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Elvis' Golden Records

By ElvisNews/ Lex, July 11, 2015 | Music

If there is one classic Elvis album, it might be this one. Elvis' early RCA success all together on one disc. A treat for the ear, now available on FTD.


The design is what we expect by now from these 7" releases. Fold out, booklet, all well designed and presented. Most pictures are from the famous Jailhouse Rock photo session, but there are some live shots from 1957 too. Of course there is plenty of memorabilia available too.


As said in the intro, this might be THE classic Elvis album. It is the best selling next to the Camden Christmas album. The singles presented on the original album sold more than 20 million copies together, in the US alone. So indeed, this album is pure gold. I still play it on vinyl very regularly. The bonus songs fit perfectly in the concept of the album and the addition of the stereo versions are in place too.

The second disc is not my cup of tea. The songs are not only far from gold, some are even among the weakest Elvis recorded in the 1950s. Besides that I think it is boring to have the same song without any changes a zillion time in a row. My wife even asked if it was on repeat. I admit, 20 or 30 years ago I would have been happy to have them, but by now I am spoilt and tend to listen to the masters only more and more (again).


The first disc will find its way to my player more often, I am pretty sure of that. The second fits perfectly in the sleeve, and I'll keep it there.

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Lefty wrote on July 11, 2015
I was listening to this LP with a buddy of mine on the day his his dad walked into the room and said, "Hey guys, Elvis is dead." We thought he was joking. The thing about buying this CD now is that we have every one of these songs already, except for the less than stellar unreleased tracks, (two in all). It is not worth it to me to buy it again, just for the packaging. I may buy it when Sony Legacy issues it for $15, maybe not.
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 11, 2015
CD 2 is the main attraction for this new FTD. I bought it at one of the Graceland souvenir shops on July 8, but was a little disappointed with the looks of the 3-sided white border on the front cover.
JerryNodak wrote on July 12, 2015
I'm buying this for disc one. I might listen to disc two occasionally. I'm not really into binaural. My copy of Elvis' Golden Records '97 will now find its way to my next rummage/garage sale.
lray wrote on July 12, 2015
To TheMemphisFan. That border belongs there. That is the way it looked when released.
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 12, 2015
Thanks for the reminder, Iray. The original '58 LP did appear that way. I guess it looks off-balance to me because the white border at the top is noticeably thinner than the white border at the bottom. Sorry to nit-pick. It's a nice package.
Martin DJ wrote on July 13, 2015
A "piece of cake" means something is easy (to do). You probably mean the second disc is not your cup of tea.
circleG wrote on July 13, 2015
I'm curious about the line up of songs on disc one. Is this the list as originally released?
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 13, 2015
Yes. Side A = Hound Dog • Loving You • All Shook Up • Heartbreak Hotel • Jailhouse Rock • Love Me • Too Much. Side B = Don't Be Cruel • That's When Your Heartaches Begin • Teddy Bear • Love Me Tender • Treat Me Nice • Any Way You Want Me • I Want You, I Need You, I Love You. The bonus songs... "My Baby Left Me" was the flipside of I Want You, I Need You, I Love You. "Playing For Keeps" was the flipside of Too Much, and "I Was The One" was the flipside of Heartbreak Hotel. The 1956 single of "Blue Suede Shoes" was later certified Gold.
whetherman wrote on July 13, 2015
circleG, this is the US tracklisting not the UK one. The UK edition had a different tracklisting ie nothing from Loving You or Jailhouse Rock but some Sun tracks included.
Natha wrote on July 13, 2015
The original LP was the first LP I ever listened to. So it has a special place in my memory. Here are extra songs as bonus, which were not onthe LP, rather on the LP Loving you.
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 14, 2015
This was the first 8-track I ever listened to on a regular basis (thanks to my brother buying it in 1972). However, the running order of the songs was different on the 8-track cartridge. It had the infamous "stereo effect reprocessed from monophonic" sound... and we played it loud & often. We wore that tape out over the course of just 2 or 3 years! Great/fun memories!
circleG wrote on July 14, 2015
Thanks whetherman, that explains the song list on vol2 as well.
jb4elvis wrote on July 15, 2015
Thanks for your review. I am looking forward to this release. "Have I told You lately That I Love You" has been a favorite of mine from Elvis' 50's catalogue. I am grateful to FTD for this release. Will be fun.
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 16, 2015
