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If I Can Puke

June 06, 2015 | Music

Be worried. Be very worried. 'New' Elvis album on the way from Sony called 'If I Can Dream' which has Elvis singing with The London Philharmonic Orchestra, plus guests including Michael Bubbles. Press statement has Priscilla waffling on about how fantastic it is, blah, blah, blah, give us your money etc. These people have no idea at all how to preserve the Elvis legacy. Bunch of clowns.

Source:Magazines: The Man And His Music
TheMemphisFan wrote on June 06, 2015
This will probably be a very popular cd with snobs and elitists because they think they're too cultured & uppity to buy a real Elvis Presley cd. I'm an Elvis purest, so even if it turns out to have high-quality sound, and becomes a big seller, I still won't be interested. Also, if this is the same product that Brian Quinn was referring to a few months ago as, "A release coming that will raise the hair on the back of your neck", then perhaps he didn't mean it in a positive way... or maybe this is Mr. Quinn's cup of tea. I don't know.
Pietro S wrote on June 06, 2015
Baaaad news, indeed! And that's gonna celebrate Elvis' 80th birthdat??!! And on a positive note, this puking mock-title is very good ;)
NONE000000 wrote on June 06, 2015
What an odd way to present this news.... First, I will say I hate posthumous duets---we had a whole awful Christmas album of them not too too long ago. I have no problem with Micheal Buble', just as I had no problem with Harry Connick Jr before him. But I don't need anyone singing with Elvis, no matter who it is. But as for the London Philharmonic Orchestra, that sounds like it could be interesting. My opinion has always been that Elvis' voice sounds perfect, timeless and flawless in all his recordings. But I feel the accompanying music has sometimes, in some cases, sounded dated and sometimes not on par with the amazing voice it was supporting. After you hear Elvis sing "The Impossible Dream" or "American Trilogy" there can be no doubt that Elvis loved hearing a huge orchestra build up to a big crescendo. I have no way of knowing if this project will suck or not, but to me giving Elvis a full orchestra backing sounds like a damned great idea. Of course it depends on the arrangements and the songs they choose--I don't want to hear Hound Dog with an orchestral score, or Jailhouse Rock. But If I can Dream with some added, subdued strings or horns, in the background? Sounds ok to me. Or Hurt, or My Way, or You Gave Me A Mountain. I would have liked what Viva Elvis did with Love Me Tender if they hadn't pointlessly and badly turned it into a duet. This is one of those times where I think even Elvis would not have objected to this. I could see objections to this from people thinking "This sort of thing is more suited to Frank Sinatra or Nat King Cole or Dean Martin"---but even though Elvis was vastly different than those vocalists, I think he'd be happy to know that his music is being taken seriously---seriously enough that an arranger is writing new charts for an orchestra to accompany Elvis' vocals. This sounds pretty cool to me. (Of course I am defending something I know next to nothing about---I only know what this news item says. Sure, it has the potential to be awful, like the Xmas Duets album. But conceptually, it sure doesn't induce vomiting here. )
dailyone wrote on June 07, 2015
I myself do not think it a good idea . I will have a listen to the album but probably wont buy it . I dont think Elvis needs a duo at all . The C Dion was great though . If you like it go for it . I still think Elvis is a icon today and the general public would not care for his music . But we will wait and see .
Natha wrote on June 07, 2015
I whole heartedly support the title of this news item.
TheMemphisFan wrote on June 07, 2015
Maybe the idea of The London Philharmonic Orchestra would have been fine, but without other "guest vocalists".
Lex wrote on June 07, 2015
In my humble opinion they shouldn't alter the originals at all. Didn't like the Guitar Man album, that sounds much more outdated than the originals and hated the remixes. All of them, both the "legal" ones or those by that Italian prick who wanted to make money on Elvis' fame. Kinda liked the Dion one, but as a gadget, not to really listen to. Didn't like what I heard on-line of the X-mas stuff (didn't even unpack the CD that someone who obviously does not know me sent me). In other words: give me the originals!
Steve Morse wrote on June 07, 2015
As usual, found guilty and condemned without a trial. For heaven's sake, let's hear it before we judge. A credible report on Elvis Australia suggests it will NOT be a duets album. I am looking forward to this CD and to some publicity again for our man !
wildfishie wrote on June 07, 2015
They've apparently run out of original ideals to promote Elvis to the new generations. I also think that duets suck big time. The original songs are very fine just the way they are. Why can't they come up with something more creative? I like the concept of that 5.1 channel CD they released in the past, I'd love to have the same experience with more songs from the 70's.
GEORGE (GK) wrote on June 08, 2015
The "If I can dream" album project sounds interesting and we shouldn't judge the project until we hear the results. P.S. The title of this post is awful.
