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Elvis '65

June 17, 2015 | Music

1965 celebrated the 10th anniversary of Elvis signing to RCA in November 1955. RCA released an ‘anniversary album’ with contained many , for that time, unreleased tracks and 1 overdubbed SUN recording. The album was titled ‘Elvis For Everyone ‘. “Elvis For Everyone!” was available at different countries around the world like in Italy where it was called “Elvis ´65” with the same track listing. So, the tracklist had nothing to do with Elvis’ 1965 recordings.

This stunning new ‘’ ELVIS ‘65 ‘’ digipack release contains 20 of the best outtakes and alternate versions of Elvis’ 1965 single releases and studio recordings. Although 1965 saw probably one of Elvis’ weakest recordings output, these 20 tracks show that he could still deliver the goods. It’s a truly enjoyable CD release. 


blue river – original album version wisdom of the ages – take 9 everybody come aboard – take 10 tomorrow night – overdub version, correct speed you’ll be gone – take 1 sand castles – take 8 do the clam – movie version please don’t stop loving me – take 18 datin’ – alternate mix i’m yours – take 2 frankie and johnny – take 1 so close, yet so far – take 4 long lonely highway – single master crying in the chapel – take 3 puppet on a string – take 7 kismet – take 4 easy question – take 3 this is my heaven – take 4 beginner’s luck – master with additional intro harem holiday – take 2

