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Elvis Blue

July 07, 2015 | Music

Out now on CD in the how to make a quick buck series,  is 'Elvis Blue'. Originally released in Australia on the Starcall label in 1983 as a 19-track LP, with a beautiful painted Elvis portrait on the front sleeve, as the title suggest all tracks on this album had the word ‘Blue’ in it. The album was a great success, but it was never released on silver pressed CD. Until now! Housed in sealed cardsleeve, this is a stunning miniature vinyl-look  CD release, that also includes some special bonus tracks!


1. Blue Moon
2. Blue Moon Of Kentucky
3. Milkcow Blues Boogie
4. Blue Suede Shoes
5. When My Blue Moon Turns To Gold Again
6. Mean Woman Blues
7. Blueberry Hill
8. Blue Christmas
9. A Mess Of Blues
10. GI Blues
11. Blue Hawaii
12. Beach Boy Blues
13. Something Blue
14. Blue River
15. Indescribably Blue
16. Steamroller Blues
17. Goodtime Charlie's Got The Blues
18. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain
19. Moody Blue


20. Blue Suede Shoes (1960 movie version)
21. Blue Hawaii (1973 – take 2)
22. Good Time Charlie’s Got The Blues (unedited string overdub master)
23. Blue Eyes Crying In The Rain (take 2)
24. Moody Blue (take 3)
25. (Blue) Spanish Eyes

Source:Elvis Australia
marco31768 wrote on July 07, 2015
Previously released by bootleggers ("Star Call" label) in 2009. TRACKLIST: Blue moon Blue moon of Kentucky [alternate take] Milkcow blues boogie Blue suede shoes [1960 recording] When my blue moon turns to gold again Mean woman blues Blueberry hill [Informal recording. January 18, 1957] Blue Christmas [Norman, Oklahoma. March 26, 1977] A mess of blues [take 1] G.I. Blues Blue Hawaii Beach boy blues [movie version] Something blue [take 1] Blue river [spliced takes 1 & 2] Good time Charlie’s got the blues Indescribably blue Steamroller blues [Honolulu. January 14, 1973] Blue eyes crying in the rain Moody blue
Jerome the 5th wrote on July 09, 2015
Will they play this cd in the Blue Oyster bar?...