Natha wrote on June 08, 2015
Okay Steve Morse, So it might not be a duet cd. And as Elvis Australia suggests it is going to be a cd with Elvis as feature artist. Does that entails that the others will also be on the cd doing their thing? Is that how they think of a commerative cd? Then the title of this item is still valid for me. Not that I mind such a cd, as there are numerous cds with Elvis amidst other artists. But then it has no special ring to it.
Steve Morse wrote on June 08, 2015
Okay, Natha. Why don't we just wait and see ?! Patience is a virtue not often displayed by Elvis fans though I concede that the gradual leaking of rumours/information is a major reason for this. I agree with George, though - the title of this news item is a disgrace.
circleG wrote on June 08, 2015
I agree - let's wait and see, I may not rush to buy it as I'm more interested in the official vinyl release of Elvis Presley 1956 album due in August (The first of many I hope).Yeah I don't like the title of this article either.
Clemmie wrote on June 08, 2015
I saw a fantastic 'Elvis Symphony' put on by the St. Louis Symphony, long considered one of the best in the country. There were 3 male singers that night singing along with the Symphony, with all 'Elvis songs'! It was a fantastic evening, and the crowd gave a standing ovation. If those men could do that, singing Elvis songs...........God knows Elvis will do quite well on his own, performing 'If I Can Dream', provided the Symphony comes through too! TCB!
jb4elvis wrote on June 09, 2015
What an awful idea by Sony with this idea. I want to hear Elvis...., I would rather hear a less than stellar Elvis concert than this type of nonsense. Sony has an aging but faithful and solid fan base, so who are they trying to impress with a release like this? Very disappointing....., they messed with Elvis music when he was alive and they continue to mess it up. I'll wait for the next FTD release!
Natha wrote on June 12, 2015
Steve Morse, I am a very patient person and I do agree that one should not hastily draw conclusions. On the other hand one has to deal with two things: we are waiting for a special release for this year and the press release should be taken seriously. Let's be fair. They have had several years to prepare this momentum, so one may take this information as reasonably wrought through. There is no leaking of information, it is based on a press statement! In the light of this and my afore mentioned sentiment I cannot but conclude that THIS idea is FOR ME not a way to pay tribute to the greatest artist ever in the field of popular music. It is hard to fathom what other special release they could come up with for his 80th birthday. Nevertheless it is their idea of releasing something special to commemorate his 80th birthday.
ep3643 wrote on June 12, 2015
I was really hoping for a Deluxe DVD/CD set of Elvis On Tour! If I can Dream.
TheMemphisFan wrote on June 12, 2015
jb4elvis wrote - "I want to hear Elvis". Well, it sounds like you'll get your wish (for the most part), jb. From another Elvis site -- The new production sounds totally contemporary with Elvis' remastered vocal track showing an unbelievable power and control. Engineered at Abbey Road the journalists and engineers present, along with Priscilla, broke into spontaneous applause upon hearing the new production. The remake of 'Bridge Over Troubled Water' is a case in point where the 2015 orchestra remix supply the song with a brand new and contemporary ambience. Priscilla has noted that, "Elvis would have loved this new album, because it presents Elvis where he always wanted to be - The best sounding entertainer on the planet". -- But we still don't know exactly how Michael Buble and other artists fit in on this project.
JerryNodak wrote on June 12, 2015
I have no interest in this release whatsoever.
Lefty wrote on June 13, 2015
I really like the idea of Elvis singing with a symphony. Arthur Fiedler of The Boston Pops tried to get Elvis to sing with his orchestra, but Elvis declined (which means the Colonel shot it down). So here we have a chance to hear what might have been. I am not so hip on the duets angle. I hate duet albums in general. Teaming Elton John with Ray Charles and such always sound gimmicky to me. Thus, I have big reservations about this. As someone else stated, for God's sake, release the On Tour concerts! If not all, at least Hampton Roads, which the best of the best Elvis had ever done. BTW, if you have reservations about the expanded TTWII set, buy it! It is absolutely incredible!
moseleyman wrote on June 24, 2015
I for one loved the guitar man album Loved the Christmas duets and really loved the Viva Elvis album especially Bossa Nova BABY which should have been a worldwide smash hit if all the fans had got behind it when it was released after the use in a beer commercial for me the viva mix was better then the original as for this news I'm excited again about a new Elvis album as to me these remix and duet albums are like getting something new which is the part I missed the most after we lost Elvis so cmon everybody we have the originals lets get behind this one and present Elvis in a contemporary way looking forward to bridge over troubled water