I'm guessing that the last piece of the puzzle for the binaural recordings will be all the available takes of "Is It So Strange" to be included on an FTD issue of "A Date With Elvis". Maybe the live version of "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" could also be included as a bonus track.
Cruiser621 wrote on July 16, 2015
I'm guessing if such was the case via FTD per TheMemphisFan, aka include all the outtakes of "Is It So Strange" in binaural form and include the live version of "I Forgot To Remember To Forget" on let's say "A Date With Elvis", the next logical conclusion would be why didn't FTD include the live take of "Ready Teddy" from the Ed Sullivan show back in the 1950's on the recent "Elvis" (2nd album)? One can only surmise after the fact; FTD is out to make a profit, plain and simple, and if that means scrapping each cent from the consumer aka the Elvis Fan, so be it. Don't hold your breath MemphisFan.
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 17, 2015
I understand what you mean, Cruiser621. However, if Ernst has plans for "A Date With Elvis" to be released on FTD or Sony Legacy, he'll have to include something extra as bait. As for "ELVIS" ('56 album) on FTD, at least the remaining takes of "Rip It Up" were included and the already-released final Hayride show was thrown in just to have a Disc 2. I'm hoping Ernst will issue "For LP Fans Only" & "A Date With Elvis" together as a 2-cd set on FTD or as a Sony Legacy Edition. The songs that have alternate takes, or binaural versions, or live versions are numerous and could be included as bonus tracks... That's All Right, Lawdy Miss Clawdy, Poor Boy, I Was The One, Shake Rattle And Roll, I'm Left You're Right She's Gone, You're A Heartbreaker, Blue Moon Of Kentucky, Young And Beautiful, Baby Let's Play House, Good Rockin' Tonight, Is It So Strange (binaural master & alternate takes), We're Gonna Move, I Want To Be Free, I Forgot To Remember To Forgot (live - officially unreleased).
Troubleman wrote on July 20, 2015
TheMemphisFan – I understand your logic for the albums ‘A date with Elvis’ and ‘For LP fans only’, but I do not think it would be feasible for these reasons: - The songs ‘Poor boy’, ‘We’re gonna move’, “I want to be free’ and ‘Young and beautiful’ were already covered on the FTDs ‘Love me tender’ and ‘Jailhouse rock’ - All the outtakes for the songs ‘Lawdy Miss Clawdy’, ‘Shake Rattle And Roll’ and ‘I was the one’ are already on the FTD ‘Elvis Presley’ - All the Sun songs (Outtakes and live recordings) have been covered on the FTD ‘A boy from Tupelo’ with the exception of ‘I Forgot To Remember To Forget (live - officially unreleased)’. I think the better approach for these albums, which were released during Elvis’ years in Germany, would be to add as bonus tracks all of his home recordings from Germany. Or, simply release them as single CDs with the few unreleased outtakes remaining, such as ‘It is so strange’. TCB
JerryNodak wrote on July 20, 2015
The fact that songs have been released before on previous product(s) has never stopped them from being released again (and again) on subsequent product. Such are the ways of the Elvis world. Speaking strictly for myself, if FTD does release these albums and includes the home recordings from Germany as bonus tracks, I won't be buying.
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 21, 2015
Troubleman, your thoughts of the Germany home recordings being used as bonus tracks could very well be the way that Ernst goes. However, my main issue with that would be the poor-to-fair sound quality of those recordings... but it might happen. We'll see.
Troubleman wrote on July 21, 2015
JerryNodak – Yes it is true that some outtakes have been repeated, but it is usually outtakes from other BMG products (Platinum, Close up, etc.) and FTDs digipacks now deleted (Out in Hollywood, Silver Screen Stereo) that have eventually been added to FTD Classic album series. I doubt that outtakes found on an FTD Classic Album CD would be repeated on another one. If FTD chooses to release these two albums in the’ Classic Series’, there is not much left that can be added as ‘Bonus’ tracks, or on a 2nd CD. If they add remaining unreleased outtakes, it could be added on CD 1 to the 10 original songs. So what else could they put on a 2nd CD? If they repeat outtakes previously found on other Classic Albums, people would complain that they are now having us pay for duplicate outtakes already found on recent Classic Albums. As you recall, they added the December 1956 Louisiana Hayride show on the 2nd CD of the Classic Album ‘Elvis’ even though there was only 10 songs. Many people, me included, commented that there really wasn’t enough outtakes of that album to merit 2 CD’s. So the only things left (I believe) that could possibly be added on a 2nd CD are either the Germany home recordings, or his TV appearances of the 50s (Dorsey shows, Milton Berle, Ed Sullivan, etc..). Otherwise, a single CD with all unreleased outtakes would be fine with me, and possibly with many other fans. TCB
