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The Elvis Presley Collection 3 CDs

July 07, 2015 | Music

Out now on CD in the how to make a quick buck series, in beautiful sealed cardsleeves, a great collection of three (3) classic Camden / RCA albums. From 1968 to 1975, RCA Camden issued a series of compilation albums. This output primarily consisted of repackaging of Elvis Presley's 1960s-era movie soundtrack recordings. These albums were very successful, due to the low budget price and the great gatefold album sleeves. For many (young) fans these albums were their introduction to the music of Elvis Presley. Although these albums did not always contained the very best of Elvis’ recordings.

The Camden albums taught many customers one valuable lesson: you may find gold, when you least expect it. 'The Elvis Presley Collection' contained 3 volumes. These albums are among the best known Camden releases. And finally, if only for nostalgic reasons, they are now released on CD. Looking like miniature vinyl albums, these releases will bring back many of the happy memories from the good ol’ days. They come sealed and include some special bonus tracks. More for you money !!


The Elvis Presley Collection Vol.1 CD

1. You'll Never Walk Alone
2. Who am I?
3. Let Us Pray
4. Peace In The Valley
5. We Call On Him
6. I Believe
7. It Is No Secret
8. Sing You Children
9. Take My Hand Precious Lord
10. Swing Down Sweet Chariot
11. Down By The Riverside & When The Saints Go Marching In
12. They Remind Me Too Much Of You
13. Confidence
14. Frankie & Johnny
15. Guitar Man
16. Long Legged Girl
17. You Don't Know Me
18. How Would You Like To Be
19. Big Boss Man
20. Old Macdonald


21. Swing Down Sweet Chariot (1968 overdubbed master)
22. You Don’t Know Me (movie version)
23. Guitar man (re-recording)
24. Sing You Children (take 18 – 19)
25. Who Am I ? (undubbed master)
26. We Call On Him (take 3)
27. How Would You Like To Be (movie version)

The Elvis Presley Collection Vol.2 CD

1. Separate Ways
2. Sentimental Me
3. In My Way
4. I Met Her Today
5. What Now, What Next, Where To
6. Always On My Mind
7. I Slipped, I Stumbled, I Fell
8. Is It So Strange
9. Forget Me Never
10. Old Shep
11. C'mon Everybody
12. A Whistling Tune
13. I'll Be There (If You Ever Want Me)
14. I Love Only One Girl
15. Easy Come, Easy Go
16. Santa Lucia
17. Tonight Is So Right For Love
18. Guadalajara
19. Angel
20. A Little Less Conversation
21. Follow That Dream
22. Long Legged Girl (With The Short Dress On)


23. Separate Ways (take 25)
24. Always On My Mind (unedited overdub master)
25. I Met Her Today (take 6)
26. C’mon Everybody (movie version takes 6 – 7)
27. Long Legged Girl (alternate master)
28. A Little Less Conversation (take 10)

The Elvis Presley Collection Vol.3 CD

1. What Every Woman Lives For
2. Please Don't Stop Loving Me
3. Change Of Habit
4. Come Along
5. Shout It Out
6. Beginner's Luck
7. Clean Up Your Own Back Yard
8. Rubberneckin'
9. Edge Of Reality
10. Petunia the Gardener's Daughter
11. Hard Luck
12. Have A Happy
13. Flaming Star
14. Wonderful World
15. Light Life
16. All I Needed Was The Rain
17. Too Much Monkey Business
18. Yellow Rose Of Texas / The Eyes Of Texas
19. She's A Machine
20. Do The Vega
21. Tiger Man


22. Please Don’t Stop Loving Me (take 9)
23. Edge Of Reality (take 6)
24. Petunia The Gardener’s Daughter (take 1)
25. Wonderful World (take 7 – movie version)
26. Night Life (take 3)
27. She’s A Machine (take 14)
28. Too Much Monkey Business (re-recording)

Source:Elvis Australia
marco31768 wrote on July 07, 2015
I tell myself: why buy those CD's?
JerryNodak wrote on July 07, 2015
Bootleg crap. No thanks.
NONE000000 wrote on July 07, 2015
Are they any more of a quick buck than the original Camden/Pickwick LPs were? Back when I was in my late teens and 20s (when money wasn't so scarce) I would literally buy almost any Elvis album if I liked the picture on the cover. I'd pretty much had all the songs that had been released by RCA, so it was strictly for the cover photo. I guess it was kind of stupid of me, and I never EVER felt that way about CDs--it just isn't the same to have a little square piece of plastic with a new photo inside. But maybe there are still Elvis fans out there with a lot of disposable income who still pay for stuff like this? I still love Elvis as much as I ever did, but I grew out of being totally obsessed with him. But speaking from experience, if you are obsessed with Elvis, and can afford it, you will buy anything you see with his face on it. I am currently surrounded by evidence of this---my room is jammed full of all the Elvis stuff I bought over the years. And a LOT of it was "quick buck" cash grabs like these.
Jerome the 5th wrote on July 09, 2015
How to make a compilation like this? Write some song titles on a piece of paper and throw together in a bucket.. Just shake the bucket a couple of times and voila there's the track list....
O Hooligan wrote on July 11, 2015
Everyone is entitled to their opinion on these Camden tracks but I actually want to buy this. Where can I buy this as a search on amazon and ebay yielded nothing