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Jamie wrote on June 17, 2015
Hello. That cover is an abomination, though maybe not as much as sequencing Frankie And Johnny then Crying In The Chapel then Wisdom Of The Ages. But worst of all is the disingenuous reference to RCA Victor in the blurb This one really is a howler.
Steve V wrote on June 17, 2015
TheMemphisFan wrote on June 18, 2015
I'm ready for ELVIS '64... from FTD... Roustabout stereo and mono & Kissin' Cousins stereo and mono. As for this bootleg - ELVIS '65 - No thanks!
JerryNodak wrote on June 18, 2015
The bootleggers are at it again. OMG!
Cruiser621 wrote on June 18, 2015
Talk about absolute crap. This is it!
RobIreland wrote on June 18, 2015
Actually I love these mid sixties tunes. Rather i should say I love Elvis" voice and the sixties music rather than the actual compositions. This album I like the concept but no way enough tracks for a start. I see comments on here rubbishing this release. As far as i'm concerned anything with "Long Lonely Highway" and "Blue River" on it cannot be crap ! .... just, where the hell are the rest of the tracks ?? ;;;;;; Tbh tho, this does have a "Free with this magazine" feel about it ; (
Natha wrote on June 19, 2015
Like RobIreland there are some very nice songs on it. So to state it is rubbish as such is for me not correct. That said one may wonder why this release was made. For the fans it is a unnecessary collection, whilst for the casual listener it does not do right to Elvis. So instead of rubbish I would say useless or maybe senseless. And for those who always want to compare (which is unwanted by me) and come up with the idea that 'there were so many much better hip songs by others', well I for one don't like the pop music of that time window. So I rather listen to this collection.
Steve V wrote on June 19, 2015
There is a book out called 1965, The Most Revolutionary Year In Music. A great read. Do The Clam was not represented. This does not do Elvis or 1965 any justice at all. The best years in music to me, were 1957, 1965, and 1969.
Troubleman wrote on June 19, 2015
The sad fact about Elvis in 1965 is that he did no studio recordings, only movie soundtracks. All the songs on the ‘Elvis for everyone’ album, and his singles, were recorded before that year. His last full recording session was in 1963 (the lost album session) that was spread over several albums and singles. He would get back to recording good studio material in 1966 – 1968 (Guitar man, Big boss man, I’ll remember you. Tomorrow is a long time, etc..). But 1965 was pretty much a lost opportunity to truly celebrate 10 years with RCA. Imagine if they could have done an anniversary album of Elvis reprising some of his older material 1954 – 1962 with a new sound and mix. He would not have needed to learn new songs and demos, just take his favorite songs from his past and re-record them with the new sound and new band of 1965. Now that would have been a great anniversary album! TCB
PTJones1968 wrote on June 20, 2015
It's sad when you compare this to the U.S. Beatles '65, with songs like "I Feel Fine" and "I'll Follow The Sun".
Jamie wrote on June 20, 2015
I think that's fair comment, PTJ. There is a school of thought that Elvis's '60's output shouldn't be compared with that of the Beatles because they were at different points of their career arc. But Elvis was charging as much for his records as other artists were, so people are entitled to make such contrasts in my view.
Jamie wrote on June 20, 2015
Hello Natha. That's an interesting distinction - this CD isn't "Rubbish" but it is "Useless" and "Senseless"!
Gorse wrote on June 21, 2015
I would add another description pointless. This release certainly does not enhance the image or whatever from any angle. A maximum of 10 would make my play lists in a minor capacity and I know for others on this forum it would be a lot less. To appeal or entice interest for potential new fans, and this includes all artists, there must be hooks and that has to be renowned established tracks and this has none.
Natha wrote on June 22, 2015
Yes Jamie and Gorse, Pointless is also a good description. I was actually reacting on the often used term 'crap'. As there are some nice tracks on this I would also not use the term rubbish. And if I have to compare to the two Beatles songs mentioned, I think the better numbers on this cd would easily withstand the critics by me. Considering that though I like the Beatles in their early repertoire (which is the best part of the pop music in that period) and it was the time I was a youngster, you may understand my feeling a bit better now. And about the prices, even now a days you have to pay the same amount of money for a cd, whatever the quality. So that point is also not a reason for comparing for me. It is all a matter of taste. For clarity sake, it is not my favorite period in his career.
RobIreland wrote on June 22, 2015
Hey just realized, I was born in 1965 when The Kinks " Tired of Waiting" was no1 in the UK ; )
Deano1 wrote on June 23, 2015
Perhaps it is a pointless release, but I like the idea of rethinking the anniversary LP and releasing a "what-should-have-been" album. Now I would never have included some of the songs the person or people that put this CD together did ("Do The Clam" might have hit #21, but probably should not be celebrated). They obviously took the anniversary LP in a direction it would have never gone as they used songs that would be on future soundtrack albums. That said, they did choose some songs that Elvis recorded in 1965 that perhaps should be better known, but have been buried on subpar soundtracks. "Sand Castles" might have been a hit had it been released as a single and Elvis sounds much more committed on this track than he does on the other nine PHS songs. "So Close, Yet So Far" is the class of the "Harum Scarum" LP, but again the competition is not stiff. I would have used "Animal Instinct" instead of "Kismet" or "Harem Holiday" and "Hard Luck" should have been chosen instead of "Everybody Come Aboard" although I don't dislike the song. A nice LP of combining the best songs from "Harum Scarum", "Paradise, Hawaiian Style" and "Frankie and Johnny" would have been a good LP, but I would have to agree that 1965 was his worst year for studio/soundtrack recordings (not counting 1974 or 1977 when there were none).... It was nice when the FTD of "Elvis For Everyone" was released and we saw the songs that were considered for the release and I many times feel that a major opportunity was missed with the release of the original LP. Elvis' career should have been celebrated in 1965 regardless of his current work as his success his first 10 years at RCA had been unparalleled. The same thing happened after the "Aloha" show in 1973 as RCA insisted on a "new" LP instead of celebrating the artist that had carried their company for nearly two decades. We got a disjointed, hodgepodge of an LP in "Elvis" instead of waiting for Elvis to record some new songs. It was a perfect time for "Gold Records, Vol 5" and it could have collected his big hits from 68-72 along side lesser known singles such as "I'm Leavin, "It's Only Love" and "I've Lost You" (single version). The only way at the time to get "Kentucky Rain", "Suspicious Minds" (single version) and "Don't Cry Daddy" was to by an expensive four record set and the only way to get "U.S. Male", "Burning Love", "Separate Ways" and "Clean Up Your Own Backyard" was to buy several budget LPs. His hits in that period deserved to be brought together into one disc and it would have held over the record buying public until early 1974 when Elvis had recorded enough material to release two new LPs. Yet again in 1975, RCA could have celebrated Elvis with a 20th anniversary LP and we got "Pure Gold". RCA, the Colonel and even Elvis never fully understood or appreciated the artistry of the man. Too many times, releases were poorly planned, promoted and executed... An anniversary LP in 1965 could have been a two record set that included some of the unreleased songs that did appear on the EFE LP (not "Santa Lucia" or "Sound Advice"), but it could have also included some TV versions of his big hits ("Stuck On You", Hound Dog", "Don't Be Cruel") and even the Elvis Sails interview along some B side hits like "It Hurts Me" and "Witchcraft" etc. A retrospective of his career in a gatefold cover would have been a more fitting anniversary LP.
Natha wrote on June 23, 2015
Deano1, quite an elaborate and just reaction. When I used the words senseless and useless I was only referring to this release and not at the thought of a release in 1965 itself. I for one would have loved that LP. That is why your comment is quite appealing to me :) Thanks
japio wrote on June 23, 2015
A quick buckrleeaae from people with too much free time. All is stolen from other releases. If they want to do alternate version of EFE ( in this case Elvis 65) why not the version it was first palnned. There is an acetate with a different tracklist. All is welknown. The cover is also very bad. Look to Elvis' head. Too small text on the front too big. Don't understand why fans still buying this kind of throwaway releases