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Lisa Marie: Planes Will Stay

April 27, 2015 | Other

According to a tweet by Lisa Marie, the planes will stay at Graceland forever.

ElvisSacramento wrote on April 27, 2015
I'm so glad that these two iconic planes that used to be owned by Elvis Presley himself will remain at Graceland. But, I will say that I totally dislike Lisa Marie Presley's typing style. She doesn't type like a 47 year old, she types like a child. I wish that she would only type in English, not the annoying and ridiculous Facebook/Twitter style of typing.
marty wrote on April 27, 2015
Great news that the planes are staying. It wouldn't make any sense for either parties for them to move but I guess the negotiations must have been hard! PS When she says 'we' own them, what does she mean? Hasn't she sold the company?
moseleyman wrote on April 29, 2015
Great news Lisa Sounds like they have bought the planes for Graceland which is great and sounds exciting re Fun plans with them
moseleyman wrote on April 29, 2015
Re Elvis Sacremento comment On Lisa s writing style I know everybody should be entitled to a opinion on here but it's getting a bit picky isn't it commenting on things like the way Lisa writes her messages Think we should be thankful Lisa lets us know about things like that She is a wonderful ambassador for her fathers legacy and continues her fathers work in helping others proud of you Lisa
Deano1 wrote on May 03, 2015
Lisa Marie said all along there was nothing to worry about and she was right. As far as her writing/typing style is concerned, we must keep in mind that twitter is limited to 140 characters.
Natha wrote on May 03, 2015
There is always something to complain about, Deano1. It would be nice if people had only or at least more eye for the good and beautiful things in this world. But that seems to lead to boredom easier than the complaining does.
Gorse wrote on May 03, 2015
I think this is good news for the Elvis World but as a dinosaur I appreciate the traditional written English but realise I must move with the times. I have only just learned that F.U.N.E.X means have you any eggs :=).
Natha wrote on May 04, 2015
As one dinosaur to another , I also don 't like it and I also don't have a clue what it means. I appreciate a translation
Gorse wrote on May 04, 2015
Just say the letters slowly Natha and all will be revealed.