 2015
No, I'm not ungrateful. For $30+ per release, there's nothing wrong with me (or any other fans) expecting more bang for our money. A couple of bonus tracks isn't asking too much.
blackdiamond wrote on September 20, 2015
I'm glad to see a new concert on the FTD label instead of a re-release of an official bootleg such as The Return To Vegas, Boston Garden, 48 hrs to Memphis, Showtime, Chicago Stadium etc. Of course i have all the cd's i listed here but now we have a brand NEW concert. Thanks FTD. Nice cover btw
blackdiamond wrote on September 20, 2015
It doesn't say when the cd will come out. Anyone?
TheMemphisFan wrote on September 20, 2015
Sometime in October.