Jamie wrote on July 21, 2015
That's an interesting idea about the 1950's tv recordings, Troubleman. I may be on my own with this, but I regard the old Dorsey/Allen/Berle/Sullivan performances as a gold mine of Elvis live in '50's. The sound quality could be better, and there are some cheesey brass accompaniments too. But the technological limitations and dated light entertainment etiquette really take me to there when I listen to the 'Gold' boxset. And in the 60-odd years since, nobody's got close to Elvis Presley performing 'Hound Dog' on the Berle show in 1956.
JerryNodak wrote on July 21, 2015
If I were Ernst I would proceed with the plan (he has one you know) and not worry about the bitching. There are always fans who will bitch because you can't please everyone. They WILL release these two albums. The only question is exactly how. Personally, I'd prefer a SONY Legacy twofer. Carry on Ernst. Stick to your plan.
Jamie wrote on July 23, 2015
Snowplow Floater, much of what you say is true - some people use Elvis to fill a hole in their lives on a scale, and at a financial cost, that is probably unhealthy. It's also true that if you feel that way, you could have set an example of mature, well-adjusted behaviour by quietly going on your way. The competitiveness, carping and negativism one reads on fan websites (not just those concerning Elvis Presley) is pretty awful. But it's no worse than you demonstrating such a lack of dignity and elementary good judgment on your way out the door.
marty wrote on July 23, 2015
Snowplow Floater, I understand where you are coming from. I've been an Elvis fan for 38 years and I do not really care anymore what other fans choose to buy, praise or discribe as garbage! The same way I do not really care what makes other people like rap or electronic music, it's their choice. I also do not really care if Elvis was a good or a bad person, I only care about his personal life for the influence it had on his music. It's the music that made me a fan, nothing else. So I will buy what I want for my own pleasure, occasionally speak my mind about new releases etc. but I won't let other peoples views ruin my joy! Can we have the next FTDs now please...
Troubleman wrote on July 23, 2015
Jamie – Yes I also consider his 50’s TV appearances as special. You can really see him progressing as an artist. I you look at his very first appearances on the Dorsey shows (nervous, unsure) and then compare it to his appearance on Milton Berle, singing ‘Hound dog’ the way he wanted to! And then the final performances on the Ed Sullivan shows, a genuine star. I do not complain about the FTD releases, but I find it fun to speculate on what might be released, and the possible contents. But as you say JerryNodak – Ernst will release what he wants, and with material he feels appropriate. It is always up to the consumer to buy it or not. I actually do like all of the ‘Classic Album’ release (some are better than others of course), but it does make for a nice collection. I do not buy everything that FTD releases, such as the CD books combos, but the ‘Classic Album’ series I enjoy. I will be getting this one, which is one of the very first Elvis albums I ever heard as a kid. A genuine true 'Classic Album'. TCB
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 23, 2015
snowplow floater, do you think Ernst Jorgensen should issue Elvis' Golden Records Volume 3, and Elvis' Gold Records Volume 4 on the FTD label? What do you suppose he would use for bonus material as bait for collectors? I wonder if Jerry Scheff will buy them if they do get the FTD treatment?. . . (Not so much for the music, but for the informative booklets). As Troubleman wrote - "I find it fun to speculate on what might be released, and the possible contents."
circleG wrote on July 23, 2015
50s tv shows are a must but is there enough material fill a CD?
TheMemphisFan wrote on July 24, 2015
Yes, of course there's enough material (33 tracks + dialogue) from the 1950s tv shows to fill a CD. Perhaps all the tracks combined should get their very own FTD release.
circleG wrote on July 24, 2015
Now THAT I would buy
jb4elvis wrote on July 30, 2015
Elvis in the '50s is always a draw for me. Great music and a great collection of material. I appreciate the review by Lex, but I will play disk 2 quite often. I look forward to the alternate versions of Blueberry Hill and Have I Told You Lately That I Love You. It is also good to see Playing for Keeps featured here. A often overlooked gem. Great release. Thanks to Ernst and FTD!
bajo wrote on September 24, 2015
If ever there was a "classic" Elvis, then this surely must be the one! Oh how I loved this LP, since I first heard it. I think I've had at least 3 copies of this vinyl album through the years. The FTD really brings back memories. I tried to add Is It So Strange to those songs on the second disc, using all the released binaural takes. Only to find there were not enough space even on a 80 minutes disc. So, we're in for more treats to come.....